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Viktoriya Alekseeva
Zheleznovodsk Russia

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Many thanks for your answer. It is very pleasant for me that you have decided to write to me.
I am glad that you have answered me.

I hope that we dialogue will be very interesting to both of us. Also it will be pleasant for us.

I think that our acquaintance should be begun with the story about each other.

I want to inform you about me directly.
My name is Viktoriya.
I live in Russia in city Zelenodolsk. This is republic Tatarstan.
I have been given birth in this city and all life have lead in it. My city is on distance of 700 kms from Moscow.
I am 28 years old. My date of a birth on July, 7 1980.
My height of 170 cm, weight of 53 kg. My eyes of dark blue color.

After leaving school I have arrived in medical college.
In college I studied 4 years. After the ending I began to work.
Now I work as the the nurse in hospital in my city. I like my work.

I live in own apartment which have got to me from the grandmother.
My parents live separately. They are pensioners.
I single child in family. I have no brothers and sisters.

Now I am lonely. And I have not been married earlier.
I spend a healthy way of life, I do not smoke and I do not drink alcoholic drinks.
Only champagne on holidays or easy wine.

I the sociable, cheerful and cheerful girl.
I like to visit various places. I like to visit theatre and cinema.

My character is cheerful. I with a smile overcome all difficulties of a life and I try when to not despond.

It is my first experience of acquaintance on the Internet.
On the Internet I search for love - right man for long and serious relationships.
You are the first to whom I has written. Also I hope that I have made the correct decision.

You can send me your photos? I would like to see your image.
I shall be glad to receive your photos.

I hope you with the big interest will read my the description.
I have some questions for you. I hope that will be pleasant to answer you them.

Why you have decided to find love through the Internet?
How long you search love on the Internet?
You wrote to other girls from Russia or other countries?

I hope that you will answer my questions. It will help us find out each other better.
You can ask to me any questions. I shall be glad to answer you.

I want that you have answered me as soon as possible.
Write to me about itself more in detail.
I want to know more about you directly.

I am really happy that have received your letter.
I am glad that you have decided to continue correspondence with me.
I want to inform you about me more.

My favorite color is red. And my favorite flower is red rose.
I like all that is connected with red.
I very much love the nature and I try as it is possible to go is more often for city.
But very much frequently do it is impossible because of my work.
I like pets. Especially cats. But I cannot allow to have to myself cat at home because of work.
My work takes away a lot of time.
I like to listen to music. My favourite styles it is slow romantic music and music of dance.
The choice of music depends on my mood.
I do not go to night clubs.
I adore cooking. To this I was learned by mum.
I prefer Russian cuisine.
My favourite dish is Russian pancakes. I excellently prepare for it.
I like cooking for various dishes.
From all seasons most of all I love summer. It is very warm in the summer.
Sometimes with the girlfriend we go on a beach to lay under the sun.
At leisure we with the girlfriend go in sports club to support itself in the good form.
I like to look well. Sometimes in the summer I run since morning. It encourages me.
I like to read books. Usually it is novels about love. I am grasped with such books.

I know English very well.
I studied English at school. I liked it.
Then I have continued studying in college. Simultaneously I studied on rates of English.
I hope that you understand that I write to you.

In man for me important much. The main thing is soul of the person and his private world.
I like sociable people. People with which it is interesting and pleasant to communicate.
It is important for me that the person was kind and sympathetic. That he always understood me.
Distinction in the age of and nationality is not important for me.
I need in the best friend and the devoted partner to which I shall devote all life.
I search man which will not drink a lot of alcohol and to beat the woman.
I want to build strong and confidential relations.

I want to speak you why I have decided to search for love through the Internet.
Earlier I was not successful in love. Therefore now I am lonely.
I had opportunities to find men with which I would be happy.
But I did not meet man with which I would like to lead all my life.
Whether I do not know I can find love through the Internet but I want to try to do it.

I never travelled.
I would like to travel but I do not know where.
It is always interesting to visit new places.
It would be very fine.

I do not know where I would want to live.
The most important that I lived with my favourite person.

And I would work as the nurse, I like to help to people.

I hope that my letter not boringly and you will answer me.
You can ask to me any questions. I shall be glad to answer them.
If I shall overlook to answer your question that do not take offence and ask once again.

I finish this letter. And with impatience I shall wait your letter.
Have remarkable day.

How are you doing???? I hope that at all of you well and that you have good mood.

I write from the Internet of cafe in Moscow.

Thanks you for all phone numbers.
I have written down all of them.

Now I already in Moscow, I tried to receive the visa, but to me have not given it because of one situation.
My dear I have very bad news as I can not to arrive to you.
Today in the afternoon when I passed the customs control over embassy that to me have told that I have no right to leave limits of the Russian Federation
Until then while I shall not sob out the credit to bank. Under the law of the Russian Federation the person which
Has duty before the state or if the person has taken the credit in bank that it cannot
To leave limits of Russia until then the duty to the state will not be paid yet.

From this news I have fainted.
I have regained consciousness in some minutes.
This news very much very much has very strongly shaken me.

I to you shall tell one situation.

Earlier we lived four together in one apartment.
I, my mum, the daddy and the grandmother.
Four years ago my parents have decided to buy a separate apartment for that that I could to live separately from them.
My parents had not the full sum on purchase of an apartment. They have decided to take an apartment on credit.
My parents are pensioners therefore they could not take the credit for an apartment.
My parents have asked me to issue this credit for.
I have agreed because it are my parents.
My parents are pensioners, but they during all this time work for that
What to pay the credit for an apartment

When I have begun registration of papers to arrive in you.
I did not think, that because of this credit I can not to leave Russia.
In travel agency to me have told that they did inquiry according to credits, duties, penalties.
Even if I would have any small penalty which I that from me has not paid would not allow from Russia.
Today on the customs control over me have told that I can leave Russia but for this purpose it is necessary for me to pay the credit completely.
It is necessary to pay 5740 $ USA. For that what to extinguish the credit completely to me it would be necessary to give 5240 $ USA
My parents could find only 520 $ USA. These 520 $ USA they were going to give to bank for the credit.
It has very much broken me that they could not find that money have paid the credit completely.

I have no opportunity to pay the credit. I have yours 9000 $ USA, but I shall not spend this money because they are necessary for pass of customs.

It is not convenient for me to ask the help from you.
You and so have spent much money that we could be together.
But you unique who can help me with this situation.
You can send me 5240 $ USA??????????
It is necessary to pay for me the credit completely.
As soon as I shall pay the credit I can arrive to you.

Do not worry my parents will give all your charges for payment of the credit.
My parents will pay this sum to you within the limits of 6 months when I shall be in you in the country.
When I shall arrive to your country my parents will sell an apartment in which I lived.
My parents learned that cost of my apartment now 30000 $ USA. Now my apartment costs 30000 $ USA.
And when we bought its that it cost 20000 $ USA. So my dear do not experience mine
Parents will sell my apartment and all of money which they will receive that they will send
To us. While I am in your country my parents sell an apartment and send money to us.
Thus I shall give you of money which you will give on repayment of the credit and at us remains
Still money.
Do not worry, my parents completely will pay to you of money for the credit.

It is very a pity to me that before our meeting there was such greater problem.
I understand that for you it very much a greater sum of money.
But if you will not help me we cannot be together.
And all that has been made till this moment there will be all in empty.
I very much very much very much wish to arrive to you and to be constant with you!!!
I today asked hundred times check in the customs control that else can to place to our meeting.
To me have told that as soon as I pay the credit I at once can arrive to you.
It is a unique problem which stirs to our happiness.
I very much very much very much love you!!!!!!

You can send me 5240 $ USA???
You will have time to send me 5240 $ USA up to my start to you???
Or I should transfer my tickets.
When you can help me???
Name to me number that I ordered tickets for this day.
As soon as I shall pay the credit I at once I shall arrive to you.

I ask the god that we could be together.
I am very strongly upset and at me tears flow, I do not know that to me to do.
You the unique person who can help me.
I cannot write any more, at me tears drip, I love you, my Hector!!!!!!!!

Write to me your answer as soon as possible.
I shall come into the Internet of cafe, evening, in one and a half hour.
I pray that you have written to me the letter in one and a half hour.

I very much very much very much love you!!!!!!!!

Your Viktoriya.
You consider me fraud.
I am very upset.
Our happiness was so close.
And you do not trust me.
I cannot write to you any more.
I do not know that to me to do.
My most favourite person does not trust me.
It means me does not love.
Whether I do not know it is necessary to me to live now.
Now I all am filled in by tears.
I cannot live without you, I cannot live without you.
I think that I do not need to live more.
I do not wish to live without you.

Forever yours Viktoriya.
With you mum of Viktoriya speaks.
My daughter has asked to write to you the letter has told as it to
make. I use the translator because I do not know English language.
My daughter now in hospital also cannot write to you the letter itself.
It in a grave condition.
I precisely do not know that at you happens and why it has arrived back in Zelenodolsk.
But when it has arrived in Zelenodolsk, at station it have beaten and have plundered.
At it have stolen all bags, even bags with its things, at it have selected all things.
When it was found by people they have caused doctors and it have brought to hospital, then about it I have learned and my husband.
We at once have arrived to it to hospital, it was in a grave condition and repeated many words about you.
I was in delirium, and all spoke that loves you, and all time repeats your name.
Now it already recovers and today it has asked me to write me to you.
It asked to transfer you that loves you and never forgets you.
On it I shall finish the letter.
Mum of Victoria.
How are you???

I am very glad to receive your letters.
I love you!!!!!!!!!!
I am glad that you support me!!!!!!!!!!!

When I was in hospital that doctors thought that at me a brain concussion,
But then it has not proved to be true.

Me have simply strongly knocked on a head and at me it is then very strong
The head hurted.
But врчи have made all that should make,
And now to me it is already much better.
I am ready to arrive to you though now.

I understand that you should give all papers in the Interpol.
But I think that you can tell in интерпол that you help money
To the relatives in Russia.
You можетие so to make???
I think that it will be better for you.
At you will be less problems with the Interpol.

I now do not have any documents, only the passport of the citizen of Russia,
Which at me laid not in a bag and in a pocket.
I went to travel agency and have told it about it.
To me сказлм that all can be restored in 5 days,
But for this purpose it is necessary to pay 100 Euro, it approximately 145 $ USD.

I very much regret for it.
I understand that it washing wines.
But I have no now in general any money.
If could help me with this money, I
I can receive in five days all ready documents.
What do you think of it???