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Hello! How are you? Many thanks for your interest on this site of
acquaintances, I was happy to receive it from you. I also have very
big interest in you and I am glad to begin our conversation. My friend
I want to tell to you a little about myself that you could represent
what girl I I am. My name is Ekaterina. I have been given birth 1978
in settlement Semenovka where I now and continue to live together with
the father. My birthday on November, 15, and my sign on the zodiac is
scorpion. I have not so big growth, it approximately 168 centimeters
and my weight approximately 55 kgs. My eyes of blue color, and my hair
at present dark. I sometimes like to paint the hair, in dark and light
colors. I think, that each person should have a variety in itself. You
agree with me? I earlier never used dating the Internet, but I heard
that many girls from Russia safely found to themselves the groom from
abroad much and now happily live together with it. Also the reason of
that I came on the Internet and I want to find to myself the husband
from abroad that I was very much disappointed with men from Russia. In
my opinion all men in Russia, want to have only an entertainment and
sex with the girls and it is more than anything. I already adult girl
and I want I shall meet the man with which in the future to have
serious attitudes, the general family and which children we shall
bring up together, but for me it is not possible to find it in Russia
and I hope, what exactly the Internet will help me to meet that only
thing. To me now 30 years, and do not interest me what or games with
feelings, here on the Internet. Dear friend if you came on the
Internet for an entertainment or simply to find the friend on
correspondence please do not send me more mails. Well? Because I want
I shall meet the man with which to have the general family. I can tell
about myself, that I the sports person, love sports. Usually I have
run in the mornings, also at leisure I visit training halls in our
settlement. Also I shall inform little bit more information on in the
following letter. You can enter with me contact having written on mine
email the address: [email protected] I shall wait for your
answer. Ekaterina

this is the first of many letters between 5 jan and now . she is on as ekaterinamolotova .
the last 2 letters : she ignored an attempt for contact claiming she has no phone and can not get on internet

Hello my dear Philip. I was very glad to see your answer today. How
passes your day? I am very glad, that you also want to meet me and to
get acquainted with me face to face, as the man and the woman. I also
shall be very glad to meet you and gets acquainted with you. My dear,
what you think of that I arrived to you to the country? I earlier
never was abroad and it is very interesting to me to learn as people
live there, to look a lot of interesting and to learn a lot of new to
myself. Dear, also my father spoke me, that if I shall arrive to you
with it there will be no problems because it has the good friend in
Moscow which has some good communications in embassy of our country,
and for me there will be no problems so that I arrived to you to the
country. Dear, I am very much excited before this meeting, but I am
really happy, that soon we can will meet and we shall start to build
attitudes between us. My dear Philip, also I wanted to tell to you
about how I present the future family. Dear, I dream of that will have
happy family with the beloved a beside which to love me and always
will be fair with me and will never change to me and with which we
shall have general children. I dream of having two children, the boy
and the girl, I am sure that my children will the finest children on
the ground. Also, for loved the man I shall prepare for the most tasty
I peep, that it was always full. I very good cook and who tried all my
I peep speak, that I simply perfectly prepare. I think, that when I
shall prepare I peep for you you will love also her. Dear, I hope,
that you will answer my letter soon. I shall check the mail tomorrow,
and I hope that you will answer it. I send you 1000 air kisses. Yours
Hello Katerin , I agree with you completely . we should get to know each other better and get in contact in other ways as well : I want to know your voice , and I want to see you .

I can call you and we can meet on msn . I have camera at home . my msn is : [email protected] and my tel. 0034 696910632 . just let me know when is the best time for you to go to internet . bye Darling .

> Hello my dear Philip. How your affairs? I was very glad to see your
> letter today. Dear today in the morning as soon as I woke up, in the
> street there was very good weather and I have decided to have some jog
> on our settlement, and my father also has agreed to be run together
> with me. When we ran, I have decided to speak the father about you. I
> told to it that we have got acquainted with you on the Internet, I
> spoke it what you of age, than you borrow and where do you live. My
> dear, my father has told to me, that it is very glad, that I have got
> acquainted with you and that we want to build attitudes with you.
> Philip my father spoke me, about that that his close and good friend,
> also used the Internet for, that to meet the girl for serious
> attitudes. It has told, that his friend could find the girl from
> Germany and now they together very happily live together in our
> country. My father also has told, that the correspondence on the
> Internet is very dangerous and many forgeries can be here, therefore I
> am a little cautious now, but I trust you and I hope, that in the
> future we shall have serious attitudes with you. My dear when we came
> home I have well thought that my father has told!!! Dear, I think that
> if we really want to build attitudes between us we should have a
> meeting. I think, that letters will not tell to us, whether we shall
> have serious attitudes in the future, I think that we can solve it
> only after the first meeting. Dear inform me that you think of our
> first meeting. I shall wait for news from you. Yours Ekaterina

Hi dear Katerin . of course to really know each other , we have to meet . when do you think is best time , or do you have any suggestions for travelling ?bye , Philip

Quoting [email protected]:

> Hello my dear Philip. I was very glad to receive the letter from you.
> How passes your day? My dear as you know I I write the letters from
> the Internet of cafe and consequently I cannot use msn because it will
> cost for me many money. Also unfortunately I have no own phone, but I
> shall try to find it and I shall try to call to you. My dear Philip,
> in my last letter I asked you, what you think concerning a meeting
> each other? I very much want to meet you as the man and gets
> acquainted with you because I think, that receptions of letters of us
> to to that that from each other will not lead bigger, I think that we
> should will meet, and whether already only after a meeting we can
> solve we shall to have serious attitudes with you in the future. I
> hope, what you agree with me? I shall look forward to your answer.
> Yours and only yours Ekaterina