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Even when accused of being a scammer she denied it and kept writing for three weeks before asking for money (inderectly) for traveling and a visa.

Sent: Mon, 2 Feb 2009 13:03
Subject: Hello!

Hi! How are you? Frankly speaking I didn't expect that you will be
interested because I am newcomer here and just not sure in anything
here:). How your real name? please send to me your photo. My name is
Olga, I am 28 years old woman... I live in Russia, in Kazan city,
finished University on speciality "lawyer". I am the only one child in
our family. I live with my mum. I have a small dog, his name "baron" -
I will try to arrange some photo of him next time and you will see
what I am talking about! Do you like pets? Have some of them? I am
sociable person and like to know new people but you know I am single,
never been married and more and more often I begin to think about my
soul mate, family...but I haven't met such special person here and
decided to try internet. Some of my female friends advised me to try
and so I am here:) Of course I understand that it can't be easy to
find a partner this way but it is possible and I am sure. "Nothing is
impossible":) - we just have to believe in it. Also I want to ask you
- what are you looking in internet dating? Are you looking for your
second half or just for fun here? As for me I have serious intentions
only and not looking in any kind of games or pen pals. I heard a lot
of stories about bad woman and bad men in internet and really don't
like it. Anyway I trust that relation burning in friendship and if you
are looking for something serious too then we can be a friends first:)
What do you think? I am waiting for your answer and you can ask me
anything what interesting for you and I will try to answer all your
questions. Also next time I will arrange some my photos for you if you
are interested of course:) I am finishing and see that I typed enough
big letter and almost didn't tell you anything about myself:) Waiting
for your answer and photos soon!

Sent: Thu, 5 Feb 2009 12:59
Subject: Hello!

Hi Steve, how are you there? I fine. It Olga again and glad to see
your answer, it seems that you are interested in correspondence with
me too:) I don't have my own computer and use my work computer but I
can't do it very often because I not frequently have free time. So
please don't be angry on me if I won't be able to write you every
day:) When you will send to me your photo? I attach some of my photos
as I promised and you can see them in attachment. Do you remember I
told you about my dog in my last letter? Now you can see what I mean:)
You know, I am enough educated woman with sense of humor, my friends
found me attractive but I see that men here see in me only pretty face
and nice body... but I need other... I want to find a man who will be
care of me and treat me like a woman but not like a doll... I am
dreaming about creating strong family with right man and so I decided
to follow my friend's advise and try virtual dating. Why are you
looking for partner in the net? Do you have a lot of experience with
virtual dating? I have only one explanation in my head - the fact is
that there is different women's minds:) Not sure if I am correct but
hope that you understand what I mean. I talked with my friends (also
with friends who are married with foreign men and lives in other
countries) and my opinion is that women in Europe and America forgot
what life is all about! We are not on this earth for a long time so we
must be happy with ourself's before we can move forward. I think that
western woman put carrier and success on 1st place and family and home
on 2nd... As for me - I love to love and ultimately I want to share my
life with someone special and to have a deep meaningful
relationship... I think that you make a relationship what it is and if
you want something really special then you would make it that way by
putting in the effort... I am not sure if I am right in this or not -
it is only my opinion and please don't judge me strict:) I guess this
is why I decided to look on the net, at first I was just curious to
see what will happen. Ok, hope that some things became "cleaner"
between us and I don't want to hide anything from you. Honesty is very
important in relation - I am sure in it. And what about you? What do
you think about our relation? it is really interesting for me to know
your thoughts, it help me to know you better and deeper because inner
world is more and more important for me... I see that I typed enough
long letter again and may be you are bothered with it but hope that
not:) Tell me more about your life please, what your likes and
dislikes, you interests, hobbies, how do you like to spend your free
time - and feel free to ask me about anything you want!

Sent: Wed, 11 Feb 2009 15:03
Subject: Hello!

Hi my friend Steve, how are you? Glad to see your answer and you know
when I saw my previous terribly huge letters I think that I am
bothering you with it. Just want to say that correspondence with you
very interesting for me, it is like another world because I tell you
my thoughts, interests... - it is very fascinatingly for me! I am
ready to tell you more, more and more...:) Our correspondence is
something new in my life and when I write you I want to tell you more,
more and more about myself:) it is a kind of my character and when I
meet something new and interesting in my life I try to do my best - if
I play any sport I want to be the best in it, if I study I want to be
the best student. Sure that you understand it:) I have a goals in my
life and I try to make all this my dream true. I hope in future you
not will to speak poorly about me. You know, I have to finish now
because today is a very busy day for me. So, I have to be short, have
just a couple minutes for writing you, just to know that you are fine
there. Hope to hear from you soon!
Your friend Olga.

Sent: Thu, 12 Feb 2009 16:38
Subject: Hello!

Hi Steve, how things going in your place? I am at work and again don't
have a lot of time, just a couple minutes for writing, so I will be
short. I attached you few photos, hope you will like them:) what's new
in your life? You know, I thought and let's talk by phone, what do you
think? Unfortunately my mobile was stolen and I haven't bought new one
yet, but if you give me your phone number, I can call you from the
post office. What do you think? Ok, I have to finish now because a lot
of what to do today. Just wanted to remind that I am still here and
always waiting for your letters with great pleasure!
Your russian friend Olga.

Sent: Thu, 12 Feb 2009 17:08
Subject: Re[6]: Hello!

I wish you sweet dreams:)... Tomorrow morning I wait your mail.
Your Olga.

Sent: Fri, 13 Feb 2009 13:41
Subject: Hello!

Hi my dear friend Steve, how things goes there? I have some free time,
decided to check my mail box and see that you wrote me an answer, want
to tell you that I am always glad to see your letters and know more
and more about you:) How are you there? Something new? As for me -
today evening I am going to visit my friend Marina At her today Birth
day. on a celebration will a lot of visitors. We will have fine
evening. So sorry you not can go with me... I attach some photos. It
it has been taken in the summer in my city. I want quickly summer,
sun, sea, a beach:)! Interesting dream you saw:). my photo have been
taken in local park. please write to me your phone number and code
your countries. I want to speak by with you to phone. I always ask
you. WHEN YOU SEND TO ME YOUR PHOTO? I have to finish now and will be
waiting for your answer with huge anticipation!
Your friend Olga.

Sent: Sat, 14 Feb 2009 11:07
Subject: Hello!

Today a holiday - on February, 14, day in love. I congratulate you
this day:)!!!!! In this holiday I wish you the sea of love and fine
mood:)! This day in Russia, in love pairs spend time together:).
Please read my last mail and don't overlook to write to me mail:).

Sent: Tue, 17 Feb 2009 10:13
Subject: Hello!

Hi my dear friend Steve, it is me:) Glad to see your answer and you
know... I noticed by myself and my close friends and my mother too
that correspondence with you became an integral part of my life.
Really! - I always write you letters with great pleasure and it is
really easy and interesting for me to communicate with you - I am
feeling myself really free, I don't think what I will write you in my
next letter because everything goes without saying:) It is truth... I
am little curious, did you tell to somebody about correspondence with
me? Yesterday I talked with my mother about our correspondence - she
is sending you her regards and she is really happy to see that I am in
a good mood all time now:) What do you think about our relation?
Really interesting to know your thoughts about it. I want to speak a
little about birth day Marina's. we had good evening and party
entertainments. We did not invite men:). I have a little told about
you my to girlfriends. They are happy for us and everyone speak you
regrads:). We made some pictures, I send to you. we sat at restaurant.
Thanks for a congratulation. I hope next day in love we will spend
together:)! I have received your photo. you are attractive. I about
much spoke you earlier in my mail. but you it visible did not take in
attention my a word. Today after midday I will to call to you. please
will ready to speak with me. Ok I have to finish now, if you want I
can try to arrange some news photos for you with my next letter and
waiting for your next letter with impatience!
All the best from Russia. Olga.

Sent: Wed, 18 Feb 2009 13:19
Subject: Hello!

Hi my dear friend Steve, how are you there? I fine:)! I have found a
photo with my mum. You can see, she say you best regards;) your
friends will believe you as soon as we we will meet and together will
do some photos. Then they will to envy you:). your age is convenient
for me. About what game you speak? I not understand please speak more
about it. But you know, today one event happen and I think that we are
enough close to each other and I can tell you about it without hiding
any details... today I went to cafe to eat something and there I met
my previous boyfriend (his name is Alexsey) with whom I had a relation
for 2 years but a year ago I left him because he was found as bastard
- sorry for such words but trust me - he deserves such word... He
slept with my friend and once I forgave him but this happened once
more and I told him all what I thought about it... And today he said
me that he was stupid and very sorry about what's happened in our past
and ask me return, told me that I am the best woman in the world but
now I don't trust him and really don't have any feelings for him...
Time is a good doctor really.... I told him that I have a serious
relation with you now and that I am feeling myself really comfortable
in communication with you and ask him don't bother me again... But
after this talk I thought, if I made right when I told him about you
and about our relation...I told him that everything very serious
between us but I even don't know what kind of feelings do you have for
me...just not sure... When I started to write you this letter I
thought a little if I should tell you about it but I decided that you
are honest with me and I don't want to hide anything from you too. I
think that if we have a serious relation then we have to be honest to
each other... Maybe you thought that I am enough attractive woman and
had a lot of men but it is really not so - trust or not but I have
only one serious relation... I don't want to be hurt once again and I
decided for myself that I will be really careful in relation with
men... Anyway it is just a past and when I see your letter my mood
became perfect again :) Really I am glad that you wrote me. How are
you there? What's new in your life? How is your friends and relatives?
Give them all my best regards. I am finishing my letter and waiting
for your answer soon! With tender feelings from Russia.