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Hello !
How was your day?
I am very glad to receive a letter from you. I am smiling now and I am in a good mood.
Sorry , I forgot to write to you about my height and weight. My height is 169cm, weight 63.
I’d like to ask you to send me more of your photos, photos of your house. I want to see your life in detail. I want to know your country’s culture.
I work in the tourist center as the bookkeeper. I conduct book keeping, I distribute the salary to workers of the center and I make the tax reporting.
I traveled many times abroad. I was in Turkey, Greece, United Arab Emirates, Egypt.
I realised that I wanted to live in a civilized country. Russia is not her. around, cheating, crime, and corruption.
I’ll tell you about my parents now. My father's name Andrey, and he is 67 years old. Mother’s name is Elena, and she is 65 years old.
They live in suburb of Vladivostok. It is about 50km from Vladivostok.
My mom does not work anymore. She is a housewife now. My father operates a tractor, he provides services to the local collective farm, but the tractor is his property. He always has a lot of work in winter and summer.
My parents are very nice, I love them so much. They are well-known and respectful people, because we were always an example for other families.
I think my parents gave me a good education, and I'm so grateful for it.
I told them that I want to find a serious man from foreign country for serious relationship. At the first time they were against it.
But my parents and I understand each other very good. They know about my friend, who married a man from Spain. By the way her name is Anna. I have told them how happy my friend is. And my parents accepted my desire.
The main issue in all relationships is to be honest with each other and always trust each other.
do you agree?
Many Russian men are not interested in anything other than sex and alcohol. My ex-husband also started drinking a lot of alcohol and stopped working.
My daughter and I tried to change it, but it's useless, so we divorced 2 years ago.
This is a very difficult time and I don’t know how I spent so many years in stress.
I did not feel any care, attention and support.
It is very important to me. I want to feel that my man is always ready to take care of me.
I hope you understand me. All women are the weaker sex and fragile creatures. We always need to have a reliable man near us.
And if I feel myself in safety, I'll do my best to make my man the happiest person. I will always be a reliable and honest partner in life.
please tell to me about your last relationship. What are the most important things in relationship for you?
Have a nice day.
Comment #159145
These photos are used a lot by scammers. Search this site you will find a lot of reports for these photos. Ive had them write to me at least 4 times over the years. They use lots of different names.