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Hello dear ...........

Honey,I know .it is very hard to find love.but we aspire to it!And we
have made many steps forward!I am very happy that I met you.I want to
see our relations develop and become more stable!I hope it's
mutual!?Dear,but this is very difficult.I have no steady income.I live
from month to month.I understand that maybe a lot to ask,but I don't
want to lose you.I do not insist.But can you help me to pay for the
Internet cafe? I would really appreciate your help.And we can always
stay in touch with you and to build our plans together!I'll wait for
your answer.

hug you


Hello my darling Marcello!!!

I glad to hear from you and understand we have a good people on this
planet. I feel many positive energy and from you too. I like you and
will glad to continue a relation with you. World is going crazy and we
see so many fault now.

My situation here is very difficult now and I need to ha ve a close
man who can protect and support me. My darling now I know so many
about you and your life. I need you more and more with every your
letter. I understand you are my man who God gave me. I met you and I
understand how many wonderful places in the world where people have a
calm and happy life. In a such country people can think about family
and will not afraid what will be tomorrow because in my place I do not
know what can happened tomorrow. Because with my situation here...
Marcello, I am ashamed to tell you, but I have difficulties with
money. I have been delaying my salary for the second month and I can’t
pay internet cafe now. I paid for each letter and cost more than pay
up to one month. I know that I have to deal with it myself, but now I
can't. I just don’t know what to do, I'm afraid to lose you. I hope
for your understanding. Sorry me my ask I am so shamed.

I hope you will understand all hardness my situation here. I am
waiting for your answer soon.

Kiss you with love

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She cant afford internet cafe...but looks like she can afford exotic beach vacation and nice bikini!! Lol