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Hi, XXXXX :) First of all, I would like to say that I am so happy that
you noticed me among hundreds of women and interested in me more and
more) I feel so comfortable when I communicate with you) I began trust
you, my trust is difficult to win, but you made this)

I don't have whatsapp on my phone but you can call me if you want on my
phone number so we can talk. I speak Russian and English fluently
so it will be no problem to talk) My phone number is +380677110932.

I am honest and open-hearted. I am ready for a serious relationship
and I want my man to be honest with me. I appreciate men who are truthful and
know what do they want from life. I am pretty sure that you are such
man. I have a very good feelings about you :)

XXXXX, I wonder if you like some rest, what kind of it do you prefer?
As for me I like nature. It is really wonderful! And after having such
rest you are ready to continue your working week. You are full of
energy and power to work hard. I hope that we will try someday to do
this together and I will show you the real beauty of the nature. But I
also like other types of the rest. Maybe our preferences will coincide
and we could talk about them in our further messages.

I am also a part-time volunteer. I make trips to remote villages
to help old people. I already collected 15 kilos of clothes and bought
some preserves and porridges. I feel so happy when I helping them.
Sometimes old people are like kids, they both needs attention and care.

I also like to clean house. Take something in very bad condition, little
bit of work and time and it shines :) Ok dear, I am waiting for your
reply with great pleasure!

Have a nice working day ;) My hugs and kisses!!! :***

Hello darling! :* Hope your mood will be great after reading my letter! :)

I am on the "romantic wave" today :) You know, i am so pleased that we have
a common language and open more and more for each other with each next letter :)

Usually i don't open my heart so easily... And it's a very new type of
communication for me! But i feel that you are a good man and I'm attracted
to you, so hope i may trust you ;) :*

You became very close person for me and i want to develop our relationships
and hope you want the same my dear :* I was thinking about you and after that
party i felt a strong desire to see you...

Kiss you dear!!! :***

Das war heute die letzte ….
Hello dear XXXXX

I have been on the work here yesterday and was thinking about you. When I was at my
coffee break I felt how strong pain goes from my teeth nerves and I cried so loudly that
everyone at the gym looked at me. Than it comes little better but the pain didn't go away

After work I went to the dentist and he checked my teeth. He said I have a big tooth issue
in my upper teeth, if I don't fix urgently than it will get only worse and I will suffer from
pain every day. To heal it he said it will cost 90$. You became a very close person to me
dear and I don't have anyone else to ask about to help me. I know that I can rely on you
as my man and that you are not going to leave your girl in this hard situation, yes?

Kiss you! :***
Your Oksana

Ja es fällt dann immer schwer sich von den zum teil echt netten * Ladys * abschied zu nehmen, aber es sind Betrüger und Betrügerinnen …. schade echt … macht einem schon auch traurig ..