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Hello, my dear, sweety ########$?Honey, you know, today i am completely broken...I understood that

my life is awful, and i can't stand it any more. I am too young, but i have too much problems... Every day i should think what i will eat

tomorrow and how can i earn for my bread. You must be heard about the great economical crisis in my country, so i haven't got my salary almost two months. I have not told you about that because i did not want you to think that i complained to you. I know that i am a strong

person, i mean strong mentally and i will cope with this. But today i have a cry of my soul... We have not paid for public service and yesterday they switched off

the electricity in my apartment. It is too awful! I can not prepare my food, because we have an electric stove but we have no electricity!

It is too cold, Niki constantly coughing and sneezing, i am too afraid to catch a dangerous disease...Honey i am in despair, i do not know what to do...It seems that my life is over, we live in awful conditions, in the dark, i even can not prepare soup to eat...It is too pity to realize that money play so important role in our life,even in such domestic problems...

I want you to know that you are the last ray of light in my life and i am still believing in my happy future with you. Thank you that you give me this hope...

That's all for today, dear... I hope that i did not spoil your mood. Sorry for being so depressive...I want you to know, that i love you..

Yours Oksana.