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This girl has the name Irina, and letter was sent from [email protected] 4May 2008.

When I saw her picture it made me frightened. And the letter is here under;

hello my friend!!!!
My name is Irina
To me 30 years will be very fast!!
I have seen your structure on a site of acquaintances
And you have very much liked me.
I very strongly would like to get acquainted with you.
For that you could understand who to you writes, I send to you the photo.
I hope, that you will answer me.
I with impatience shall wait for your answer.

Here is another try to e-mailing me, sent from [email protected] and with name Yuliya.
21 June 2008 and 30 June.
Hello!!!!I find you on site e-kontakt.seMy age is 26, my height is 170 cm, weight is 57 kg. I have the black hair and green eyes.Some words about me. I live alone in the hostel, my parents live inanother town. I work as a teacher of Russian language at school. AlsoI have a part-time work in a social sphere with littlechildren(nurse). I love kids so much!Friends say, that I’m attractive, optimistic, kind and sensitiveperson. I work in high school. I like my work. And in general I like to work. I was never married and I have no children. I in searches of serious relations. I want to meet the man which me really appreciated, respected me, had sense of humour. I want to find the man for dialogue with him every day. I want the man was near to me. I hope you will help my dreams to embody in a reality. I the sports person. My basic hobby is sport, I are sports the person,my work is connected to sports. As to music. I listen to various music, but basically I prefer POP and classical. I spend a free time with girlfriends. We walk on the nature and swimming in pool. On it I shall finish the small story about myself. Tell me about yourself and send me photo. Yuliya.

And her last there she ends the letter with a big lie. I have never been giveing out my personal address to anyone and I still no understand how they got it in the first place.

Hello Torsten.

Thank you for your attention and kind words about my appearance. But it is not my service, this is the gift of my parents ?

Yes, of course, I had admirers. But I’m very disappointed in Russian
men, they are much self centered. They don’t respect the women! I had
one big passion in the past. I loved one man from Russia so much, but he deceived me. He was false to me. My heart was broken! I had the significant suffering in the past – it’s true. After that I could not
trust men for a long time. I’m single more then 1 year. My best friend
Sveta said, that I’m the naive believer and the trusting person. Sveta
found the future husband (from USA) in the Internet and now she is
going to leave Russia. She advised me to use Internet.

I told you about this case, because I want to trust you and I don’t
want to keep secrets. I hope, that you will not have secrets from me.
First of all, I want to see in you a very good friend. Please, tell me
about your reasons for searching woman in Internet.

I have never been married and I have not children, but I told you that
I love kids so much. I have the part-time job with little children in
the children’s home as a babysitter for the nights. Most of children
have parents, but their parents abandoned them, because there are many topers from Russian adults. It’s terrible!

I hope that you understand my letters, because my level of English is
not so good. I learned English language in the school and in the
university. I can understand, write and a little speak. Please, inform
me, what are you thinking about it?

Torsten, I hope to hear from you soon,



P.S. When I was on e-kontakt that I have written the letter on acquaintance to the man he to me have told that he is already married and has given me yours email the address. Very good person has told that. Here I also have written to you.

Here is some e-mail addresses that I have saved from other Swedish dateing websites and they arrived into my inbox at MSN, which came from scammers abroad with the address included in the first letter.

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

This one was sent from a Nigeria scammer [email protected]