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My sweet and my dear ######

I miss you and so sorry for my late reply here. I wish i could be more
and more in touch and just spend with you every minute!Hope that for
you now everything is fine. I can't tell same for me because now my
life like hell at this moment and it bring not that good for me...I am
at least happy to have you in my life!!!!

I feel that now only you and our contact here make me feel good. What
is it love?Is it just my wish to stop lonely life?Is it my wish just
change everything and start new life? I feel that all of this is true
i feel in much love with you here for sure i would be happy to change
and start new life with you and forget about lonely days!

##### you already changed my life just because i met you and you
entered my life so simple that i feel like i know you for all my
life!I don't know how to explain myself that now we can't be together.
All i dream now how i live there with you. I already felt in my dream
how i am just going to bad with you and just sleep on your shoulder
and when i am waking up i feel your sweet smile on my lips and your
soft warm touches. You even can't imagine how bad i felt when i
understood that it was only dream... :(

You are already part of my life and you are so deep in my heart that i
already can't imagine my future life without you. When i shared these
thoughts and feelings with my friend she told that i am really some
crazy and strange now. Do you think the same? I feel that you there
feel same like me here and why even it can be bad?Honestly i
understand everything now i am so far from you and i am not in
position to leave this place so my love
##### i just have here not
so wonderful life situation and i have never had wish to bother you
with my problems unfortunately i understand that all these problems
make much barriers for us.

Honestly now here i have such situation that brining risk for us and
our communication here i can loose you and our contact just forever.
If i can't find solution by myself it would be horrible and can be the
end for us.I want to ask you are you there with me and if something
will go bad way for me can you be with me ,understand and support me?

With all my heart and all my love , yours Katerina :-* ♥