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Privet, Dear !

Thank you for your letter and your interest. Privet means HI in
Russian:) Before I'll tell you ore about me, I am anxious to tell you
that my research on the net is serious and that for me it is not a
game, I hope that for you it is the same thing, if it is the case our
relation can go very far and you can count on my support without
defect. I like your photo very much by the way!!! Send me more ok???
Thank you for giving me some information about yourself. Very
interesting!!! We need to get to know each other better are you
Well I am 28 years old , 162 cm , I was born on the 25th of April I am
a Taurus. I am a Ukrainian women, I work as a cashier at the
supermarket. I have a higher education in architecture but here I can
not find a job under my profession so I have to work at the
supermarket. I live in the east of Ukraine on the territory which was
occupied by the Russian troops in 2014. Life is hard here that is why
most girls try to find a soul mate abroad. Just like me:) I live in
the town called Novoazovsk. I like very much moving, to travel (but
I've never been abroad), going in for sport , to receive friends or to
go to visit members of my family. As for my character, it is not easy
to be described or even, my friends would be better placed than me to
answer it , but I check in summary: I am a natural optimist, I like
laughing, I am honest and hard-working.

As regards my family, I have an older sister, she is 36 and lives with
her husband, I have also parents, my father is a builder and my mother
is on pension. I live with my parents now because I am very close to
my family, they counts for me a lot. I wanted to live alone, but flats
here is very expensive that is why I should live with my family. My
parents often gather our relatives to them at least a dozen times a
year. Flew as regards my family, we are a family welded and every
member is there to help the others. I was growing up in this
atmosphere and also in love and respect, I know how to treat a man and
would have my own family soon. Relationship between my parents is a
good example for me and I want to create very strong relationship.

I am also very close with my sister, she is a nice woman:) I send you
pics or my with my sister, mom and dad! I do like cooking a lot and
kitchen is my favorite place in the flat!!! I sent you a pic from the
kitchen. I also like sport a lot and I try to exercise every day.

What vision have you of your intended wife and of your couple? As for my vision to see a couple, it is especially based on
the education that gave me my parents. For me , my husband would be my
equal, husband and wife are the single whole. They should love , care
and respect each other, being good friends, lovers, listeners and
advisers to each others ! Two people who are in love with each other
must do everything together without saying: it's your duty or this
should do only woman or only man it is not questions that she made
only the thankless tasks of a house, it is the thing which we can make
for two. This is a short survive who I am and what I want from life!
Hope You like my ideas and I can hook you, cause I want to know more
about you and impatiently waiting your letter.

Best wishes.

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This is a scammer using photos of Sarah Louise Harris, who is from Wellington in New Zealand. She is a model there.