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Hello my friend!!!
How was your day? Are you alright? What did you do today?
I'm fine, after my last letter, I began to notice that I am looking forward to your reply. This is so funny. I have never before corresponded by letters with a person from another country. And I'm extremely glad that I wrote a letter to you. It seems to me that you are the man who suits me. Therefore, I am interested in talking with you and learning more about you.
Something else I forgot to tell you. I said that I am divorced. I don’t know if it will be interesting to you, but maybe you want to know why I got divorced?
This happened a little over 2 years ago. I came home from work and found my husband in the room sleeping with my best friend. I was shocked by what I saw, but I forgave him for the first time.
But then after a while he again betrayed me with my other friend. I found them kissing at the door of the house. I could not forgive him again and on the same day I drove him away.
And since then I have no more family and no best friends. And worse, now I'm afraid to make friends again, because I'm afraid that I will be betrayed again. But I hope you are not like that?
You know, I would love to make friends with you, but I don’t know what you are inside. But let me tell you about the type of person I would like to find.
The kind of person I am looking for must be very good. Responsible, honest, caring, beautiful, open and hardworking. Race, ethnicity and physical appearance do not matter to me. I am interested in a good personality and sense of humor, because I need a man who can make me smile.
I am looking for a man who in the first place could be my best friend. I need a man with whom I could sincerely share my thoughts ... a man with whom I would not be bored ... a man with whom I could talk about everything without hesitation ... and finally a man with whom we could do everything than we want. No, please just don’t think about me wrong. I am a decent woman.
I have so many questions for you, but I don’t know where to start ... for starters of course I would like to know more about you. What do you do, what are your interests, hobbies, profession, etc ... Do you smoke, do you drink? I want to know everything about you.
I do not know if you will write me back, but I will hope that you have not lost interest in me. And if you write, please send me also more of your photos, okay?
Okay, I wish you a nice day. I will be waiting for your reply.