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Hello, my dear !
How are you today? Sorry for the delay in my answer but I hope you understand that because of situation
with coronavirus now all medical stuff is busy for 24 hours a day. How is situation in your country and in your town
with coronavirus? I hope you are well and in good health, I worry about you so much. Sorry again for the delay
in my answer but I have no time even for sleeping. All medical staff is busy now with disinfection of all hospitals
and departments and thanks God there is no sick people with corona in my town. In Russia for today we have about
450 people infected with coronavirus and you know, some Russian cities are closed so people can't travel even
on the territory of Russia now. When I watch TV news, situation is like in horror film, the main streets even
in capitals are empty. Could you imagine that we will face such problem in the world? 2020 is very hard year and
I hope pandemic will be finished soon, in a couple of months I hope so. More over there are good news, Russian
scientists invented corona test-systems so it's possible to get the result for 30 minutes and we also got such quick
test-systems in our hospital. We get many calls now from people who came from foreign countries and it's forbidden
for them to go to the hospital. They call us and we go to their homes to pass the corona test and to give them
sick leave paper for 14 days. They must pass 2 weeks in self-isolation. In Russia we got only 1 case of death because
of coronavirus, a 79 year old woman died from corona in Russia. But people still go to work and only schools and
universities are closed in my town. The most important thing in such situation is not to give
in to panic. Do you agree with me? And look on China, the pandemic started there and they quickly managed to fight
with new virus and they have no fatal cases now. More over Chinese doctors help to other countries in battle with
coronavirus. There were several ideas who could invent coronavirus, many people thought that this is America.
Someone thought that Chinese scientists invented virus by artificial means but now it's proved that virus was
invented by natural way. The shops here are empty and I can't even buy spaghetti or salt, people like crazy bought all
products in the supermarket. World economy is going to be ruined and I think 2020 year is the beginning of big world
changes in all spheres. I work so hard now without any days off but this is my job, my mission and I miss you so much,
my darling. I need your support and care so much, even hugs and kisses would be enough in spite of the fact that kisses
now are forbidden for safety measures :) I send you my virtual kisses and I hope you can answer me soon and describe me,
please, how is situation in your town now.
Your Nastya with love