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Hello my new friend . My name is Tatyana to me of 38 years, I
to live in Russia the cities of Samara. I am very glad will get
acquainted with you, I am glad that you have written me a prompt
reply. I am glad to receive your photo. I hope that I shall receive
them more. I also was are surprised to accept e-mail mail and to write
to you to the first. I think that you want will get acquainted with me
more close. For you my e-mail to you, probably, was absolutely
unexpected. And I of a straight line surprised which maintained
Internet-cafe to reach acquainted with the person. I am very happy to
see your letter and all ideas have been mixed, in general I do not do
know from what and to begin. As you know my name is Tatyana my height
does 167 My weight see does 52 Kg. On a horoscope aquarius my birthday
I was born on january, 28th in 1982 and to have in the city of Samara.
It approximately in 934 kilometres from Moscow. A lot of cultural and
educational institutions, the enterprises various Industries. You ever
were in Russia? If yes, where it is exact? Tell to me, make to you,
travel The pleasant? Now it is a little about you? Tell to me about
you directly? Where you studied, and you have that work? To pleasantly
you? I not to time was not outside of Russia, I travelled only across
Russia in different cities was. I wish to learn you better and to be
closer. I do not play game and want serious relations. I have got
tired of Russian men, and I want to find the love abroad and to live
out of Russia. I write from the cafe internet, the manager has helped
me with a hall to study some computer. And here I have decided to
write you the letter, I think that you will be glad to read it. I not
time was not tried by relations through the Internet, it is my first
time. I would like to answer at once to you why I have decided to try
to find love in the Internet. I have decided to find love because I am
already tired from Russian men. They are not capable to solve with
girls, they is very strong rough and can offend the girl, can offend
or strike blow. The Russian men always think out different stories, to
deceive and drink much and a smoke alcohol. Such person not
necessarily me. Healthy as the kind and fair person is necessary to
me. I speak to you only the sights, and I think, what you heard about
such stories? I think, what you not such person and with you it is
possible to cost friendship? Further the destiny will show to us that
will be further. I would be glad that the destiny has reduced us, and
we were with you together and the happiest people on it this world. I
will a little tell about myself. I the children's doctor the
pediatrist, work in children's multiclinic am more than three years.
It are pleasant to me my work very much, the truth, a wages is not
big, but sometimes it is at a leisure probable to earn besides. I do
to separate massage of people in the house. Basically too the small
child children of a breast. Now many children are transferred the
various arrangements and my work are required. However I study
children of a breast from first days of a life to float in a bath. I
already am them for a chin and in a month of such employment they it
is independent perfectly to hold water. It is separately paid also,
therefore it is enough for a life. I love children very much and the
deposit trades also. I would like, to know more about your family!?
Mine parents have been lost, when I was very small, our house in which
we living, has burnt down completely completely. Only the miracle has
rescued to me, life, I then have made only 3 years. I do not do,
remember parents. And I am an orphan. My grandmother brought up me.
But also and and it has died when I was 19 years. And now I live one
long time. From time at the right time which I bitterly shout because
I did not have any happy childhood together with parents. Me I have
refused to me directly, have not checked up do not love to the father
and, mothers. And it is very difficult as me think of it now. But it
is a life! I wish to tell that I very much The serious person, it for
me all it is serious and under the truth. I the adult girl and in any
games I not to play. I wish to find a gift the person, does not depend
on age and from position in a society. For me it not important poor or
richer that he loved the most expensive both respected me, and all the
others is probable to reach together, would be health and love. About
the big impatience I with impatience wait reception of news from you.
I hope you, you will not be a holiday without questions on the
attention, interesting me. I hope shortly to the letter sees.
Sincerely Tatyana.
Comment #171853
This criminal contacted me via email. Sending me an e-mail, with the same text of the platform.
For 2 months he was working for me, and he wanted me to deposit in a Bank whose name begins with Z the corresponding documentation and flight ticket.
Fortunately I found this site and saved myself. The email I use with me is [email protected]
I hope the information is useful to you.