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Hey !
I have problems with my old mailbox. When I send you a letter, I get an error. Therefore, I ask you to use this e-mail.
I am very pleased to write to you in this beauteous Thursday. I do not know why, but I did not see what you wrote to me. I will check the mail now more often so as not to miss your letter. I am very pleased that you responded to my own small note.
As you may already know my name is Sofia. But my friends call me Sofya. I am 26 years old, I live in Ukraine the city is called Dnipropetrovsk.
It is better for me to have a conversation in The English language, therefore please lets write in English language. I wish to require you to looking at my own mail cautiously, it is important for me to know your opinion about what I'm writing.
Centered on your feedback, I will see if it is sensible to maintain our discussion further more.
Just you should not worry, I am just not furious or anything at all. Do not make hasty assumptions, read this mail up to the last word and then if you would like, you are able to jump into assumptions or conclusions. The reality is, I'm pretty decent and tender. It's just my life sometimes makes one be very careful and inappropriate considering that of a good number of situations of fraud and simply nasty things on the online world.
I seriously adored and i feel that you favored me as well.
Who really knows exactly where this talk is going to end up, yet I am hoping you and I will be at least wonderful friends.
At this time I'm college student also now and I'm studying at Dnipropetrovsk medical Academy. But more about that in the up coming letter.
Now is a difficult time, and this time is called the war of our generation, the war against the coronavirus. On the one hand, I was lucky because 5 years ago I made the right choice and began to receive the profession of a doctor. The peculiarity in our profession is that the training is 6 years and during the first five years we study all medical science without distinctions and only in the last year there is a distinction by profession. I get the profession of an infectious disease doctor. I love to be helpful and help people in this difficult time my calling !!
Coronavirus, will be defeated, people will cope with this ailment! When everyone is sitting in their houses behind closed doors, you still need to remain people and continue communication. Man makes man the ability to solve even the most complex problems.
In my free time, I work part time in a children's dance studio. I am a choreographer and teach dance classes.
I apologize if perhaps my English skills are not that good. I'm able to chat pretty good English by speaking, however, I make mistakes while writing.
I love having a good time, I really like humor and I have got a happy individuality. You will not get bored with me.
I appreciate and love people who are close to me. I am hoping that you will turned out to be close for me because I really like you.
In rare cases occurs for me that somebody i really like initial eyesight. I am actually extremely fussy when it comes to people.
But you quickly attracted me with a little something. I don't know exactly what. I just liked you on a subconscious level or whatever.
You understand just how it occurs, one individual enjoys it, a different one does not. All on a mental level. I know people very well.
I do not ought to boast regarding that, yet it is actually true. Whilst I'm not very aged at the moment, I'm just 26 years of age, though I had a hard life and simply were forced to mature very early.
Now I'm awaiting security coming from my future better half, but I only rely on myself. And it taught me to rejoice in every single instant of existence, never lose heart and never to grumble regarding luck. Actually, we are the designers of fate themselves. Do you really agree with me?
I also want to discuss one problem right away, there is a whole lot of fraud using the net, I came upon this while contacting some people just before.
A lie with a lot of deception and at times it appears that I'm conversing not with a real person, but with a computer program.
I prefer that you're a true person, I want to call you.
I need to hear your speech and ensure that you're a real human being. Please leave me your cell phone number so I will get in touch with you.
And so the instant guys realized the following, they quickly gone away. It absolutely was incredibly unpleasant and attacking for me personally.
I am not against private photos when I want to, I most certainly will capture private images and mail them to you if you want.
I desire to see your letter as quickly as possible. I would be very excited to know even more who you are as a person!
Show me more who you are, all about your country of living, place in which you attain. This is certainly interesting to me.
I've got a major demand for you personally, you should reply to my questions and comment on what you think about the whole thing I wrote. It is actually vitally important for me.
Please do not disregard about me, respond as soon as possible.
The best! Sincerely yours Sofya.
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