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Hi my darling !

Thank you very much for your reply! I have been looking forward to it!

First of all let me, give you a thank for nice photo. It's a
great pleasure for me to see you and I hope that next time you will
send me even more ;) As you already know, my name is Viktoria. I was
born on the 3 September 1988 year. You can see from my photos that I
am a slim lady with long dark hair and grey eyes.

Thank you very much for telling about your country. I hope that one
day I would be able to see its beauty by myself.

The place of my living is a nice little town Slavyansk, situated in
the east of Ukraine. I am sure that you have heard about the situation
here so I won't tire you with this sad topic. But I have to warn you
that there are still problems with telephone and Internet connections,
not every person can afford to have Internet at home. So do I. I have
to visit the Internet cafe. Also many sites and apps are blocked, for
example, Whatsapp, Viber, Skype, Facebook, Hangouts, Vkontakte and so

Actually, I haven't lived much here as I used to work abroad a lot. I
am a professional choreographer and used to spend a lot of time on
foreign contracts, performing or just putting on dances. My last
contract in Vietnam has finished in 2014 year and I had to return to
my native city and then the war started...Now I work as a dance
teacher in a little dance studio "Dance Hall". I teach ballet. We have
so big working family.Of course, my salary is not big but I enjoy my
work a lot!

And what about you? Do you love your job? Was it a work of your dream?
Do you work on education?

As for the family, unfortunately, I have nobody in this world
except my beloved daughter Anastasia who is 4 years old and is my
little angel. She is a very nice girl and won"t become a problem, you
will make sure when you know her!

As for my childhood, I was raised up by my grandmother but to my great
sorrow, she has passed away several years ago. As for my parents, mom
has died from cancer when i was a little child and father has left us
after her death.

I want you to know that I am divorced. I have been married to the
father of my daughter for 5 years. But 3 years ago he told me that he
already has another wife and another daughter and was not in need of
us anymore as i have no money anymore. It was very painful but I
really dream to find my other half and to create a strong and happy
family. And it seems to me that we really can be a good match.

I am so excited to get to know you better so I will wait for your

With best wishes,