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Cheboksary Russia

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This is the first letter

Hello, my new friend Atiolino!!!

I was very happy when I uvidali and read it!

I got your picture.

And I want to tell you what you're beautiful, you really like me.

Unfortunately I have no home computer, I am writing to you from the Internet Cafe,

and I just want to tell you that I can not you just respond to your letter.

In the future, it is likely, I can not write you every day ......

Thus, as the Internet-cafe expensive.

If, of course I have you to continue to stay you are interested in our acquaintance,

I will be glad to receive from you your letter.

Just as promised, I have to tell me directly:

At this stage of life I am lonely. I have no loved one,

I want to find a man who will love me, and I, too, which I will love.

I had a favorite person, it is easy for me to simply cheated.

This was followed by controversy. And we parted! The most I liked it!

At this stage of life I do not have my favorite person. But although I want to make it I had.

I do not have kids, but I think they will have me, I love children.

I have a sense of humor, I have many friends. In his spare time,

I am with my friends go to the cinema or a walk in the park and the city.

I work in sales of clothing.

I like sports, I like to visit the gym.

You know, I am more a spiritual person. I really want to find such a person,

that was always with me and how I said that I liked.

But although I am looking for a person with whom one can talk, walk in their free time.

Understanding and mutual love in which I am looking for.

In addition, I think I move now. While still very early to say

wondering what it is similar, but I want you to know that.

I was born on Feb. 8, 1981 in Russia in the city of Cheboksary, where at this stage of life I live.

My growth of 168 cm, weight 63 kg.

My hair is white natural color, but you see the hair on my image

I you poslala.Glaza me blue.

I must finish my letter because, as my time is coming to an end.

I will continue to talk to you in my next letter.

I wish to know about you bolshe.Naprimer where you work, whether you love animals,

for example, I very much like them. And tell us about your family if you do not have neither any secrets.

You can trust me.

By the article, I will send you the photos in this picture I have at home.

I will wait impatiently for your letter.

And I will send you in my letter to my every photo, and I would like that to you, I also

send your photos, it is important to me to see you.

With respect to you

My full name Elena.


This is the second letter

Hello Atiolino!!!

I am happy that I have the opportunity to write to you again!

I am grateful to you for your letter. It was very interesting!

This is very new for me, and it is so interesting.

I hope that we can develop our friendship?

Atiolino I have a little time to write whatever you

My work takes me a lot vremeni.Nu or where no äåòüñÿ from this.

I am a person who has a different hobby.

I love to read different books, I love to watch movies.

I studied at the institute who completed 1 year ago.

I started to learn English at school and continued at the Institute.

I am very pleased to visit lectures in English.

Unfortunately, it has been allocated does not have a lot of time,

it would be better if more time.

I understand almost everything you write to me,

but sometimes I had to use a dictionary.

But I hope we will understand each other that we are writing.

But I would like to learn more about you on the history of your homeland.

As I write, I love sports. You are curious what I am fond of sports?

I do gymnastics, I also participated in competitions and won medals, diplomas.

Nevertheless, I traveled to different cities in Russia.

But sorry, I do not doezzhala to Moscow,

And these photos I have in the gym to train,

and at home in the kitchen with my favorite êîòîì Barsikom.

I still wanted to go there but I had no opportunities there.

But I think when something I will be able to visit Moscow.

This trip made me into big impression.

I live with my mother is called Julia roditelyami.Moyu he works in a kindergarten.

And my dad is called Anatoly he is the driver of the truck, he was on 51.

We are friends with my mother as I can entrust it all, everything.

Sorry, I now must leave you well as my time is coming to an end.

Look, I will wait for that e-mail from you. .

With a warm heart and

Greater respect for Elena.


This is the third letter

Led !!!

As you have your mood?

How do you you? Are you okay?

Excuse me for what I am not able to write.

I walked with a friend when I cold.

But I think it is not so scary but turned out not so.

I came home went to bed and I picked up the temperature.

And for that I did not go to work, and therefore could not visit the Internet cafe.

But today I had a little better, today I am able to reach an Internet cafe and write you.

I hope you understand me.

Sorry I can not I write you a lot and the fact that I have not been fully cured.

I'm not a big weakness.

I will wait for your letters and you will be happy to answer them.

Until tomorrow.I will try to write to you tomorrow,

I will not promise but that would be my best.

I wish you a good time to hold and not boleyte importantly, keep yourself.

Yours Elena!

This is the fourth letter

Hello my dear friend Atiolino!!!

How are you today, the mood?

What are you doing at work? Yanadeyus you everything's just fine.

Here I am today, the mood is not very good, I am now at work,

there were so many customers, I do ustala.Ya simply can not you write a lot.

I am very glad that I now do not have much time for that to write to you.

This is so sad that I can not make a lot of time on this letter.

I'm in a half hours and I can not be long now.

I would like to express our deep gratitude and thanks for your attention to me.

I think a lot. It is very interesting to me what the weather is you?

We now have a warm sun to shine.

I will try to write to you tomorrow, if I have time.

Thank you, you, I have. For me, it's very good.

I think that you are very good people and I want to write and receive letters from you more.

And I love the bright colors.

In this picture I have at home.

All my time has expired, before the visits to more accurately tomorrow Atiolino.

I will wait for your letter look!

Yours Elena!

This is the fifth letter

Hello, my dear Atiolino!!!!

It was very pleasant to me to get your news.

You know, for me all the more surprising as I have begun to interest you.

I do not think that you, the future may very well like me and your message.

For me, a very lonely and really happening here.

When you do not have a man who could understand you and give you the warmth of his heart.

From your letters, I start to feel towards you.

I live in such a mind for you, very important. I have no time to figure out

that as we could be together to kiss each other. Of course, I understand that I am very sad, for ideas.

But I want to tell you that I am with you sincerely and do not want to hide from you your dreams.

I want you now appeared on the horizon of your life. I am very glad that I now have a person

which I will now share their ideas. I do not know how to develop our views.

But I really wanted to, so that they can grow only on top. Whatever

I sincerely wish to do for them as much as I can. I am more and more

would enter into your confidence, and I think that this is not a bad basis for future

The achievements of our friendship. As you can see I have a sincere and fair person, capable to genuine relationships,

as well as I suspect, a clean love. For me, it's also a sense of the sacred,

For me it would be very desirable, so you can have it. I take love as a gift and I know

that all are capable of loving. And by the way, the music .... Atiolino You most like to hear?

I love to listen Brayn Adams, Chris de Burgh, Elton John, Queen. As you are interesting for these artists?

How can we go with you to the cinema. You know, I recently watched the movie "Patriot" I really liked this movie.

In this film, my favorite actor Mel Gibson. You watched this movie?

In these pictures, I with my girlfriend Christine, when we were walking.

And another picture of my grandmother in the village, I happened to pesikom.

I am afraid that I have time to finish the letter. I think your idea of my personality,

rose after reading the letter. I would also like to know more about you. Write me

if of course, your time and willingness to allow it.

What does heat

And a gentle kiss.

Sincerely, Elena