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Hi. I am very glad to see your letter. I'm sorry I didn't answer you
right away, but for some reason I found your email in the Spam folder,
so I didn't see it right away. I'm very happy to meet you. Thank you
for answering me. Now new acquaintances are the best thing that can
happen to me. Because being locked up alone, in an apartment, on
self-isolation - it's terribly boring. I don't remember how long I
have been on self-isolation and I have less and less classes for the
next couple of weeks, and maybe more. In my country, the quarantine
was extended until may 31.I have already Reread all the previously
purchased and unread books. I do sports every day, as I have all the
necessary equipment for training at home. So it could be anything.
Even a 5-liter bottle, with water filled, will do for comfort) Every
day, not once, I prepare those dishes that I have long wanted to make,
but I always did not have enough time for them. What is happening in
your country now because of COVID-19? How do you spend your day
sitting at home? Let's share some tips, maybe we will be very useful
to each other. Because every free minute, I start thinking about
what's going on around me and I get very upset. How do you feel about
this? Are you worried, afraid, or indifferent? To be honest, I am very
worried and afraid for the future that lies ahead of us. I am very
jealous of the owners of their own homes, because you can find much
more to do and entertainment than in four walls and less to think
about what does not depend on us. I'm glad to see your photo. You are
a very handsome man. I am glad that we can continue our communication
and get to know each other a little better. I want to say right away
that I'm not going to make any plans for the future. Now I am glad to
meet you, our fast friendship and hope for ease and mutual
understanding in our communication. And of course, I am interested in
what is happening in another country at this difficult time, because I
do not trust the media. In General, I would be happy to have a good
friend. But, our life is unpredictable and we do not always know where
it will lead us... In the last letter, I told you a little about
myself, so I want to add a little more information so that my Portet
in your view is a little better. My name is Anna, I am 29 years old, I
have my own store that sells women's clothing. It doesn't make much
money, but it's enough for me to support myself. Sometimes I even
managed to save for a vacation in another country. What wonderful
times they were! I miss the sea terribly. I would love to just sit on
the beach and just listen to the sound of the sea for a long time. I
am not married and have no children. If you are interested in learning
about my family and my personal life, I will tell you in the next
letter. Because I don't know if you're interested yet. I live alone.
Before that, in a life where there were always some things to do, I
did not feel that I was so alone. But now it feels like never before.
I have a higher education in Economics. I speak several languages:
Ukrainian, Russian, English, Italian and German. Friends call me a
polyglot ( probably it is), and I, in turn, just like to learn
something new. So now I am very interested in how things are going in
the current situation around the world. How are things with us? We,
like many countries, are self-isolated at home, we can go to the
store, to the pharmacy and to walk our Pets. Everyone wears masks and
disposable gloves. The feeling that it will not be the same as it was
before. In Ukraine, half of the population was left without salaries,
so they are very outraged. My country has a very developed small
business, so the owners and employees are sitting without money. In
General, only people who worked in public institutions get paid. Many
who are currently without a salary have loans, mortgages for
apartments and houses. And people are in a panic and do not know what
to pay monthly payments and what to live on. What is the situation in
your country regarding payments from the state? I'm sorry if I
bothered you with my letter. I'll probably finish my letter. It
already seems very long and tedious to me. I can't imagine how you
reacted when you opened it) I will finish my letter and wait for your
answer. I hope that you will tell me a little more about yourself,
whatever you feel it necessary to tell me. I will be very interested
to learn a little more about you and see more of your photos. Have a
good day and a great mood. Till tomorrow. Anna.