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This woman or scammer emailed me for about a month. She sent me many photos of her and love letters. I found some of the exact emails on other sites and some other photos of her on this site. Just wanted to tell someone that she is still active. If you need some of her photos and emails let know and thank you for being there. She also goes by Lencik78 on
Hello my new friend Ali.
Thank, that you have answered my letter on a site. I looked forward to hearing
and now I am happy, that can
write to you. I should inform you, that I search for the friend and it is
possible the future partner in life
who can support me a difficult minute. I am lonely also to me that person who
will support me in a word. I
think, that any relations are better for starting with friendship. All of us all
over again should get
acquainted with each other. We should study character and habits each other.
Only friends may divide all
secrets of the life. Only true friends may trust each other. I want, that you
were mine the best the friend.
I have no friends from other country. Therefore I to try, search for the man
from other of the countries. I
hope, that in the future our relations will be strong and very long. I think,
that friendship it only a first
step in our relations. Properly we may develop a lot of close relations. Time
will show. We should study each
other. Therefore I want to inform you slightly about me directly.
My name Elena. I live in Russia. I never travelled to other country. Probably
you heard about Russia. It is
the biggest on continent the country and the richest natural resources. Russia
settles down from the East up
to Europe and therefore a climate, very various. I live in city Shatura. It not
the big city which is in 200 km
from Moscow. Also is Moscow suburbs. Here it is very beautiful. Our city
recognizes as city not polluting an
environment because here it is a lot of trees and there is no enough heavy
industry. I do not love the big
cities because there it is a lot of noise, dirty and it is too many vanity. I
hope, that you agree with me.
I Russian on a nationality. I to study the French language and the English
language about 12 years. I freely
can speak, write, read in these languages. But nevertheless I do not know these
languages in perfection. I
think, that you may understand that I write.
I probably should inform you about my appearance. At me pleasant appearance and
a normal figure. I do not
observe diets. I eat everything, that I want and thus I have growth 5.8. My
weight 130. At me hair of the
blonde and turquoise eyes. You may see all this on my photo.
For the first letter, I think, that it is enough. I nevertheless have not told
you, that I have no the own
computer. I should go In the Internet of cafe to write to you the letter.
Sometimes I can not go In the
Internet of cafe and therefore you should understand, that I can not answer your
letters at once. But I ask,
that you did not worry. I shall try to write to you each day. And I want, that
you wrote to me each day. If
you where not be you leave, inform me about it that I did not worry.
I have to you small inquiry. Please inform me slightly about itself and there
came more photo. I hope, that
we can develop our relations.
I wait your answer.
Your friend Elena.
Hello my love Ali.
My love I am sorry that I to send you my letter in French. I wanted to practise
the French not a lot of, but I have
absolutely overlooked that you do not know the French language. I hope that you
understand me.
My love (I hope I can name you so now), thank for your words. I understand much
for myself from your letter and
life for me becomes another, than before. Now I feel the woman whom love also
which have in heart love. I am sure,
that the feeling which lives in my heart is love. I am sure, that I love you.
Now I am ready to tell you "I LOVE YOU".
I love you, as only thing the man in my life. I love you very much and my love
to you is very strong. My feelings to
you true and pure, as tear of the child. You that the man which to change my
life. Here I might not find any guy
whom to give me such strong love. I to search for the present love and now I to
find my love, love to you. I to
speak with my grandmother about you and I to tell my grandmother that there is a
man which I never to see in real
life and which I I like, with which I want to be. I to tell my grandmother, that
I to find my special the man which
I to search for all life. I already to lose hope, that I sometime can find you.
I to tell my grandmother, that I
never to feel such strong feelings to another to the man and I to tell, that I
am sure, that my feelings it is the
present love. Then my grandmother to answer me " Yes, you to find yours the man
of life, your love. Yes, you are
valid to love it the man. Yes, you will be happy with it the man. Yes, he will
be to you the good husband. " Then
my grandmother to add some more words " I to understand it from your words. When
you to speak me about it to the
man your words shone. I to see true love in your gases. Your heart fought faster
when you to speak me about it to
the man. I to see in my life much and I know, that such the present love, I the
skilled woman and I to see in my
life much. I see, that in your heart there is a love. I wish you happiness with
him, my grand daughter. Any obstacles
should not prevent your love. My grand daughter, I wish you many love and
happiness. Let your beloved the man to
care of you. " It Is words of my grandmother. I required advice to my
grandmother. After her words I am even more
sure, that I love you.
My love, each time when I write you the letter, I think of you much. I think of
why I to not find you in my city and
to meet you in the Internet. I think, about that why you lonely the man and to
not have the beloved woman. I can not
find answers to these questions. From the very beginning of our relations I
never might think, that I shall fall in
love with you because I to understand, that we live in different parts of the
world. I to understand, that it will
be very difficult for us to meet sometime. Therefore I to not want to fall in
love with you and to want to find only
the true, good, present friend and you now my friend. I to know, that I should
not fall in love with you and I to
resist to my feelings, but now I can not hide my feelings to you any more.
Probably it is destiny, that we to meet
on the Internet or it only accident. I can not know it. I only can thank the
God, that he to present me of you and
your love. I thank the God that he to give me great feeling to love you and to
be loved by you.
My love when I look films about love or when I see the young in love pair in the
street I become sad. They may kiss,
embrace each other, they simply may speak, walk on park. I look film and I see,
that the man to care of the woman,
does to her surprises, gives the woman heat of the body, they to keep for hands,
they look in the face to each other
when speak gentle words. They enjoy the love. They have an opportunity to see
each other each day. They have an
opportunity to speak with the friend the friend each day and to do any things,
to go to cinema, in restaurants, in
night clubs, simply to walk on park or together to run in the mornings or to go
in a sports hall, or to have a rest
on a nature. I see, that it is really happy love. I and you we have no an
opportunity to do all these simple things.
Sometimes from it to me it becomes sad. I at all do not know, whether there will
be we sometime together. I at all have
no any hope, that I though once shall see you in real life. But even despite of
it, I feel happy because I have an
opportunity to love you and to be loved by you. I know, that you to love me the
present pure love. You may not imagine
at all, as though I to be happy, if I had an opportunity to have the same love
as I see at cinema and to carry out
with you each day of my life. Then I to be on the top of the world about
happiness. Then I to be the happiest woman
all over the world. I love you.
I am glad, that you are fair with me. Also that you to write to me about the
feelings. I understand, your feelings.
I am glad, that I am important for you in that degree, that you are ready to
give me your heart and your life.
You are very important to me. Up to you I never to meet such men. But me it is
very sad, that we far apart. For me
to become is intolerable to communicate with you only through letters. I do not
have not enough you near to me. I
do not know, whether there can be we ever beside. I to think of it the last days
That I want to tell you. I understand, that if we shall continue to communicate
only through letters our relations
can not develop in something the greater. From the very beginning I to inform
you. That I to search for the friend
who becomes my partner in life, that is I to search for my love. You developed
with me relations. You have grown
fond of me on the. You gently treat to me. You to worry about me. But now I to
think of the following step in our
relations. It is necessary for us to meet in life. I to do researches on this
theme. And I know, that it rather
difficultly and costs many money. But if we want to be together and to build
something serious we should be solved on
this step. And to operate together. And then we can overcome all barriers on our
way. To answer my question seriously.
This meeting is necessary for us as soon as possible. Not in one year, and not
in half-year. She is necessary now.
And consequently I to ask you, whether you are ready on this step? Answer me
fairly. Do not give me false hopes, do
not deceive me. Better I now shall go through it, than I shall suffer then. Will
be then more sick.
But what your answer would not be. Know, that you the best that have taken place
with me recently. You have given me
hope. You have given me pleasure of life. And let it will be hurt me. But your
answer is necessary for me.
relations simply are not necessary for me to correspond. To me it is tiresome
the man with whom I can cast in the lot.
I hope that you will become mine the man. And now I ask to answer fairly my
question. Serious and long relations are
necessary for me.
I am ready to write to still more many and to inform my life, but my time here
in Internet - cafe was finished. I
should go. I love you.
With impatience I wait for your letter, your love Elena.