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Hello my new friend !
When I saw your letter, I was very happy)) I thank you for your
interest and your attention to me. I hope your interest in me is
genuine. You might be interested in learning a little about me. As you
already understood my name is Yulia. I am 29 years old. I live in
Yekaterinburg. I have a lot of hobbies and, in fact, I am a very
curious person. For me, life is an amazing and wonderful adventure.
Every morning I try to meet with a smile. Every day I live is an
opportunity for me to become better and learn something new. I
realized the value of every moment as a child. And I've been enjoying
every breath since. To be honest, I am cheerful and friendly, but
despite my lightness, I can firmly make serious decisions. Correctly
set priorities are the key to achieving your goals. This is what
helped me graduate from high school with a gold medal and from the
Ural State Medical University with honors. I'm a GP and I'm very proud
of it!!! For as long as I can remember, I've always wanted to treat
people. As a child, I treated everyone in a row, starting from toys
and ending with crushed earthworms)) I always had rags-bandages and a
green marker, as a brilliant green solution)) I still remember these
moments with trepidation. In fact, I can't imagine myself being
anything else. Helping people is a priceless gift! And the current
situation in the world is the best proof of this(( But do not panic
and get depressed! Everything will get better! My dear stranger, I
thank you for the opportunity to know you. If you don't mind my
asking, I'd like to get to know you better. Tell me about yourself,
the country and city where you live, your hobbies, and your work. This
way we can see if we have something in common. My next words may shock
you a little, but I want to tell you about it. I have one hobby and it
is dancing, but not quite normal dancing. I do stripedance. I like
sexy dancing in my underwear and...... no underwear. This allows me to
feel my femininity, my sex appeal and beauty. Yes, I have a little red
light of seduction)) But this is my personal hobby and I do not dance
in bars in any case! I hope that this is NOT a problem for you and we
can continue our pleasant communication. If you agree, I'd like to ask
for your phone number. This way we can hear each other and be sure of
each other's sincerity. This concludes my letter with the hope of
receiving an early reply from you. Thank you for giving me a few
minutes of your time.
Air kiss
Your girlfriend Liliya