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Hi, here is another girl Alla. Sent from [email protected] 17April 2007.
In that time I was'nt that experienced with scammers and became very hurt of this when understood it was just a simple joke.

Hello my dear friend!!! It was so nice for me to get and read your reply!!! You know i like your profile very much and i will be happy if we will be able to communicate with each other and if we will be able to know something new about us and i hope we will be able to grow some relations! Ok, as i Told you before my first name is Alla. I was born 28 of May in 1982 in the sity of Ishimbay and i live here by now! I am a big girl already and i finished University! My growth is 170 centimeters and my weight is 50 kg. I am single and never had childrens before. I have blond hairs and gray-green eyes, but i think you will be able to see it on my photo witch i will send you with this letter and you know i hope you will like my photo!!! You know i hope that we will be able to grow some relations and your last marital status is not important for me and you can have kids even, but anyway i want you so not have any girl now in your life, cause i think we can grow serious relations only if we will talk each other, you and me and nobody else, OK? You know i want you to be honest with me and always tell me the truth and i think truth and trust is most important things on our relations, so i hope you will tell me the trust and you can be sure i tell you the trust, cause i belive only this way we can grow up some serious relations!!! And i think you are interested in it, cause you answered me and i hope we will make everything in our power to grow our relations, cause i think you are good person and i like your profile and from your words i like the way you are thinking!!! Please tell me if you write to somebody else??? It is also important for me to know if i am the one and only for you there, cause i really want serious relations! In my heart i am impressionable, sensitive, sympathizing, with sense of humour and vigorous girl. I have no any bad habbits, i do not smoke and do not drink and do not take any drugs, so you know you are lucky!!! Smile)) It was just a joke, OK? SO, i think it is interesting for you to know why i am looking for someone in other country??? Because the majority of the Russian men concern very bad to the wives, they only drink alcoholic drinks, look the TV set, do not work and at all do not appreciate female beauty, are not close also very rough in the attitudes, I would not like to have such husband. Most of mans here do not see for my internal world and they just think it is nice doll and i do not want such relations. First of all i want you can see person in me and not just a beautyfull doll. I heared very much about your country and people in your country and i know you are not like Russian mans here and i saw it already in your profile! Hope you understand now! I am first time on Internet and i hope i will be lucky and maybe you are my future life partner? Time will show us everything! I want to know something new about you in every your letter and if you can tell me something new please do it! And please send me some photos too, cause i will like to have some photos of you too!!!! And i will send you mine when i will have such chance, OK? And if you have any questions for me you can ask them always and i will be happy to answer them always!!!!! Ok, please tell me something about you and your life, maybe your interests and your family! Anything will be interesting for me!!!! So, i will finish my letter now and i hope you will write to me really soon and i will wait for your answer with large impatience!!!!!Alla

Here is her next letter made 22 April 2007;

Hello dear!!! I hope you are OK and have no any problems!!!!It was really nice for me to get and read your answer!!!! Thank you for telling me something new about you, i was glad to know you better and you know i will be happy to know something new about you in each your new letter to me!!! Me has very much upset, that have removed my profile, but all the same I am very glad that have had time to contact you!!! I not so long ago on the Internet therefore I at all did not know who such skamers... I have read about them on the Internet and have was horrified... Really so it is possible to act with people???.. I think that feelings it is impossible to play!!!!!!!! Them for it will punish!!!! I never played with feelings of other people and I do not love such people which so make!!!!!! You know i think i am lucky i meet you, cause it seems like you can be my life partner and i know it is too early to speak about it, but anyway i like you a lot and i will be happy to continue our relations and hope we will be able to grow it really high!!! I think time will show us everything and we will be able to see what are our types of people and i think with time we will be able to know us very well and i am sure i will like you more, cause i already like you a lot!!! So i think i need to tell you something more about me, cause i am sure you are interested in knowing me better!!! Ok,I have a diploma and i finished Sterlitomakskiy technikal University, i'am work as secretary in small firm and ilike my work and i have many girlfriends here! I work 5 days in week and my weekeds are Saturday and Sunday! My working day begins at 9 am and ends 6 pm and i also have a dinner break and it is from 1 pm till 2 pm. So i have some time to go to the cafe or to home and eat something. But usually me with my girlfriends go to the cafe witch is near to our work and we eat something there. You know i hope we will find common language and please tell me if it is hard for you to understand me? I do not know English well, but i had it in my school and in the University, i just had no any practice for long time and ihope you can understand what i write you? And i am trying to write toyou myself and just sometimes i use translator. Hope it is not toohard for you understand me? I will try to tell you about everything in my letters and i will try to tell you as much about me as i can in every my letter to you and i hope YOU also will tell me something new about you in every your new letter to me, cause it is really important for me to know something new about you and i want to know you very well!!! so i hope you will be able to tell me!!!? And if you want ask me something do it right not, cause i will be happy answer all your questions and i hope it also will help you to know me better!!!! I hope we will have understanding, trust and honest in our relations and i think it is three most important things, witch can help us to grow really high relations and i want you to be sincere with me and i will too!!! I will be honest with you always and hope you too!!! You know you can talk to me about everything you want and you even can tell me your problems and we will together think how you can solve this problems. You know i want you to became part of my life and i want to be part of your life, cause i am sure only this way we can grow some relations!!!!! Ok, i told you already i will tell you everything about me and i hope you too will tell me everything about you, your country, your family, your work, your friends, your interests, your life etc...And i will try to send you as much photos as i have. And you also try to send me your photos, cause i will be happy to see them every time!!!! Write to me soon and i will wait for your answer with large impatience!!!! A kiss for you... AllaYour friend Alla