Scammer Wilson Lily

Abuja Nigeria

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Its me nice to hear from have sound so great to me and i will like to know you more and see where it goes..any way i will like you to tell me more about you and what you are really looking for on here...i mean what you want in a woman,what do you do for a living?....I am here for a serious relastionship,i am honest,caring,loving and understanding lady,i am looking for a man who will take Good care of me,i have been hurt a lot and i don;t want this to happen to me again,i want a man who knows what he wants on here....a man who is ready for a me and we have a serious relastionship and i also wanna have my own family,i am the only child for my parents and my parents are past away,i am all alone with no family...i wanna have a happy home and i want to have my own kids as well,....I work in my late dad company, an Oil company...My dad is from the state in NEVADA and my Mum is from ITALY ..i hope you know where that is...I spent most of my life in the state... Well where do i start from...i am he only child of my parents,my parents died years ago...i am all alone with no family..i have been hurt in the past..i am honest,caring,loving,loyal and understanding lady..i am here for a serious relationship...i wanna have my own family...i want to start a new life with the right man... Well i want a man who know what he wants on here,a man who is honest,caring,loving,loyal and understanding...a man who will love me for who i am...a man who want to have his own family and we can become one..a man who will make Love to me whenever i am need of it..a man who is ready for a serious relationship..a man who will not hurt me in any position or let me down..This is hard to find...i hope i get my true dream

hun,,,am so glad that u write me back ,,i was thought that u dont want to help me ,,,,i understand what u mean ,,trust me ,,i am different woman ,,i will never hurt u or break ur heart ,,as far as u help me out ,,, i am so happy to hear that u will help me save the life of my dougther,,,.....yes we hav a nearest western union here ,,what we u need to send the money ,,and tell me if u can still make the money send today ,,so by tommorro morning i will get the money and buy the drugs for her ,,,thanks so much ,,let me know if u will need any information to send the money

i love u so much

Hi Honey,

Thank you for loving me no way anyone has ever tried. Thank you for knowing all the little things that mean so much to me. Thank you for understanding that you and I need to take time together for fun, making love, talking and just spending time together. Thank you for everything you are and mean to me, and everything I am becoming, because you are in my life... thank you!

Love Always,


Dear philips,

I just wanted to write you and let you know how much I do love you and how close we have became in such a short period of time. We may not have known each other long but our love is strong and it means everything to me. You are the one who always makes me feel better about myself and makes me laugh at all the crazy stuff we talk about that no one understands but us. I'm glad I found you and I hope we spend a lot more happy times together in the future. Thanks just for being here for me I love you more than words I could say. ,once again ,i just want u to know that i hav been honest with u ,,,i went to the bank today to get the money ,,,i really appreciate that ,,,and i just pay for the medication ,,,i hope my little girl we be back home soonest and say hello to u ,.,,,,.thanks so much

Love always,


how are u doing today ,,that so much for ur letter ,,i really appreaciate reading ur letter ,,,how is ur day , i hope u hav a wonderful weekend, thanks for ur support ,,,and caring my daughter is her hearlt back ,,am so happy for that ,...i wish by monday or tuesday she we be back home with me,,,,i really thank u for the feelings u hav for me . my birthsay should be next week wednesday ,,,wish we could meet or hav a wonderful day together, but am not sure its can happen by now ,,all i know is that soonest we can figure it out

i will be waiting to read from u again


Dear philips,

Honey, you have changed my life completely. You're the one who makes me beautiful. You're the one who makes me strong. You're the one who makes me feel so important; you're everything to me.

You show your love to me every day. I thank God that I have found a man like you. Please forgive me for not giving you enough time to chat with me, but I promise I will make up for it once we are together.

All that I can offer you is a family. I can offer you a family that will stick together through the good and the bad. I can offer you a family that will support each other every day. Honey, that's all I can give...I hope that’s what you want.

I really wish that you were near me. I wish that I could just call your name when I needed you and that you would be there. However, knowing that you love me so much is enough for now, and if I can be your wife and a mother to your children, then I would wait forever to be with you. . You're the only one that I want.

Love Always,


From: [email protected]
hun,,,here is the information,,,,,


PHONE ....+2348025008691