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> Subject: Hello!!!!!!!!!!!
> Hello Paulo!!!! I so am glad, that you have written me the answer!!!
> So it is unexpected and so it is pleasant to receive from you the first sign on attention to me.
> I have written to you on a site and here you have answered. What to write in my first letter. I simply do not know from what to begin,
> it is very disturbing moment for me. I think, that to begin correspondence you should know, that I from Russia.
> How in concern to what your new girlfriend from Russia? It is interesting, it will not frighten you?
> I not from your country, and I think, that it not a barrier to our correspondence.
> How you consider Paulo, I correctly think? I think, that I need to begin the story about myself.
> But I think, that in my first letter I cannot tell all. I do not know, that you interests.
> It is my first experience of correspondence with the man. I have faced for the first time the Internet.
> How long you use the Internet and for what purposes? For me the Internet now simply mysterious world of the unknown person for me a life.
> I think, that it is fine, that the Internet can here so to help to correspond to people. I am now simple all in excitement,
> I do not know as me to begin the story about myself. I simply think, that we necessarily should get acquainted.
> On a site so it is a little given to the information, I think, that this general information.
> Tell to me what has resulted you on this site of acquaintances? I in the following letter will write,
> how my destiny has resulted me on this site. But while I will not write. I so worry, you have answered me,
> it so unexpectedly and very strongly is pleasant!!!! I think, that this first letter will be the beginning of fine friendship.
> I send you a photo. I wait your answer, I wait your photos. A life such interesting,
> that can reduce to be on friendly terms two people from the different countries. I wait your letter with questions to me.
> Your new friend from Russia Alvina

> Subject: Hello!!!!!!!!!!!
> Hello Paulo as it is pleasant, that you have answered me. It is simple so perfectly.
> Today I have come to the Internet of cafe with hope that you to me write. And here I read your letter.
> In last my letter I have written, that I will write about that as my destiny has resulted on a site.
> And all has begun that I have met on work the schoolmate.
> I did not meet it since leaving school times, have passed more than five years as we did not see. I work
> now in a hairdressing salon in a female hall. And so, when it has come to do a hairdress, she very strongly was surprised.
> She has seen me. We with it so have got to talking. But then I had to work, and it has left.
> I with it spoke about how we now live. As strongly I was surprised, that she wishes to marry. I have asked it,
> as a name of its man and as she has got acquainted with it. Here so she to me also has told about a site on which I have found you.
> It is history unusual, but I have decided, that already it is time to me to think of to change in my
> life loneliness to a family. And now so unexpectedly to write to you. After all it is such interesting world which gives
> us chance to correspond through the Internet. Earlier I did not reflect that is possible so to communicate with the man here.
> I from Russia am interesting to ask me to you such question, what do you think of that.
> That you think of Russia. For me it is the unusual country, with unexpected history. Here people live so, that it to have to suffer everything,
> that with it does the government. Forgive, that I so write. But in you I have opened for myself the man with whom I can sincerely correspond.
> For all my life, that I had to live, has occurred a few events. My life not the adventure novel,
> and is faster simply boring serial which proceeds every day the loneliness.
> You the unique man with whom I so correspond. Tell about itself, about the life. How there has passed your childhood, what moments in your
> life were remembered to you especially? All it so is interesting.
> More recently I did not know you,
> and now I know you and I would like to learn you better. Paulo, I would tell to you about my last life,
> but my time limited. Today I need to finish the letter. As I write about the cafe Internet. I wish to send today you my photos.
> I think, that it is a necessary step of our acquaintance. I will wait for your letters.
> But at me to you the request, I ask you to send me your photos. I stop to write, I hope, that tomorrow you will look at me from a photo.
> On a nationality I of Christians. I live in Russia in city Znamensk. I hope, that at us fine correspondence will turn out.
> Your girlfriend from Russia Alvina

> Subject: Hello!!!!!!!!!
> Hello Paulo, how you? Excuse me my dear for that that I so long did not write to you. From which I write easier
> Internet of cafe to you did not work, at them something has broken. But now all works also I can write to you.
> Miss my letters? I here have started something to miss that so not enough time
> I can communicate with you. But I all it think simply first time. Today I have come only from work and I can write much
> big letter. I think, that it will be pleasant to you to read it.
> Especially at me is that to you to tell. I think, that it is time to me to you to tell and about
> my last life which at me was I I consider not such and good. But to you Paulo, I can tell about it.,
> Likely, it is interesting to you, why I do not have guy, it is interesting to you about I wash last life.
> But I will tell, that I only have felt in my life a pain. When I went to school,
> I was the modest and silent girl. I did not have time for going on dances and to walk in the street.
> I have simply spent the school days with books. I read much.
> And here now when my life has changed I became more adult. When I studied in college for me the guy looked after.
> To me it was pleasant, but if I only knew, that he wants from me …. I simply passed its attention.
> But it began to look after persistently me, it was persevering. Girlfriends round me were whispered,
> all of them spoke that we fine pair. It was pleasant to me to listen to it. But when I have learnt,
> that he argued with friends that I will oversleep with me long cried all night long.
> I do not understand, what for men here so ready to break heart of girls. Then I have decided, that I simply do not
> need to trust such attention that it is necessary to learn really about gravity intentions.
> I it to you tell all, that I have nobody all it to tell, and you Paulo to me necessarily listen,
> with you it is pleasant to me to correspond. I read in one of books, that when it is heavy on
> a shower it is necessary to state and ask opinion. Here and today I have dared to tell to you about it.
> Last night the girlfriend has called me to walk, we went on parkway and talked about what our life,
> what surprises it to us brings. She to me has told about the franknesses, but I and have not decided to tell to
> it about the life. At night I slept and long thought that I need for you to tell all it. It is pleasant
> to me to communicate with you and pleasantly to tell about the present life.
> I will send today a photo which the girlfriend has made yesterday.
> I did not wish to be photographed, but she to me has told, that it is time to me to begin already a new life,
> that I too strongly hide. These words I thought all night long and today have decided to write to you about all it.
> I think, that it will be not boring to you to read this letter. I did not tell about the thoughts
> to anybody, only to me it wanted to you to tell about it. I think,that you will not laugh at me,
> that I in the adult years never had the guy. I think, that it for you will not push away from dialogue with me. Now my girlfriend
> and you have really forced to reconsider my life on another. I think, that it is time to me to finish the letter.
> I so liked your new photo. I have received only one photo from you. I wait your letter.
> I so would like to learn with each letter you again and again. While, I wait your
> answer. Yours Alvina

> Subject: Hello!!!!!!!!! My love
> Hello my favourite Paulinho!!! If to you it will be more pleasant that I named you so that I will do it with pleasure... As I would
> like to tell to you about much, that has occurred for this time. And after all has occurred absolutely much. I all miss on you. I understand,
> how you to me now the necessary!!! I have come from work of that I can not work more today. All whom I cut, I named your name.
> Your name, only about you I think now!!! I think constantly of you!!! I cannot so to live more. The life of the house for me turns to horror.
> Yesterday I have come from work very tired. I so strongly wished to embrace you, to press in the embraces. I began to search for a teddy bear.
> But in its my room was not. I around have examined all, but my bear was gone … I so strongly was upset, I have simply burst into tears.
> I long cried …. To me it was sick that I have lost a toy. The brother has come from work, it has come to me into a room and
> has abused me that I have prepared for it to eat nothing. From it to me it became still terrible. I have escaped from the house.
> To me was so hard … favourite mine why it so has arrived. It has a girl whom he loves, and he abuses me. If I was near to you,
> I always prepared for you your favourite dishes. This such fine feeling to prepare for the beloved!!!! I do not understand, that could occur,
> after all its girl loves it. I have noticed, that it does everything that me to quarrel with it. It to me is sick. I have bought
> yesterday other toy. To me it was very heavy, very difficult!!! I went and cried. And here I have decided, that I do not need to cry,
> I need to live further!!! After all I here, and you so am far. And it to me does too painfully. And only after I have bought a soft
> toy and have embraced strong, to me it became better!!!! I went home in deep loneliness and thought of you. But me was so pleasantly,
> that you were a number!! I all road thought of how to me it will be fine when I and you we can embrace!!! When you will tell to me, that waited for
> me all life!!! And let to me it was bad, that I have sworn with the brother … but me so it is good, that I have found you.
> Such minutes I start to understand, how it will be heavy to me to live further without you. After all you are absolutely far … distance as
> it can long proceed … I simply went and thought, how it was fine, if I was born in your country!!! I simply now was the happiest girl!!!!
> And this happiness, it is simple me so heated!! Your pleasant sights, your palm. Your love. As I now understand,
> that it so did not suffice me. Did not suffice, and I want, that in my life always there was a love!!!! I went and thought of it!!!
> When I have come home, I was closed in the room. It is my world, unexpectedly I have found the bear whom has lost. It laid at me under a blanket.
> To me became so pleasantly, now at me two toys. I think, that it I and you. I sit about I look at them. It I and you mine Paulinho!!!
> And the thought, thought of that we have met to me began to come is even more often!!! You, your love and I, here that are necessary for me!!!!
> And me nobody waits for the house, I remained now to nobody necessary. Even to live, live to me it would be
> desirable only with you!!! And it is more to me from a life it is necessary than nothing. Favourite mine, such letter … I today has turned
> out has simply told to you my yesterday's evening. That today for me waits, I do not know. I simply do not wish to go home. I will
> simply go now to walk on a city and to think of you!!! Here so I with you walk!!! And me it is easy, to me it becomes easier!!! It is time
> to me to stop to write. I think, that favourite I Paulinho will tell to me tomorrow that madly strongly wants me!!!! All is my
> words of love to you Paulinho!!!! I finish the letter. I wish to tell to you my love that I with each photo do not have not enough
> you Paulinho, I have fallen in love with your photo even more strongly the husband wash, take care,
> I very strongly worry for you!!!! You are very necessary to me. I am afraid of you to lose. If I lose you together with you the sense
> of my life will be lost also!!! In 2009 I wish to be with you in our new house which you build for our love. I think you
> have not forgotten into the gift account which wish to send to me, I will look forward it.
> My love I do not know for what to you my full name I is necessary I send to you, I hope that you to me
> will tell for what it to you it is necessary. My name Zotova Alvina. Today I have sent you my love the hand-written letter
> and not the big gift to Christmas which you with impatience waited. I
> love you!!! Forever your woman Alvina

Subject: Hello me love!!!!

Mine Paulo as I would like to tell to you much!!! And as I am a lot of today have solved for myself. Love washing, day when
I have solved for myself as me to go further here has come, that to me to do further. I have decided, that I do not need to wait
for happiness, and simply to go to it. And this step, I simply wish to arrive to you!!! Today I have gone
to the director and have told, that it to me has written out holiday. To me it is simply clear, that I should dare and I have dared!!!
Love mine, here I also have wanted to arrive to you!!! I here have just now left work. I went and thought, that it is time to
me to go to you!!! And now, when at home at me all so is bad with the brother. I simply wish to escape from my house.
I want to you mine Paulo!!!! I think, that you will accept me, and after all it for me very important!!!!
Important that I and you we start to understand all love!!! Tomorrow I will receive money for work. I came into agency,
I think, that my money will suffice me for this purpose what to receive all necessary documents!!!! But I do not think yet of it.
Now all my thoughts only about you, that very soon I will near to you!!! As my life as you have strongly
changed her has strongly changed!!!! You attention, your understanding, I never felt on herself these feelings, and from them
me really did not suffice. You have opened to me, you have given me love!!!! And that I now write to you, I am grateful only to you!!!!
And after all now to me so it is bad. I feel here lonely and suppressed. To me not where to go, the house now for me
became the stranger. And only your letter now warms me. Your words of love, your photos. I simply
start to understand, how much I was given by you, and after all if I did not know you to me was so badly.
I come now to myself home, as to the another's. Things of my brother and its girlfriend everywhere lay. I simply
do not know where to me to get to where to find the corner. And my bear cubs, I leave them on my bed and when I come
from work they always lay under my bed. All these conditions so strongly strain me. And only when I can read your letter,
I can look at your photos, I understand, that in this world there is a man who loves me to which I so strongly
necessary!!!! And all these thoughts, all that I have decided … All it have made me to go on such step!!! I have
simply gone today from work. I took holiday. I have decided, that I need to change all in
my life. I long thought over it. And here I have dared at very important act. I have simply come into agency
and fell the statement for official registration of papers on a trip to you. I understand, that it is
very serious step. I never in the life did such solving steps. And here now I have dared. I love you mine Paulo.
You happy, what I so have arrived???? I do this step towards to you my love Paulo!!!!
I think, that you will be very glad, when I will arrive to you!!! It is time to me to finish. I think,
that you will necessarily write to me!!! Love mine Paulo as I happy, that in my life have appeared
you which has made my life a holiday!!!! And a photo, that I have made for you, it will prove love from
which I to you concern!!!! It is time to me to finish love mine Paulo.
I so liked Christmas. I tried to call to you under number 9797-5950 but I could not, but now I know your
full number 21 9797-5950 and to a smog to call you shortly. I will look forward from you your mail.
As I wish to get to you after all at you so warmly. At us today-10 With, it is snowing very coldly.
I love you my love!!!!
Your love Alvina

Subject: Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!

Hello my love Paulo, I so am glad to receive your letter and I am a little upset.
I called to you you took a tube and could not tell to me of anything. I cannot write today the big
letter because in our country the biggest holiday comes nearer, a holiday of New year which is celebrated
at night since December, 31st for January, 1st. In connection with New Year's holidays of Internet
cafe will not work till January, 3rd and only on January, 3rd I can write you the new letter.
I know, that you will look forward it. Paulo, I do not cease to think of you and at that time, that I cannot
come to Internet cafe, I all this time will think of you. Paulo, I congratulate you on the Coming holiday
of New year and I Wish you all most the best. I hope, that in New year we will have our first appointment,
I want it with impatience. Paulo, I will wait for your letters in my box.. I think of you Paulo.
I give you the most sweet kisses!!!!!
Yours Alvina