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Hello dear !

It's so nice to hear from you! I am glad that we have a mutual desire
to get to know each other better. I am really very interested in you
so it is a great pleasure to get your reply!

So, let me tell you a bit about myself. My name is Viktoria as
you already know) My Birthday is on the 27 of April , 1985 year so I
am 34 years old. I am a little blond lady , my eight is only 157 cm so
my friends even call me a gnome sometimes LOL.

I live in a town called Stanitsa Luganskaya, it's situated in Lugansk
region, Ukraine. You know the situation here, our region is in war
zone. We have problems with telephone and Internet connection here so
I have to visit the Internet cafe. That's why I cannot answer you
immediately so I am sorry if my letters come with a little delay.

I don't want to make my letter sad so let me better tell you about my
hobbies. They are quite usual for a lady. I like fashion, make-up and
shopping. One of my hobbies is also reading. I prefer classic
literature, fantasy or historical novels. I am fond of going in for
sports, I like jogging, dancing, playing tennis and swimming. I adore
nature so camping, fishing and climbing are also included in the field
of my interests.

I am not a "club" lady so I prefer would rather stay at home and cook
something tasty for my beloved than going to night clubs, bars and so
on. And do you like cooking? I am said to be a good chef. Would
you like to try my cooking? What is your favorite dish by the way? As
for me, i like Caesar salad and a chocolate cheesecake as a dessert.

My character, as I have already told you, is rather easy going.
I don't like screams and quarrels, it's much better just to have a
calm talk and to find a compromise. I like to joke and to laugh so it
is important for me to have a man by my side who will understand my
sense of humor.

In a relationship I am a very devoted person. I respect myself and
that's why I respect my choice so i will never cheat my man. I am also
a romantic lady so don't be surprised if you get a poem about love or
just a short "sweet" message while you are at work ;)))

Oh, it seems that I have been carried away a bit. It's already late
here so I have to return home. I hope that you were not tired by my
letter and I will hear from you again soon.

Send you many kisses,

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7:56 (hace 2 horas)
para mí

Hello to you my dear friend!

I hope that you remember me from our previous talk on that site. But
anyway I am eager to get to know you better! I hope you don't mind
this, dear?)

So, I am Viktoria, an ordinary Ukrainian lady of 34 years old. I am
here with a goal to find my soul mate and to make each other happy. I
am serious in my search that's why I am ready even to relocate to my
man if he wants me to.

I am an easy-going lady with good sense of humor, sociable and very
romantic. I have so much tenderness, passion and love in my heart
which I want share with the right person.

If you feel the same you are welcome to reply me ;)))

I am eager to hearing from you!

Yours faithfully,

Comment #164058

Hello my dear!

I am glad to hear from you again. It's so nice that you've liked the
story of my life. to my mind, it's very important for me that we share
such information with each other.

So, Kevin, this time I'd like to tell you about people who are my
heart and soul: my family. There are not many of them but these people
are very dear to me. I have attached their photos to this letter. You
can see my mom, her name is Alla. People say that we are very similar
with her. What do you think?)))

There is also a photo with my brother Dmitry. Unfortunately, he lives
in another town so we meet rarely but still are very close.

There is also one more member of our family, our dog Volt. I don't
know his breed but it doesn't matter because I love him no matter
what. And do you like animals?

As for my profession, I'm pediatrician. I work in a local polyclinic.
I like my work a lot! It is a great pleasure to help kids! I always
come to work with pleasure even despite the fact that my salary is
rather small)

Please, dear Kevin, tell me more about yourself. How do you imagine
the woman of your dream? How do you see your role in a relationship
and what type of it do you prefer?

It is very important for me to feel that I am loved. It is the reason
of break up of my previous relations. I didn't feel that a person was
in need of me so I just left. But don't think that I am looking for an
ideal relationship or an ideal man. There are no ideal people but I
believe that any problem can be solved as long as two people want to
be together. I think that it is the main requirement for healthy
relations: they both should have mutual feelings. And I want to find a
man who will become my friend, partner and lover, who will become my
other half. And, it seems to me that you can become such a man. But I
should ask if you really want this. So, do you want this? ;)

Okay, I will finish my letter on this not and hope to hearing soon
from you.


Your Viktoria