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Good Day my dearest . It’s Really a great pleasure meeting you .Well I am Shaima 35 years of age with no kids And never married . 5’7 feet tall I am Single, 131 lbs, Long Hair and a healthy Lady. I am living with my mother in her new house in a small village in the country side of Accra Ghana is it a problem for you ?, and I was born and raise in a little town in Sweden called Upsalla. I'm a mixed race from Ghana/Brazil and Canada meaning my mom is a mixed race from Ghana/Brazil and my dad is from, Calgary Canada. I was once there when I was just 9 years old and we spent a couple of months with my dad as he also had a wife over there with my other step siblings, my step mom was very hard on me so life was not good so I had to come back to Upsalla to continue my education. I'm very much worried for the two of us been very far from each other and I know that u are as well. It wont be easy for us to trust each other within just a day, so in that case all I will ask from you is that we will have to take this slowly and get to know more about each other. Am a lady of my words but if you think that you are not willing for these to happen between the two of us then kindly let me know before is too late but If you will also like us to get to know about each other then it will be my pleasure as well since no one knows where he/she will meet his/her lover. We first have to know about each other, trust each other, adore each other, understand each other and respect each other. Secondly we will have to understand the meaning of Love and what love means at first place. We will also have to know what relationship means and the reason of been into a relationship. Since we are very far apart from each other we will have to figure out a way we can be in an open communication what I mean is that we will have to find a way we can hear each others voice, and I think that is also a key for us to trust each other more since we are far from each other. we have to get each others picture to see it all the time so that we can pray to God that we will meet one day.