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Cheboksary Russia

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Hi my pseudonym for this report is Ernasty,
I have communicated with this woman "Anna Barkova" for a couple of month..
I started noticing after the first two letters, that she did not read my letters..

So I stopped writing to her; then after a few days she will come back with an answer like,
"She missed my attention so much and that she was only mine"

She even pretended to be jealous claiming that "I was communicating with other women"
And all that foolishness these women like write --
Like, pledging her only love was to me and more of the same crap.
And that she dreamed about walking together hand in hand on a beach
and cooking me breakfast. I don't eat breakfast :-)

These scammers (man haters) really think that they are, seductive, persuasive and hot.
How can anyone fall for this stupidity is beyond me. But I guess anything is possible.

Anyway, I pretended to be interested in her and played along
to see when she was going to ask for the money.

At several times during the communication, I warned her; that I was aware of scammers
with their proposition of sending money to a bogus agency for a visa or to Western Union.
I even told her that I considered scammers "PARASITES"

She flew right by all those comments I made; and continued with her scam.
I guess she was too busy with scamming others and she did not read my warnings.

She requested my address to come visit me (Of course I gave all the wrong information about me).
Finally, I asked her to send me a copy of her passport

And of course, she ignored my request for the passport (as usual) and sent me instead
her full name "Anna Barkova" which I did not previously have;
Asking me to send the money via Western Union. .

Here included is the last letter from her sent January 24, 2009
requesting the money to be send Western Union.
Surname: I can not remember
Sruname: Barkova
Name: Anna
Anna Barkova

City: can not remember
Country: Russia
Postal address:
Phone number:
Photos: I have too many - So I sent a few.
Letters she sent you (all you have):

Hello my man, my lovely Ernasty. For me was happiness
again to read your letter.
I so have become bored during a break between our
letters. I feel, how strongly me attracts to you.
My heart fades, when I start to read your letter, I
feel, we become all is more close to each other!
I am so glad, that we with you all become closer! I
represent now as we will be glad to see each other,
to have laughter and pleasure from a meeting and
the general walks in romantic places. I dream, how
I will make for you a breakfast in the morning. My
darling, I think of you constantly, and I do not
want, not to think of you!
My darling, to me it is very pleasant, that you have correctly
reacted to my problems and have responded on my request for the
help, this just fine!
I am very glad, that you understand me. Today I learnt how will
reproduce more reliably and more correctly remittance. To me have
advised to address to remittance services. To me have told, that
the most reliable service of remittance, it is the Western union.
I do not know all details as did not face a similar question
before. But my colleague has told to me, that for this purpose,
that you could translate you should know my data.
My full name: Anna
My full surname: Barkova
My dear, I very much hope, that your positive answer will be
fast, and our meeting will be as fast.
I want, that you correctly would understand me …
The matter is that the I can soon pay a credit debt for
apartment, the soon I will with you!
As I already spoke, all operation with payment will occupy, not
enough time.
Therefore all depends only on you, washing the darling, and I
very much hope for you
My special Ernasty, I very much would like you to see
fast! I think of you constantly, I wish to feel
taste of your lips, and warmly your embraces!
I cannot think of what the friend. Be in the street
coldly or hot, it is dry or it is wet, it is not
important! The most important for me now is our
future! And I am assured, that we will be happy
together and this most important thing!
Now at me is a few free time, and I wish to make
walk on a city, I wish to devote all thoughts only
to you, walking on the fine city …
I miss your embraces!
Only your Anna!