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Hi sweetheart!

How are you my dear today Everything is OK? I am happy
me very much about your letter today. And I'm answering it now
with pleasure.

Darling, I got news from a travel agency. I was today
there and they told me everything about the documents I make
must to visit your country. I need an international one
Issue passport (it takes about a week and costs
around 190 €), I have to apply for a visa for your country (it takes
about 2 weeks and costs about 110 €), I have to get one
take out compulsory health insurance, something like 50
Euro. Therefore I need about 3 weeks until all documents are ready.
So I got this information from a travel agent and am
then went to another travel agency and they gave me the same thing
tells. At home I read it myself and I have come to the end
come that this list of documents is really necessary.

Ultimately, my feelings are strong for you and I'm sure
that we'll be with you! I have a lot about it
thought about how I can get this money. And I had one
good idea! I turned to my family for help. I have
looking for someone who can help me. And my uncle can help us!

Unfortunately, my uncle cannot pay for the entire trip or money
lend. But he offers to make money for our meeting. My
Uncle has a small shop in Russia. It is on resale
of items bought in Europe. He has people in
Europe to help him do that. He orders goods to their address and
she pays. (Purchase in European online shops). Basically, these are
Clothing and small electronics, my dear. And then send it
Person who accepted the goods, sent them to Russia. My uncle
offers to help him with that. And he pays for every package that after
Russia is sent 50 euros. The postage is also from my uncle
paid. It turns out that we only accept the package and
then have to bring it to the post office. My dear, so we can make money very quickly
can earn for our meeting. And you don't have a penny

Please tell us what you think about it. Do you agree? I
hope you like this idea and in this case we don't have any
Money problems! I really want to be with you!

Darling, we have serious plans now, we'll be together soon
to meet. This is a new step in our relationship. I think
we should talk. We have to improve our communication and
accelerate. I was very happy to email you, but
it always takes a lot of time and you have to wait a long time. We have many
Discuss details. And I think that's best done in real time.
So I think it would be better if we use the chat program

Can we contact you via Viber or WhatsApp? My cousin
said that he will help me run these programs on my computer
install while my phone is being repaired. And we have to
don't wait, we can write every day. And in chat we can
discuss much more and in more detail. Can you give me yours
Send WhatsApp number?

You know, I dream of our future. I imagine how we
will live together. I understand that you are far from me now
are distant, but I think about it all the time. True love
can do everything in my opinion. Overcome difficulties and distance!
I think if God wants that we will be together and
try to do everything to be happy!

I pray that everything will be fine and that we have the opportunity to meet
meet and be together. I hope and pray that it will be so
should. Please answer me soon and tell me what you think about
think all of that. Please answer me soon, I will answer yours
Wait letter. send lots of kisses and hugs! I always think of
you, my dear!

Only your Anastasia.