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Hello !I happy see your reply and your nice photos. I hope we
will continue to exchange with information about each other and it
will bring us to something real special and pleasant. I want to let
you know that I haven't smart phone and I can't use any chat programs
or video messenger.I sold it when the war started here and I hadn't
opportunity even to buy food.But I made video for you to show you that
I am who I say.The phone is +380501302284.It is my phone number but it
isn't smart phone and it hasn't camera or Internet and I don't speak
any English.I understand that it isn't easy to trust in the Internet
and I hope you will do the same to me. I think it will make us closer.
How was your day What did you do today? I have usual working day and I
am happy write you and tell you more and more about myself. I am
single woman and I am here to find my love. I belive in love, maybe
not from first sight but I think love is feeling that can builds
between woman and man in trust and understanding. I want to tell you
something. Maybe it will be not pleasant thing but I need to be open
and share all my thoughts with you. I already tried to find man from
abroad. I wrote with few men from dating site till I met you and all
of them not serious at all. I was very disappointed in such dating.
One men asked me naked photos and when I said no to them they lost
interest in me. They don't need personality in woman, they only need
sex. Of course sex important in relationships but not from beginning
of relationships. I can't share intimate things with person i even
don't know. I think it isn't seriously at all. Another men asked money
in me. They told me many stories about their problems, about illness
of mother or daughter. Of course, I was very sorry to them but I am
not rich girl and sometimes it is hard to feed myself here. I read in
the Internet that it is some scam and all this men lie to me and they
makes money in such way. Now I am more careful and I ask you too be
careful in the Internet. There are many not sincere people. I know
that world has a lot of good people and you are different from them.
Because of it I decided try with you.

The reason I am here is to find man who will agree spend with me all
his life, who ready to take me as her girlfriend and maybe in the
future as wife. I haven't time to spend on games or something not
seriously. I plan to move out from my area and from my country. I am
ready to change my life and to make family. It is a pity I don't know
English but I think everything is possible if you really want it. I
will learn it in near future. Ok, I stop now. Oh, how long letter I
wrote to you. I hope you will read it and you will not tired) Have a
good day and wait news from you)

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This scammer is using photos of a lady named Yulya Ostapenko from Russia.