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Hello, this is me Aleksandra, and finally I have the opportunity to answer you, and write you a little more about myself,and first let's get to know each other better: my full name: Aleksandra Hodyreva, my date of birth May 5, 1987, my zodiac sign is taurus, I'm 32 years old, but for me age is just numbers, do you agree with me? I have brown eyes, but I use contact lenses, I'm a brunette my height is 165 centimeters, my weight of 53 kg, I am from Russia, to be exact I'm from the Central part of Russia, my hometown Kamyshin.
I don't drink or smoke, I graduated from economic University and now I work for a construction company, I do not have children and I never married, I live alone and I have older sister,she is married and has a child, my mom is alive, dad unfortunately died, how I look you can see from my pictures, and I wonder what you think of me, you are attracted to girls like me?! I will send to you of more photo if you want!
as I wrote you in my previous letter, I am looking for a serious relationship, and I first communicate in this way, because I do not even have a profile in social networks, and to be honest I do not know where to start our correspondence!?
I chose your profile in the Dating Agency "Love forever", this Agency is located in my hometown, I know that you are not from Russia, but I do not know how your profile ended up in a Dating Agency, and why you turned to a Dating Agency, but if you did, I think that you are also looking for a relationship and I hope that you are looking for a serious relationship, am I right??? let's agree at once, if you are not interested in a serious relationship and you are looking for just entertainment by correspondence, or something else and bad, tell me about it at once, and I will not bother you anymore, ok? I don't mean to be rude, but there have been some bad men in my life who have hurt me a lot, and now I'm trying to forget about it and start living again!
if you'll excuse me, I have a few questions that I think will help me get to know you better and please answer my questions, ok?
1. what are you looking for now, a relationship?
2. what is the most important thing for you in a woman? what kind of women do you like?what is important for you in a relationship with a woman?
3. where do you see yourself in 2 years?
4. where are you from, who are your parents?
5. how would you describe yourself?what kind of person are you?"
6. your Hobbies?
my answers to my questions:
1. I am looking for serious relationship
2. for me the main thing honesty, sincerity, care, understanding of the beloved man.
3. I hope that in two years I will have a family with the man I love.
4. you already know where I'm from, my dad was a doctor, my mom's a teacher.
5. I am a cheerful and active woman, I can be spontaneous, sometimes unpredictable, I love everything new, I have a soft and kind character.
6. I love singing, dancing, photography and sports.
I think that's enough for a start, and I hope that you will answer my questions?!
I also ask you to send me some photos of you so that I can see you, because the Dating Agency did not have your photos, but my heart told me to choose you!
I will finish my letter, but I hope we are not saying goodbye, because I hope that you will answer me, and please write me here, this is my personal email, and I will answer you!
sincerely your new friend Aleksandra!

ps: English is not my first language, but I hope you understand what I am writing to you?! I studied English at the University, but I have not had practice for a long time, and now I'm trying to refresh my memory in my knowledge of English, I hope you can help me with this??? my last question, how many languages do you know?? I know English and Russian!