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Hi . How are you today? Thank you for answering me. Today I
have such a terrible mood, because my neighbor began to make repairs
in the next apartment. I do not understand why these neighbors always
prevent people from sleeping. Does this happen to you too? I hope you
have a good mood and a positive attitude for the whole day. I think
that it is really more convenient to communicate in the mail :) In
this letter I want to talk a little about myself, I’m also interested
if you tell about you. I have such good weather today, but I still
can’t leave the house due to quarantine. Do you also have quarantine
now? What is your weather like?
I also love to cuddle, I have not had this for so long,
because my past relationship was more than a year ago.
My name is Anastasia. You can also call me just Nastya. I was born on
June 3, 1995, I am 24 years old and my zodiac sign is twins. Born and
live in Russia in the city of Saransk. I hope it doesn’t bother you
that I am from Russia. In the modern world, the Internet brings
together many people from different countries.
I graduated from a children's art school in my city of Saransk. In my
free time I like to read books. I especially like Leo Tolstoy’s work
“Anna Korenina”. Do you like to read books? What is your favorite
work? Have you heard anything about Russian writers?
I have a hobby. I like to play sports, mainly jogging in the morning
with my dog. It helps me to cheer up in the morning, as well as
maintain my health. I really like sports, we can say that I am a very
athletic girl, hehe. Since childhood I have been dancing and even
teaching them. What do you do in life? What is your favorite pastime?
It will be very interesting for me to read about your hobbies. I
believe that we do not need to be shy about each other and ask more
questions, because thanks to this we can learn more about each other.
In this letter I will definitely attach my photos for you. I will be
pleased if you also send me your photographs in the next letter.
Good mood to you. I hope that my letter does not seem boring to you.
I will look forward to your reply.
Your new friend Anastasia.