Scammer Ekaterina Koretskaya know full name

know full name
29 / 12.03.1990
+380 67 325 7895
39600 Kremenchug, Ukraine, Vulytsia Henerala Irynieieva 6/67

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Comment #156662
The real name of this woman is Ekaterina Koretska. She wasor is registered at several dating agencies in Kremenchug and had or has numerous profiles on many dating sites, where she acts as a romance scammer and scammer for gifts. I got in contact with this scammer at, ID48003, which profile is meanwhile cancelled.
I met her personally the first time in december 2016 in her hometown Kremenchug, what took me a lot of efforts. In contrary to her lovely words in chat before to meet me for five days, she was very distanced and cold on the first personal meeting. It was like an escort service of her agency but NOT a meeting to get to know each other better, she had only some hours time within two days, in contrary what she always spoke!

On the datingsite, where she was registered (her profile is cancelled meanwhile), she was NEVER personally in front of camera in so called live-video chat. Instead of this an operator showed prerecorded videos of her and communicated as substitute in chat.
I have recorded all chats and videos of her and made a complaint at the administrator of The administrator confirmed after sending him all evidences of fraud that this woman did scam in live video chat and I got a partly reimbursement of the money spent.
Also I presented this woman a 3-month english course on in order to improve her english for a second promised meeting in 2017 after she will finish the course in end of may 2017. But the certificate issued for this english course was a FAKE and on some skype conversations with her she could not speak any basic english and always needed the help of a translator.
So it is obvisously that she NEVER attended this english course and took the money of me for this course in illegal way. She had always numerous excusions not to meet me personal for a second time, as she complaint to got no holiday from her chief or had to take care about her ill grandmother. In contrary it could be seen on her social media sites (especially on her profile, when it was public, and on her former instagram account @miss.personality.25). Meanwhile she changed three times her instagram account and the actual instagram account is "__miss_personality__".

I have all evidences and email traffic with administrator of to prove my statements here. A detailed scam report can also be found under
Comment #168295
Meanwhile this woman changed her instagram account to @__kate_koretska__ and her profession changed to "models manager" according her account at, see, where she obvisously do her main scamming actions and there she changes her photos and videos from time to time.