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Hello my friend !
I 'm very happy to see your answer!
At first I had a little doubt, but now my doubts are gone!
I hope you haven 't forgotten me and you and I will continue our acquaintance!
I 'm very pleased you didn 't leave my offer to meet me. I 'll get to know you better and learn more about you!

I am very interested in you writing my letter and I hope to know better than you in your letters.
About your life? About your hobbies? Why are you looking for your life companion? And a lot more!
I think our acquaintance will be interesting for both! I think new dating is always interesting! Do you agree with me?
I 'm glad you wrote my letter and I hope it 's mutual. I really hope it 's mutual?
You understand I 'm looking for a man to communicate well! Perhaps in time we will be more than just friends by correspondence!
I want to meet a man I 'm gonna be interested in talking to! To share experiences and thoughts. It is possible to receive and give life advice!
Of course I don 't rule out a serious relationship. I 'm single now and I don 't have a man.
You know, I feel lonely a lot. I have friends, but there 's no man I can trust! Who I could talk to on various topics!
I 'm very often bored at home alone, and at these moments you realize you 're missing a close person.
And you live with hope that soon you will find a close and heartfelt friend! Do you also get bored when you 're alone?
I hope our acquaintance will help us get to know each other better! I 'll try to tell you about my life! Of course if you 're interested and you want to get to know me better!?
Now I want to tell you a little bit about me and my character! I think it will be easier for us to communicate!))
I 'm a very fun, energetic and cheerful girl, with a good sense of humor and romantic character. And I am always pleased when I can raise the mood of my loved ones!
Also I am an open man in the soul person and my friends all know that! It 's always nice to talk to a person and get to know him better. I 'm sociable and I can always support an interesting conversation.
I am very interested in getting to know you in , as I hope you are a good person and a pleasant speaker:)
I live in Belebey in Russia. (Republic of Bashkortostan)
I hope that our distance between us will not interfere with our friendship and we will remain friends with you. After all, distance cannot affect good communication and friendship in any way! Besides, we live in a world of high technology and opportunity!
As you already know my name is Oksana ! I 'm 33, my birthday is May
12 .
By the sign of the zodiac, I 'm Taurus. Do you believe in the
horoscope of the ?

I very much want to find the man for good communication. At the moment I lack men's communication!
I am not married and I have no children!!! I am a free girl!!! I never was in a legal marriage!
I hope you also in your letter will be able to tell about you that I had an idea of you!!!
I ask you questions in my letter because I want to know whether really
you are open for further communication ?
Because it is very important for me! Because if you have no desire, then it is better not to begin our acquaintance!
I very much hope that you correctly will understand me .
It will be very pleasant to me to get acquainted and know with you you better!! Perhaps we will be friends! I can tell you surely that I am open for communication. Perhaps waits for us in the future more than friendship!!!
I should finish unfortunately my letter !
I will look forward news from you as soon as possible ! I will regularly check my email to see your letter!!
I write you from my personal email now! Write me your letters on this email with which I write you the letter now!! That our letters had good delivery it is necessary that you added me to your address directory. So our letters will not be lost!!!
I will wait very much for your letter !!! I wish you successful day and good mood!!!
Yours faithfully your new girlfriend Oksana !!!!
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