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Below is a copy of an email I received after suggesting meeting in Amsterdam. Funnily enough even though she claims that she already bought the tickets, when I refused to pay the 250 euros she requested, she never contacted me back. Make your own conclusions regarding this one. You have been warned.

Sweetheart, I am so happy to be one step closer to our meeting. I am
so excited!!! I have booked my tickets! Here is my flight details:

1st flight: from Kiev (13th March at 9.15 pm) to London (13th of March
at 10.45 pm), flight number is FR-3678, Ryanair, flight duration 3
hour 30 min.

2nd flight: from London (14th of March at 8.00 am) to Amsterdam (14th
of March at 10.10 am), flight number is VK-8405, flight duration 1
hour 10 min.

Also I already bought a suitcase for travel!!! And gathered some of
the clothes to take with me. The day I will be in your arms will be
the happiest day of my life!!! Today I have been filling all the
papers for visa and making arrangements as for the travel with Embassy
consultant over the phone, but it figures out that my salary account
is not enough to show my financial opportunity for traveling. I need
to provide Embassy with document that I have money on credit card, or
to have a cash for my personal expense for the period while I will
staying in your country. It is 700 eur. I knew it and was ready for
this. I have to show this paper from bank with enough sum of money to
prove my intentions and my ability to cover the expenses for the
period of my visa. But none of those money will be spend, they just
need to be on my bank account to show to the Embassy and then I will
also to have this paper from bank when entering your country. As i
won't need to spend this money i decided that i would borrow it from
friends and relatives and will give it back to them when got visa. My
uncle have helped me, also parents and some friends. I'm already have
550 eur on my account. Unfortunately my friend promised me to help me
with 250 eur, but due to her unpredicted family troubles she phone me
today and told me that she can't give money to me. I'm so i'm a bit
lost right now . I was uncomfortable to ask you but i have phoned to
many friends and they do not have funds. So now i need to ask you if
you can borrow me 250 eur?

Sweetheart, I'm very uncomfortable to ask for your help, I do not want
our relationship to touch such topic like money, but I just can not
borrow any more money right now. Can I ask you to borrow me this
sum or at least any amount you can. I will not be withdrawing them
from bank account until my travel. I shall not spend any cent from it
and I will give it back when I will see in at the airport.

I hope that my letter not upset you very much. If so, I'm sorry , but
it is a problem which i can not solve with our your help.