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Comment #586
Mascha       Member Name: Maschasweet Member ID: 021159
Caucasian / White, 21, Single - Never Married    Lysychansk, , Ukraine

Personal Details
Gender:    Female
Age:    21 (27-Nov-1987)
Race:    Caucasian / White
Marital Status:    Single - Never Married
Children:    0
Religion:    Christian / Other
Drinking:    Socially
Smoking:    Never
Food:    Other
Occupation:    Student
Education:    Bachelors degree
Interests:    Cooking
Literature / History
Eye Color:    Green
Hair Color:    Brown
Body Type:    54 kg = 119 lbs
Height:    161 cm = 5' 3.4"
Comment #587
General Information
I am sensitive, understanding, caring and loving,an
optimistic young lady, with a good sense of humor,honest
and faithful. Being in love and saying I LOVE YOU is most
beautiful feeling. Love makes us strong. Everyone has
different opinion on love. I guess when men and women are
able to respect and accept their differences then love has
a chance to blossom. Everybody knows that opposites attract,
but after marriage, opposites attack. Most of the time, we
are attracted to people who don't have the things that we
have. Incompatibility is a reason to split up. I think
incompatibility is just a lack of communication. Unless you
communicate, it's difficult to know how to love another
person. I want to come to love not by finding a perfect
person, but by learning to see an imperfect person
perfectly, and want not only to live with a man but can
Comment #588
Hello  Benny,
First of all I want to apologize for my delay. Unfortunately for the
last few days i felt not so well, i have caught a cold, as it has
become very cold here. I was staying in bed for a few days. Luckily today i feel
much better and at once i came to the Internet cafe to check my e-mail
box, as i have no computer at home. I am very glad to continue our
correspondence, i am ready to open you my heart and soul.

I can tell so many qualities about you from the way that you express yourself in your
letters. You are very articulate in the way you form your words and construct your
sentences. From the quality of your letters, I can tell that you are intelligent,
mature and educated. I have been able to capture a sense of your personality from
the openness of expression that you have shared with me. I sense that you are a very
calm, sweet and down to earth person. All the qualities that I feel from you are
indeed the qualities that I wish to find in someone who I will go to the ends of
the Earth to make my dream reality.

I so much agree with you about the possibilities of email and of
meeting In Real Life! I think that building up a relationship by
corresponding is a kind of homework : )
We have to do it properly, with sincere and honest intentions, and
try to present ourselves, our ideas, our values to each other. I
believe that already through this correspondence there is some
intuition that plays a certain part, a feeling of  having met with
somebody that raises your curiosity, some pleasant feelings, some
dreams, and maybe even makes your heart beat a little faster. And
at the same time it is important to be realistic about what is possible
in the electronic phase of our communication, and what is possible
through the real meeting. For me it is very important to build up a
mutual confidence that is strong enough to allow us to meet. Benny, i
think that a real meeting is worse then hundreds of letters. What do
you think if i could come to you during Xmas holidays? Would you like
to see me as a guest?

I will be waiting for your soon reply,
Tenderly, Mascha.
Comment #589
Hello  Benny,
Thank you very much for your last letter. I am very glad to
hear from you. thank you a lot for your letter.
Your words and the sentiments that you have shared with me will give
me the inspiration to come to you and make our relationship a reality.
It's not always easy to express our true and deep emotions through words
alone, but we have the ability to do it very well.
I really can feel so much from you through your words.

The words we share through our letters are the basis on which our
relationship will be formed. In the  absence of eye contact, physical
touch and the chemistry that we will experience in person ...
the emotion, dreams and desire that we express between us in words is the only
way in which we can share these feelings.

Benny, i have read your last letter very attentively but i did not
understand the sense of one of your expressions. Can you explain to me
what do you mean under these words " If there is any delay happening over
this transaction it is because you are not making yourself". Do you
mean I do not try to do my best concerning our correspondence or what?
As for my delays they happen only cause of that fact that I have not
got my own computer at home, i have to use the services of the
Internet cafe. As soon as i have an opportunity to come into it so i
answer you immediately. But i do not blame you for anything, you are
mistaken. I am sorry that you have to wait for my replies ,but if i
had my own computer at home then the situation would differ.

My intentions in writing to you are sincere. I am very interested in you and I
am very serious about using our correspondence to develop our relationship into
something real, personal and long lasting. I am motivated toward achieving
things that I set out to do and something that I am very motivated about is
finding a relationship based on love, respect and understanding and that will
bring permanency into our lives.

Benny, I am very willing to enter into a friendship with you and continue to build our
relationship. I have a wonderful feeling about you  and it comes form the
way you write to me. I feel that we have very compatible personalities, we
certainly both wish to find the same things in life and I am very hopeful that
we will find what we are both looking for as we continue to share our feelings
for each other.

I am a very open and expressive person, but it is not normally something I
share very easily. I have a very comfortable feeling about you, which comes
from your lovely personality. I feel that I can openly share my feelings with
you and that I can graciously receive your expression in return. I want to
be able to share all our emotions, not just when are feeling good, but also
when we are down and feel as though we need support. I feel that this is
very important in a partnership, to be able support each other and lift
each other's emotions when our mood is not so good.

So how things are doing with you? Have you began your preparations for
Xmas celebration? What way do
you usually celebrate it?

I think that is all for today. I hope my letter was not too long and
you have not fallen asleep while reading it.
Looking forward to hearing from you,
Sincerely, Mascha.
Comment #590
Hello dear Benny,
It was so exciting to get your letter. Since we are half
a world away from each other,
these letters are for now the only way for us to communicate. Until
the time that we both spend the day thinking about the other, than
we should meet in person and develop our relationship and see what fate
brings for both of us. And then the distance or nothing else will stop
us from being together, if that is the way we decide it to be. And i
do not expect it to be easy. But i think, and i also think you will
agree with me, when someone goes thru great difficulties to be with
someone it makes the relationship even stronger. It erases any drought
that may have been there about how the other person feels about the
other. And i think it will make the relationship stronger, and the
love even greater.

Dear Benny, I want to come to you a lot.   Since i have received your
last letter, i have been searching for all the necessary information about getting
visa to come to you, what papers and documents I need to have,
the schedule of the embassy , what time it works, etc.
So there is a list of demands about getting visa and the
most important is the presence of the International passport.
As for me, i have never been to any foreign country before
and i have not had a necessity about making the International
passport. As a result i was told since i do not make the
passport, there won't be any sense to go to the embassy
for getting visa. Benny, i was told that the prize for
the International passport is 250euro and after payment i
will be ready during a few  weeks. While it is made I will
have time for collecting all the rest necessary documents
for getting visa. But the only question is left, that is
the financial one. Please let me know when you are ready to
help me  with purchasing the passport. Dear Benny, as for me i
do not work, i am just a student, i do not have such money. I hope you
will try to understand me, i rely upon your help otherwise i won't be
able to come to you while i am dreaming about this trip a lot.
Benny, i want to hear your voice a lot, what do you think about
calling me?

For me it is very important that you are serious towards me.
I know for sure that to be successful in a relation you need to be
brutally open to your partner and open your heart,have no secrets bad
or good, to put your trust to your loved one,communicate in words,
love and passion erases from trust and honesty. And i believe you will love kisses
and closeness, warm and healthy hugs when you wake up in
the morning give. I appreciate most of all when people are not afraid
to show their feelings, who are open minded in all situations,words can do a
lot of good  and lot of bad in a relation,but I think that its better
to say one word to much than to say nothing,because it will catch
you in the end,and then it may be too late. I hope you know what I mean.
I'm sure that pleasant surprises can be discovered about you
and me. I always live my life with a positive attitude, keeping in mind
that there's a world out there that is not always as nice as we wish it
would be.

Dear Benny, please try to answer me back as soon as you can and let me
know if you are ready to take care about my trip to you.
I wonder how do you imagine our first meeting?

I will be waiting for your soon reply,
Tenderly, yours Mascha.