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> Good afternoon Peter . I am very glad to receive your letter. Here our
> acquaintance also proceeds. I hope, that we will approach each other
> and our acquaintance will pass to higher level as for example family
> creation, but to us early still to speak about it as we are a little
> familiar also to us it is necessary to learn each other is better.
> Today remarkable day. As I wish to tell to you on more about my family
> and about myself. I live with mum, the daddy and cat Timosha. My daddy
> call Aleksandr and it works as the bus driver, it carries people on a
> city, it works as the driver 20 years. My mum call Lydmila, it works
> the same as the seller in shop of 19 years. We work with mum in
> different shops. As I already told I sell a foodstuff, and my mum
> sells footwear. I live in the great country of Russia in city Kanash
> it have been based 1925 in our city lives 55 thousand persons, our
> city not such big, about my house there is a small wood and the
> railway, I send you a photo of the house and me on the railway.
> As I wish to tell to you about myself to me it is pleasant to read
> books of 19 centuries, my favourite writers it is Pushkin, Lermontov,
> Gogol, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Bitter. Most of all I like to read
> romances, after all these writers lived in days of Russian empire and
> it seemed to me at that time a life much more interestingly, and
> people loved each other absolutely on another, ladies were tender, men
> were decent than presently and such rage at people as now was not. You
> so do not think Peter ?And you like to read books?
> As I wish to tell to you as I spend the day. I wake up in 6 mornings
> and I come for work to 7-30 mornings always vigorous and fresh. Our
> shop opens in 8 mornings, and since the morning already people come
> behind a foodstuff. I know that my work the seller is necessary I and
> useful work. I help people selling it meal.
> If you not against that answer me that you search in the girl and I
> will answer you that I search in the man in my following letter, I
> will be very glad. Also send, please, to me the photo. I finish my
> letter and with impatience I wait for your letter. As if you any
> questions interest do not hesitate set to me them and I about pleasure
> will answer you them. Good bye, Mariya .

> Good afternoon Peter . It is very pleasant to me to receive from you the
> letter, and that we continue ours Acquaintance. As I wish to tell to
> you about myself. I wish to tell that I write to you from Houses, at
> our place are the Computer, my daddy and my mum have bought it one
> year ago it is called Pentium 4. My mum and my daddy often sit at the
> computer, my daddy likes to play the different Computer games and my
> mum likes to solve different tests on the Internet. As I wish to talk
> With you about religion. I orthodox the Christian, we often go to
> church with mum, usually we We go every Sunday. I believe in God also
> I is confident that it is. As I wish to tell To you one history when
> to me the god has helped to pass examination in mathematics when I
> went to school . We had an examination in mathematics when I went to
> school also I went to church and have asked The god to help me to pass
> examination and that I did not worry also I has passed examination on
> 5, it was 13 Years back. And you believe in God? And sometime the god
> helped with different situations to you? If You believe in God.
> As I wish to tell to you what person I search. My ideal of the man, it
> that it was Kind, good always understood, trusted, loved and respected
> me as also I him will be To understand to respect, love and trust,
> that between us never any abuse was, and Always between us reigned the
> world, kindness mutual understanding.
> For today I finish the letter, I would like, that you have sent to me
> as more Your new photos. I with impatience wait for your new letter.
> Yours Mariya .

> Hello Peter . I am very glad will receive your letter today. How are
> you? As today I want To tell to you still on more about itself and
> about the family. I have a Grandmother her name is Anna to it 70 YEARS
> it live in village near to our city approximately 40 km. We go to it 2
> times In a month, at it the house, a kitchen garden, near to village
> is small pure lake under Name Tyrmishi, its village is called as
> Tyrmishi. There it is pleasant to me as there Pure air, the nature, it
> is beautiful, at night I like to look at stars, as in village It is
> much more stars than in a city, washing the most favourite star is the
> Small She-bear, and happens Such that I look at a star and so
> beautifully happens the star I falls I think of desire and I look
> Where it falls. Peter And you like to look at stars? At you many stars
> happen at night on The sky?
> I like to go to the cinema though I very seldom go to the cinema. I
> like to look films in style : A comedy, a drama, historical films,
> insurgents - comedies. Now at us in Russia remove Good films. And you
> looked Russian films? As I like to go to theatre with mum and the
> daddy , Most of all it is pleasant to me when people in live execute
> theatrical concerts. Certainly After my story you understand, that I
> love and I respect romanticism. Peter And you respect To the
> romanticist?
> Now it is time to me to go for work as I have come 30 minutes home for
> a dinner and now to me already To go it is time for work as people the
> same should buy products and to cook food. I with Impatience I wait
> for your letter. Yours Mariya .

> Good afternoon Peter . Today fine day the sun shines so perfectly, that
> beams the sun Me have woken. When I have woken up to me was so well
> when the sun shined my person. Mine Day has begun perfectly, now I
> have come home for a dinner, and have cooked food as soon as I I will
> write to you I will have dinner and go again for work. I very much
> like to cook food. To prepare The meal me was learnt by my mum when I
> was 13 years old. Most of all I like to prepare the different Soups of
> a Russian cuisine it for example a Russian cabbage soup, a borsch,
> chicken soup, solyanka. As I love To prepare the second dishes, well
> for example mashed potatoes, buckwheat, a cream of wheat as I like to
> prepare Macaroni to stuff pepper. And you ate these dishes which I
> have listed? As I always I love cleanliness of the house and an order
> and often I put things in order at home.
> Peter I would like to hear your voice. I ask you send to me a phone
> number, That I could call you from the telephone automatic machine. As
> a home telephone number we for a long time not We use and have
> disconnected it, and the cellular telephone at me has broken, when
> walked at the grandmother in To village on lake I have slipped also
> phone have dropped out at me of hands and have got to lake and now not
> Works.
> How there has passed your day and how it has begun? What new at you
> has occurred? I with impatience wait Your letter. Yours Mariya .

> Hello Peter . I am very glad to receive your letter. My day has begun
> not so well. Today In shop where I work they have run in the thief
> have directed on me a pistol and have told, that I Gave all of them
> money which were in cash desk, I very much was frightened. I have had
> time to press the alarm The button, and in 5 minutes there has arrived
> police. I thought that there will be a firing or that they Take me in
> hostages, but the police has run in in shop and has arrested these
> gangsters. I very much It is glad that all has managed well. Today
> when I have come home I have been very strongly upset, Also has told
> to mum and the daddy this history, they consoled me and calmed. The
> daddy speaks that I The good fellow that has pressed the alarm button.
> Now I write you the letter, but to me it is not so terrible, as all it
> has managed also all situation Has calmed down. The director of shop
> has given to me for tomorrow the day off that I have calmed down and
> has tried To forget this incident. I with impatience wait for your
> letter. Yours Mariya .

> Hello Peter . I am very glad to receive your letter. I see that we
> already learn each other all It is more and more and it is pleasant to
> me to correspond with you, to tell to you about itself and to learn
> about You to exchange our opinions. Today day has begun very well, the
> sun and shone from Solar beam I have woken up, the solar beam shone to
> me directly in the person, I have woken up with Smile on the person.
> And how your morning has begun? I try not to recollect yesterday.
> Today I one houses, mum and the daddy will come in the evening after
> work, and I put things in order at home, I cook food, and has walked
> today with my girlfriend Nastya.
> After tomorrow I with a family we are going to visit our favourite
> grandmother. Mum has asked to descend in Shop and to buy something to
> the grandmother. I do not know what even to buy to the grandmother.
> You can to me You will prompt what gift to buy to the grandmother? I
> hope you will help me council.
> Now I have started to prepare a borsch and winter salad that year mum
> with the daddy will come tired with Works they had a rest and
> attempted. While water with meat I cooks I write you the letter. I
> with Impatience I wait for your letter. Yours Mariya .

> Hello my dear Peter . I am very glad to receive your letter. I wish to
> tell as I Has gone to the grandmother. We have very well gone to the
> grandmother, and had pleasantly a rest. I have presented To the
> grandmother a terry scarf, she so was delighted, it had such happy
> person. My daddy And mum helped the grandmother to collect hay, and I
> cooked food, my grandmother sat and had a rest, As it old, and rest is
> necessary to it. Then my daddy has flooded a bath, and we washed in a
> bath. At first in a bath the daddy with mum, then the grandmother, and
> then I descended. I love is soared after all the truth People say,
> that Russian bath the most useful and curative bath in the world. And
> you washed in the Russian To bath?
> I send you a photo of my mum and the daddy at the grandmother in
> village.
> Today washing day has passed so perfectly. Now I will go on a visit to
> my girlfriend Nastya, it Mum I have asked to help Nastya to cook food
> as Nastya not so well prepares, and it I learn, and her mother very
> occupied the person it the economist and works.
> I with impatience wait for your letter. Yours Mariya .

> Good afternoon my dear. How are you? I am very glad to receive your
> letter. Today I Talked to mum and the daddy they have asked me as at
> us with you of the relation, I have told That all at us is good, they
> asked about you and I it much about you told. Then Whether the daddy
> has asked I wish to meet you and to be with you always, and I to it
> have told yes to me It would be desirable to meet you. And you would
> like to meet me?
> Today I went on the river, there looked as fishermen fish and have
> seen pair of people the man and The woman, they sat on a bench and so
> beautifully communicated also I for an instant has presented us with
> you . If you are final not against I think we can be suitable pair how
> you think?
> I finish the letter and with impatience I wait for your letter. Yours
> Mariya .

> Good afternoon my dear Peter . I am very glad to receive your letter. My
> day has passed today Very perfectly. I talked with Nastya, I said,
> that we with you already think To meet, and Nastya was upset, as she
> has told to me, that now we will be sees Seldom, as she my best
> girlfriend, well I has explained to it, that I will call to it and I
> will be To come somehow back to Russia, to see parents and Nastya. You
> do not think Anything bad, I of normal orientation, am simple with
> Nastya we only girlfriends.
> Today I talked to mum and the daddy and I think, how I can meet you,
> after all to me It will be necessary to go and agency, and to embassy
> that to me have allowed to arrive to you, I think That if all will be
> good that next month we can be together.
> For today I finish the letter and with impatience I wait for your
> answer. Yours Mariya .

> Hello my dear Peter . I am very glad to receive your letter my
> dear Peter . Today I Has learnt, that to us you to meet to me it would
> will be necessary to address in embassy for Arrival permissions to
> you, and in travel agency, for purchase of tickets, insurance , For
> this purpose that to me have made the passport for travel abroad and
> the visa if in embassy to me will resolve To arrive to you. I will
> soon go also all precisely to learn. I should go to embassy and In
> travel agency and to learn all it is detailed. As I will visit the
> tourist All news I will inform agency, and embassy to you.
> As I wish to tell to you as there has passed my day today. My day has
> passed today very much Perfectly, today I met the mum's girlfriend and
> it has given me the fine recipe Preparations of a fried potato with a
> hen baked in mayonnaise and I have decided to prepare it, I Descended
> in shop has bought all necessary products and has gone home to cook
> this food. When I Has prepared this fine dish we began to eat and mum,
> the daddy and me to us so this was pleasant Meal.
> For a today I have very much got tired and now I will go I will lie
> down to have a sleep. I with impatience wait Your letter. Yours
> Mariya .

> Hello my dear Peter . I wish to tell to you pleasant news, I went today
> at first In embassy also learnt all about yours that they could give
> me the visa to you, they explained I should fill what documents, what
> exactly is necessary for that that I could arrive to you . As your
> full information, this name a surname, your address, a city will be
> necessary to me, Staff and the name of your country as I should fill
> documents the full name and The address as in embassy should know that
> I go to you. Tomorrow I will go to embassy And to fill their documents
> and as I should wait while they will allow to arrive to me to To you,
> I do not know how many it will occupy time, but I have asked them what
> is the time to me It is necessary to look forward to hearing they will
> allow to arrive to me to you or not, and they have answered as soon as
> The answer will come from Moscow they at once to me will tell, have
> allowed to arrive to me to you or not.
> As I went today to travel agency and all learnt from them about a trip
> to you, they Have told that when the permission from embassy then they
> will buy to me tickets will come, As they will do to me the medical
> insurance, and to buy tickets for the bus or a train To Moscow, as the
> closest airport that I could arrive to you. Every day I I will learn
> more and more and to inform you the newest news.
> Certainly, I dream of our meeting, and with impatience I wait for that
> moment when we can be Together. I with impatience wait for your
> letter. Kiss you Peter . Yours Mariya .

> Hello my dear Peter . I am very glad that we with you understand and we
> respect each other, and We wish to be together. Now I wish to tell to
> you about today. I went today in Embassy also filled there documents,
> filled given, and yours as there is Such column to whom and where I
> go. As I had to descend for work and to take there the inquiry with
> Work places and to carry it in embassy. As in embassy me have asked
> which The visa I want to arrive to you and I have chosen tourist as it
> is easier for receiving, and It costs more cheaply than the visa of
> the bride, and 3 months operate, and it can be prolonged or To alter
> in your country on the visa of the bride without special work. Then I
> went to agency and Wished to sign the contract, but to me have told,
> that while to me will not allow to arrive in embassy In your country
> to you, I cannot sign the contract as if at me there will be tickets
> instead of There will be visas that I cannot arrive to you. I went
> again to embassy and to me have told, that As soon as will allow to
> arrive to me to your country to me the letter at once will come from
> Embassies and I will go to embassy that I could take documents that to
> me Have allowed to arrive to you and to bear them in travel agency
> that I could conclude with Them the contract and that with their help
> my visa and tickets were ready, and me is necessary To pay them as
> soon as all will be at me on hands I I will inform you.
> Today I have very strongly got tired and with impatience I wait for
> news from embassy. I with impatience I wait for your letter. Kiss
> you Peter . Yours Mariya .

> Hello my dear Peter . I am very glad to receive your letter. I wish to
> tell to you, that To me has dreamt. The dream as though I flied by the
> plane today has dreamt me, the plane was Pink colour, there was so
> well and when the plane has arrived, I left and have entered into the
> airport With me left to many people and these people were met by their
> close people, and in this crowd I Has seen you, I have thrown all bags
> and have run to you, you stood and smiled for pleasure at you In a
> hand there were my favourite flowers a bouquet of white roses, the
> bouquet was such big, that when you hid It behind the back it was seen
> because of your back, I have run up to you, and you have first of all
> presented To me flowers, and we have embraced each other, you have
> lifted me on hands and we have started to be turned, we Wished to kiss
> each other, but suddenly I was woken by my cat, it has climbed to me
> on a bed and The beginnings to awake me at first it licked my hand,
> and then slightly scratched me, and I have woken up, me So it is a
> pity, that my cat has woken me. And the dream was such good. My dear,
> and to you dreamt About me a dream?
> As I went today to church and prayed to the god that the embassy more
> likely to me has resolved To stay to you. On the brink of our city
> there is an orthodox temple, and say, that this temple Helps people
> and when I pray there it helps. I do not know when to me the embassy
> will resolve To stay to you, but than before themes it is better.
> I send you a church photo where I go to pray.
> I with impatience wait for your letter. Kiss you Peter . Yours
> Mariya .

> Hello my dear Peter . I am very glad to receive your letter. How are
> you? As you has passed Day? My day has passed not badly. Today I went
> for work, and after work I have come home And to us there has arrived
> the grandmother. The grandmother has told, that is very glad, that I
> have found you, and it Has told, that the love is one of the finest
> moments in human life. The grandmother still Has told, that I did not
> forget mum, the daddy and the grandmother and when we will be together
> with you that I Called to them, and wrote letters. I have told, that
> certainly I will not forget neither the grandmother nor mum, The
> daddy, as they my congenial souls and you the same my dear Peter to me
> the closest The person as we love each other. As my grandmother has
> connected gloves, a scarf and winter Cap that I have presented to you
> from all our family.
> What at you new? Tell to me that you did today, and as there has
> passed your day. I very much Strongly I love you and with impatience I
> wait for that moment when in embassy to me will resolve To arrive to
> you and when I can arrive to you and when we will be together. I with
> Impatience I wait for your letter. Kiss you Peter . Yours Mariya .

> Hello my dear Peter . I am glad to welcome again you and I with impatience
> wait, When to a smog to tell to you HI - personally. Thanks for your
> message. Peter, my day was very strained and is very tired. I reached
> in Office of agency also signed with them the contract. The contract
> consists of two parts, as The agency will give me the visa and tickets
> when I completely will mourn over a trip. The trip costs 1250 Euro.
> But I could pay only for the visa 500 euros and I need to pay now to
> agency 750 euros, enter into 750 euros cost of tickets, the passport
> for travel abroad, medical The insurance and tickets to Moscow as the
> closest international airport is in To Moscow. I went home asked mum
> and the daddy 750 euros, but they have told that at them is not
> present Such money, then I went to my girlfriend Nastya, but at it and
> her mother the same has not appeared Such money. I wished to take 750
> euros in bank on credit, but to me have not given, as at me not The
> big salary and the more so I leave to you.
> Certainly it is inconvenient to me to ask you this money, but I do not
> know where to me to get this money . My dear Peter I ask do not take
> offence at me but I seriously do not know where I can take these
> Money. My love Peter Whether tell to me you can fairly help me this sum
> 750 euros, That I could pay a trip and arrive to you ? When I will pay
> a trip to you To me will give, the visa, tickets and all necessary for
> arrival to you, and I will send To you a copy of the flight aboard the
> plane that you could meet me.
> I with impatience wait for your letter. Kiss you Peter . Yours
> Mariya .

> Hi my favourite! How you dear? Yesterday, I could not send you the
> message. I hope, that it not so afflicted you. Peter, favourite
> mine, thanks for your message and for your words. It was pleasant for
> me and strengthened my confidence that all will be good also our
> meeting will be gentle and very pleasant for us! I reached in agency.
> They have told, that within the next few days my visa already waits
> for me in Moscow. The embassy approved my questionnaire and
> consequently I soon can to arrive to you Peter Also the agency
> asked to pay within the next few days other money, therefore, the
> darling, try tomorrow or to send the day after tomorrow to me money
> 750 euro, for payment. Dear, I received the detailed information on moving
> of money. To do it, you need to go to bank in which there is an office
> "Western union". In bank to me have told, that such offices are
> available in each city, therefore for you the problem will not find
> it. Or you can pay it through internet: When you
> will send money, you will need to specify my full name and the
> country. When I will receive this money I should specify your full
> name and the address. Also, I should inform in bank confidential
> number (MTCN). This number to you will inform in bank at sending
> money, and you will need to be informed this number to me in the
> messages. All moving will occupy some hours, but it will be necessary
> to pay for it some money to bank. I think Peter, that it is a
> reliable way of moving. Naked you will see me only in bed.
> My information for this purpose:
> Romanova Mariya
> address:Petrova 7
> country: Russia
> City: Kanash
> Postal index:429335
> Also, do not forget after that, to inform me the information: a full
> name, the address and confidential number. I promised to agency to pay
> them these days. Dear, be ready to do it tomorrow.
> I can arrive to you!!! Please, dear, plan this time for me. I have
> intention to take away you, these days, from all your affairs that you
> belonged only to me. And for it, I promise to surround you at this
> time, my caress and care. I hope, that it will be a pleasant exchange
> for you! :-) My kisses and embraces for you, my favourite Peter!
> Yours Mariya.
> P.S. Write me something tender, gentle. Your support is
> now very necessary to me.

> Hi mine lovely Peter.
> How are you? How your health? At me all in the order, only very much I
> miss on you. I very much would like to be with you, even there be time
> to lead some with you. Favourite, at me is very lonely and it is
> melancholy on soul, likely from loneliness. I very much for a long
> time nobody had also I very much I want to destroy the loneliness.
> Peter I want to tell you, that you for me became very close to me, I
> love your letters, they help me to transfer loneliness. Certainly
> around there are a lot of various men on any taste, but inside in
> heart it would be desirable the especial man, which would love me and
> was gentle to me. I sincerely would want, what you Peter Was this man.
> Write to me I wait.
> Kiss you. Mariya
> p.s.I do not understand you, and that your friend speaks. I write to
> you from city Kanash. You think, what with me it is possible to play?
> I not a doll that with me to play. I understand one, that you do not
> want, that we were together, and do not trust me. But how I can trust
> you if you do not trust me?