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Hello dear Mark!!! How are you today???
I have come today in Internet-cafe and have not seen your letter.
And consequently I have decided to write the letter to you.
As you have seemed to me very interesting person.
I hope with you all Ok! I have been very upset that did not see your letter.
Dear, I would be glad to hear as you have spent the free days from work.
I will wait for your letter.
Your Anna.

Hi, my dear friend Mark!!!
How is your mood? I am very happy,
I have some news at my job.
Today at job my boss has praised me for my job.
I had long conversation with her and she has said that I well work
and I has concluded many favourable contracts for our company.
She has said that she will give me holiday and I shall receive the
premium for the well done job.
I am very glad to this news.
I think that we can get know each other closer.
As you know, if you meet someone you must see, if everything beautiful
in a person - face, clothing, spirit and mind.
As for me I judge not by persons appearance. The most beautifull thing,
which I like in man is his spirit, not the face.
I think that if the man has nice spirit, he is the best man in the world.
As for me I have everything but not love that’s why I decided to write to you.
I hope that everything will be all right. And what do you think about it?
What can you say about your character? And what are the main features of your character?
As for me the most important thing when a man understands me and my fillings.
I think that we have similar ideas and beliefs, attitudes and interests
in common, if not, so I think that it will not much time to reach this point.
It seems to me that you are a very good and interesting person,
and I would like to know you better.
It is my first time when I use the Internet to get acquainted with somebody.
I know the English language not very well, but I hope, that you can
understand me and will help me to learn English.

However now I want to inform you about my city.
Kirov is not big city in Russia.
I like it very much, it's not so big as other city, for exaple, but it's
very clean.
There are a lot of parks and churces, there are a lot to see and there a lot of tourists!!!!
I think it's worth visiting!!! Kirov is a city of Kirovskaya Republic.
The population is here about 350000 people.
Have you heard anything about my city?
By the way, my address: Sovetskaya St, 75-15, Kirov, Kirovskaya Republic,Russian Federation.
I hope that it's really interesting for you to read my letters and
I hope that we'l continue writing to each other!!!
hear from you very soon!!!
Take care,
Your Anna.

Hello dear Mark!!!
I have very good news!!!
Today when I have come on my job.
The boss has congratulated me.
She promised me to give the premium and she made it,
I has received my premium 8 545 rubley (about 240$ US dollars!!!)
also I have received my monthly salary for holidays 28 300 rubley (about 800$)!!!
Earlier I never received the premiums...
Since tomorrow's day I shall leave in holiday from my job (30-45 days).
Today I had heavy day and has passed all reports and papers to the
colleagues. I am so happy today.
I wait for your congratulations.
May be for your country it not so big money, but believe me for Russia it's the big money.
I yet have not decided what I will do in my holiday, but I will think about it today.
You can give advice about that, what me to do in my holiday???
You have some ideas?
May be I will travel to see other countries, other culture.
I never was abroad earlier.
OK, dear I have very good mood and I wish to you good mood also.
Yours good friend from Russia Anna.

Hello my lovely Mark!!!
How are you today??? hope you nice.
Today I have two good news.
I'm thinking all the time how i can spend my the award!!!
But I think that it will be better if I spend the award to see you!
What do you think about it? I can arrive to your country.
It's better to communicate tete-a-tete then write each other thousands letters!!!
I'm sure. I hope that you do agree with me!!!!
i imagine our meeting, i'm sure it'll be wonderful!!!
Just imagine: When I arrive to you, you'd stand at the airport and wait for me.
And then our eyes meet. We understand that it's great that we would have meet.
We'd go to have supper with candles. We will talk a lot. I'm sure we'd enjoy each moment.
there would not be anybody but we were only.
Time would stop for us!!!. It would be very romantic time.
Do you agree? What do you think about it?
The second news - it I has visited mum today. She was glad to see me as we did not see for a long time any more.
At us was what to discuss much with it and easier to see each other.
Also I have informed it that I have got acquainted with the pleasant person for me.
Also has received the award for good make work. She has praised me and is proud of me.
Now I write you this letter from internet-cafe, also with me now there is my mum.
And she would like to write you the small letter and to tell the opinion about ours acquaintances to you.
So, I will give it the computer, and she will write to you.

Good afternoon!

It Tatyana Ivanovna. I mum Anna. I already old and Anna am a particle of my soul.
It is very expensive to me, it my unique daughter. I have no children more.
It you is very pleasant. And it very seriously concerns you.
Therefore I hope, that you will protect it and to respect.
As it very good woman.
She will never betray you, it will never say lies to you.
And I wait from you for the same. I hope, that you become loving each other and will live together.
I hope, that you soon will meet and will love each other.
You the special person who can make my daughter happy. I know it.
This parent a presentiment. I wish both of you only happiness!
And I hope, that you will be happy! Anna I do not know about what have written to you!
I do not want it that you said to it that I have written to you.
I hope that it will be our small secret.
I wish you nice a meeting with my daughter and I hope you will be happy together.
With faithfully Tatyana Ivanovna.

Hello my dearest Mark!!!
I am glad, that you agree to meet me.
Today I speak with mum and learnt that she has native sister who lives in Moscow.
I called she and she was glad to hear me. We had a long conversation with it.
I also have explained she, that I have acquainted with the lovely man through the Internet.
Also I have told my aunt that I want arrive to you.
She has explained me, that for arrival to you I will demand in some documents.
And therefore she has offered, will stop in her place.
I think, that it is good, that she has allowed to stay me in her home.
Because it is very expensive live in hotel in Moscow!!!
I know my aunt since the childhood as she lived near to us.
She often looked after me at that time while my mum was on work.
Then when I became more older, she has left work to Moscow, stayed there and now lives and works in Moscow.
In one hour I will go to Moscow, my aunt will meet me at railway station.
I will write you as soon as I arrive to Moscow.
I am very happy my dear, that I am going to meet you very soon!!!
I miss you llot!!!!
Hope to receive news from you is fast!!!
Kiss you,
Yours Anna.

Hello my lovely Mark!!!
I have just arrived to Moscow, my aunt has met me at railway station.
I was really happy to see it!!! I will write to you from Internet-caffee
When we have go home my aunt, and we have decided to call in embassy.
I spoke with manager, and he has informed me, that I will request some information of you.
It is: your a full name; your full address and the name of the closest airport where you will be meet me.
Also it is necessary for me to receive medical insuriance.
Possibly I will call you when I will receive the visa and all other documents.
Today I am very tired from trip to Moscow. Hope to receive letter from you fast!!!
By the way please leave me your phone number on which I can call you!!!
I hope, that you will send me this information in the following letter.
Now it is late in Moscow, and I will go a bath and a dream!!!
I miss you my dear!!!!
Your Anna.

Hello my lovely Mark!!!
How your mood???
Today my aunt took free day from her work.
We have decided to go, she has shown me sights Moscow.
The first place which we have visited it is the Red Square. The red square - the central square of Moscow.
Occurrence the Red Square concerns the end of 15 centuries.
The Red Square - one of the first places of visiting of tourists.
The Kremlin was a following place which we have visited it.
It is located in the centre of Moscow. The Moscow Kremlin - is a wonderfull monument of history and architecture.
After visiting of the Kremlin we have gone with my aunt go on Arbat.
It is very long and beautiful street on which are shops of a set and the interesting centres are located.
OK, today I am tired walks through Moscow.
We will come back home, I will write to you tomorrow.
1001 Kiss For You My Dearest! I wait your answer ASAP.
Yours Anna.

Hello lovely Mark!
Today I have gone to hospital and have received medical insuriance.
That I can arrive to your country.
I have ordered the fast visa, it goes the visa in travel agency,
but it costs more more expensively, but it will be registered much faster than usually.
My visa will be approved by embassy while there is a document registration.
It will be valid in Mark within 90 days when I bring air tickets to agency.
Inform me how long I can remain in your place?
Tomorrow I will go to the airport and I will order air tickets. I will tell to you as soon as I buy air
Tickets. Today we went to cinema, and look "Die Hard - 4".
The most actress of this film is Bruce Willis. Actions occurs in the USA.
Johan MaKlejnu in Bruce Willisa's execution, will be resisted by the network terrorists, conceived to ship America in information chaos.
I excite a few arrivals in you. I never was abroad!!!
I am really happy, that very soon I will see you!!! I think of you, my dear.
So my dear I should go now, I kiss you, and I with impatience wait for ours meeting!!!

P.S Do not forget to send me the information that I sked you to reserve
Air tickets.

I send you an air kiss, my lovely!!!!!!!!!
Your Anna.

Hello my dearest Mark!!!
How you today? I hope that at you all OK.
I could not write to you earlier because all the day have spent in embassy.
And now I have good news!!!!
My visa for Germany is ready and now I can arrive to you.
After I have left embassy I have gone in Travel Agency to reserve air tickets.
My air tickets are reserved for on February, 20th.
These are details of my flight to you:

Flight: Moscow (MOW)-> Frankfurt (FRA) Airline: S7 Airlines Flight: S7899
Departure: February, 20th 2009, 12:15, Domodedovo Arpt
Arrival: February, 20th 2009, 13:35, Frankfurt Intl
Places: the House-keeper a class, places is

Time in a way: 3 hours. 20 minutes.

Now for me it is very necessary to prepare the things for a trip for you.
Please inform me what weather at you that I could select necessary things.
I am very glad that I can to arrive to you!!!
OK, I will come back home as today there was very difficult day for me.
I will go to a bath and then to go to bed!!!!
Yours and only yours Anna.

My dearest Mark,

How are you?
I do not have a lot of time, I still need to collect the things.
But I wish to tell to you, that I the happiest. That we soon will
together. I so am happy to it.
You know yesterday's evening I have written a poem for
you and I hope that you will like it. But just please be honest! I
have written it by meself.

The world was usual and gray,
And only at home I was stay,
Was thihking about people,
Who found each own's couple,
And everything remembered me,
That my life perfect should be,
But there is no my love:
To the left, to the right and above,
So I decided to look for it
in internet cafey "Grafit".
Was looking not so long,
Found you and wrote this song,

These days I always want just thing,
As soon as possible to go to the cafey,
To read your perfect letter and to think,
TO think about the love,
about the felling,
And about the white and crystal dove,
That fly to me but only in my dream,
But you are so away from me.
I hope that we will see each other,
Very soon I will be able to touch you rather,
I will be with you all the time,
And everything will be just perfect like a lime.

This are all my thoughts about you!!!!!!

I need you more then everything in this life!!!

I want to be with you!!

I need to be with you!

You are the only for me!!!

I will be waiting for your answer my Mark!

Yours Anna.

Hello dear Mark!!! I'm so upset.... I have unpleasant news for us.
One problem which prevents us will meet.
Today in the morning when I to go aboard the plane at the airport,
the employee of the airport stop me and informed that for passage of customs house
I will need money, it is 1240 Euro. At me is 600 Euro. And still it is necessary for me 640 Euro.
This money are required that I shall show in customs house that I to have funds on life
( payment of habitation, meal and other charges) and I shall not ask you in the country an alms.
These funds only are required to show them at passage of customs house.
If I shall not have this sum that I can not take off from Russia.
I have nobody to ask except for you more. I shall not spend cent from this sum.
I don't know about it. But I have found out it only today.
I change air tickets for on February, 23rd. If I shall not have this sum that I can't fly to you.
I ask you to send me this sum. I shall return to you these funds at our meeting at the airport.
Once again I shall repeat that I shall not spend this money,
these funds are required only for passage of customs house.
I shall wait for your fast reply.
Yours and only yours Anna.

P.S My lovely I believe in you. Any difficulties should not prevent a
meeting of two in love!!!