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Hello !
In addition to my native language, I speak English and a bit of German.
In which city do you live also what with you a full name?
As you remember, my name is Mariya and I live in Russia.
I am very pleased that you have responded to my letter anyway and it means that you are interested in me and it is really very pleasant. I hope you liked my photo.) Now I tell something about myself. I live in the city of Novosibirsk, speak, know where it is? I think if you want to learn, you will easily find photos of my city on the Internet.
On the road today's Winter blows very cold, a strong Wind and just blizzard, I do not love Winter so, I prefer summer and heat, but what to do, I was born here.
For me of 36 years, my growth of 169 centimeters, my weight of 62 kilograms, I am the sports girl, and in my spare time I like to spend time working through Fitness or easier to walk.
I also lead a healthy lifestyle, I don't drink and I don't smoke. I think that in a very interesting life I like to communicate with interesting people who are always talked about what to do.
you are interested in sports? If so what do you tell me about the interests, I want you to learn better, I want to understand for myself that you are for the Person, write everything that it considers necessary.
I also like to read various books, I don't love parties, I don't love nightclubs and vanities, I like to be the housemaid, I like to prepare and receive visitors to the House.
I like to experiment with food, I like to prepare different dishes from different countries, and you love which meal?) That you like to eat every day? Or it is very common ... Tell me) I think you are very interested that I am looking into the man !?) I am looking for kind, warm, gentle and romantic relationships, I want to love, I want to love and be a favorite, I want everything I give to the beloved .
Who knows, can you do that?) Sorry for my sarcasm. But today anything is possible, do you agree? I want to wake up in the morning and see my beloved nearby to see her care and attention.
To see his gentle hands and kisses and to feel so much tenderness and love in me, I will look for serious relationships to build a family, happiness, the House-loving center) if you are only interested in my photos and ask more about my undressed photos that we do not compare with each other, this means that you are looking for something else when it is better not to write to me.
At least we have only begun to communicate and to put the exposed photos somehow unseemly, you agree?) I have intimate photos, but not so, but it will be later if you suffer a little of course) and then I hear a lot about a deception on the Internet that people from different countries demand a photo of girls to put them on the Forbidden resources, porn etc ... (( I have also read a lot that there is a lot of cheating on the Internet, that many girls from my country and not only from my country demand money from men to come into the country and eventually just disappear.
I want to say that I am not so, I am the present girl, with the present feelings, no fake and anything else, I am looking for real relationships, serious relationships, I am looking for the present love and feelings, I hope you too!
All these negative emotions that people describe about such stories are not for me, and I hope, I really hope, that they will compare me in this, because I am absolutely another, absolutely another.
I, the independent, self-sufficient girl who simply did not manage to meet the decent man in life, to meet the beloved, hope that soon everything will change and I will be happy.
I will welcome, love and present so many of my love, tenderness and the most pleasant feelings for my unique favorite person, my best and most reliable Person.
you know, your age is absolutely not important to me that for the Person in me is what their inner beauty, their private world, rather than the size of their purse or the success in a lifetime.
For me it is important that it was comfortable with the man, that it was reliable, that every day I felt most irreplaceable, most popular and most necessary for life, if fair is my dream!
I think what I will answer most of your questions in this letter, and in the following letter I will tell you much more about myself, the hobbies and the work, I hope what is not boring for you?) I also send you some of my new photos, I think what will it be pleasant for you to see me more openly, to see my eyes and the general state of my body, you say it is pleasant for you?) I am glad to hear from you, I am waiting for your letter, your reaction and the most beautiful and positive emotions. Don't make me wait long ... All right?) Mariya
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This scammer is using mirrored pictures of designer Maria Fomenko from Yekaterinburg, she is married.
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Still plying the same photos August 2020 Russ