Scammer Viktoriya Krause

40, June 13 1979
41 Wundtstrase, Berlin, Germany, 14057

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Stolen photo's of model actress Victoria Gerasimova

Viktoriya Krause
41 Wundtstrase
Berlin, Germany 14057

2019 Nov 23
Hello dear ****. It seems to me that we can become close friends. I like chatting with you.
I always try to restrain my feelings, but I can not do anything and control myself. Yes, I am pretty poorly versed in computer technology. My friend Josefine helped use this Email. Also, all my photos help make a good photographer. I like to look beautiful in the photo.
Every time I close the letter, I start to get bored and often think about you, about our meeting, about the first kisses, and about sex.
It is impossible to convey all the feelings that I am experiencing right now. I understand that this requires a meeting with you.
Today I had a day off, and I was able to sleep well. It is a pity that we could not meet the dawn together. I hope I didn’t offend you in my own words.
I like to relax and spend time to good use. But today I decided to go shopping.
I like to go shopping. I think the money is needed so that we can spend it in pleasure.
By the way, I often take pictures. I like to watch our planet. Therefore, I often leave impressions and take pictures.
My camera recently broke and so I decided to buy a new one.
I had to look closely for a long time before I could find myself a suitable camera.
I am sure that everyone loves gifts and I think that if a person wants to do something nice and give from a pure heart, then you should not refuse.
How do you feel if I give you a small gift? I think you should agree. If you want to make me happy, then you will accept this gift.
Please accept my gift, as from a loved one to whom you are not indifferent.
I really like you and it will be a great pleasure for me to please you, to please you and to find out that there is a smile on your face.
Today I bought myself a new camera. Now I can make more photos for you. I sometimes like to buy men's things. These actions give me the opportunity to feel that I am not alone. I want to give you a man’s gift. Let it remain a secret. I will also send photos and videos. These photos and videos should be seen only by your eyes. I trust you.
I also want to hear your voice and you can use Skype, Whatsapp, Viber, but we will have to choose the time.
Each of us has our own work schedule and therefore it will be difficult to find the same time. Write your phone number in the next letter. I can call you and you can record my phone number. Write the full phone number. So that I can call from another country. Sorry if I ask this information again. I want to make sure that I'm doing everything right.
You wait for me to call you and therefore promise to find time for our conversation.
Write your phone number, and I will call you, or pre-send SMS. I remind you to write the entire number. Since I will call from another country.
I trust you and send my home address. Therefore, I hope you will also trust me and tell me the home address. The information you send. I won’t tell your home address to anyone. I can send you a present and don’t try to refuse.
My gift is from a pure heart and with love only for you !!!
I feel sad and lonely, and this feeling appears when I have to close the letter.
Provide in your next letter all the information I asked. Write your phone number.
Hug tight, tight and kiss sweetly, sweetly. I miss your Viktoriya.
P.S. Write where you live. My home address:
41 Wundtstrase,
Viktoriya Krause.

2019 Nov 22
Hi ****!!!
I try to combine my work and our communication. I really like you.
I travel often for work and therefore often visit many new countries. I want to apologize to you. I didn't answer you yesterday. I had a lot of work to do. I can't answer your phone right now. Ends this 2019 year. So I have a lot of work to do now. I hope you can send an email. I'm sorry I can't use my phone right now.
I visited almost all countries and I liked it everywhere. Everywhere has its charms and interesting places. Each country and each city is beautiful in its own way. But I would like to visit Venice again. I have been there 2 times and I liked it there. My friends live in Venice. But this does not stop me from relaxing and enjoying these trips.
Previously, I could not even imagine that my work would bring income and pleasure.
Oh well, I think that's enough about work ....
I try to convey in my letters the whole essence that can be shown at a meeting. I do not like to deceive and use the kindness of other people.
Words can be beautiful, sweet, flattering and you need to prove all this with deeds.
My parents raised me in severity and I am grateful to them that now I remain an honest, sincere person.
I believe that trust, honesty and understanding are the most important feelings about two people.
Recently, many people have been trying for the sake of profit, to become your friend, partner, and generally try to do whatever you want.
I do not like to communicate with such people, but it seems that I am poorly versed in such people and probably I am only a gullible girl.
Even if someone deceived me, I can forgive him very quickly and not have any offense.
But I will never again consider this person as my friend.
I am romantic and I hope I do not push you away with these words. It seems I didn’t notice how I opened my soul to you.
I feel that I can easily find a common language with you. What are your thoughts on all of this?
Today I had a pretty calm day and I decided to go shopping. I like to shop ... Do you often go shopping?
I want to ask you, do you immediately buy a thing that you like? Or are you trying to ask the price?
I have long understood that if I liked a thing, then I need to buy it. Otherwise, if I do not do it now, I will not be able to buy in the future.
Do you like gifts? What was the last gift you received? They gave me expensive cosmetics. I rarely use makeup. I like my real skin color.
I like to celebrate holidays in good company and I had a dream to meet with you so that our meeting would be a holiday.
I will have more free time next month and therefore I want to meet with you, I will visit my parents.
Do you mind if I invite you to a cup of tea or coffee? We can spend a lot of time together. Are you ready?
Honestly, I really want to see you as the Internet is not enough for communication and I want to see you next ... I will try to configure Viber, Whatsapp or write a phone number. I think our meeting will help to know each other.
Your letters always bring me joy and I continue to smile.
I miss ... Your Viktoriya.

2019 Nov 20
Good afternoon ****!!! I had a difficult day and therefore had to delay the answer.
I always tried to make Friends in real life. But now a lot of work in the field of marketing. So I decided to try the Internet for dating. I have little experience communicating on dating sites. I want to apologize again that now I will not have the opportunity to talk on the phone. I promise that I will try to find time for a telephone conversation. I spend a lot of time negotiating with clients. I’ll need your phone number so I can call.
I love animal cats, dogs, horses. I also like to make soft toys. I will send you some photos.
I like to relax on the couch and watch a movie. Now I prefer to watch movies that make sense. I don’t know about you, but I like to watch such films several times.
Do you like the movie “1 + 1 (one plus one)”? Interstellar? The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring? Rain man
Tell me what you like to watch. Do you dream of watching movies with your girlfriend, where you can kiss and hug each other?
I recently registered Skype, but I couldn’t configure the drivers for the Web camera as I was new to computer instructions. I’ll also definitely find time to chat in Whatsapp, Viber. Sorry, the work is time consuming.
I miss men's hugs. I want to be with my beloved man every evening so that we can enjoy each other's warmth.
I am already 40 years old. I was able to build my life financially. Therefore, I can easily provide myself with everything necessary. I need a warm hug and want to be your friend.
I try to find time to relax and I like to dance rock and roll, waltz and tango. I also want to learn the basics of rumba and samba.
If you do not mind, then I would like you to become my partner in the future. I will be your teacher, how do you like my offer?
My favorite dance is tango and I really liked the phrase: "Tango gives two people the feeling that they are one."
I like to cook delicious food. Often forced to have lunch and dinner in a restaurant. I miss home comfort.
I will try to send my photos every day and hope for reciprocity.
An ideal man should speak to women as goddesses, and treat them like children. I wanted to ask, do you have an ideal woman?
I am also ready to meet a new friend. If you want, then I can find time for our meeting. I have not had an intimate relationship with a man for a long time. I miss intimate caress. I think stop dreaming and continue to get to know each other.
I think this is very important in a relationship. I think we need to finish. I will wait for your next letter.
It’s easy to communicate with you and I really like it. I wish you all the best and take care of yourself.


2019 Nov 18
Hi dear ****! I often use the Internet for work. Thank you for responding quickly. Glad you want to meet you too.
In reality, you can see each other and enjoy the presence.
I am always very busy at my job. I am engaged in unwinding a bar, restaurant, company, company and much more. I help people start developing and always get a good cash fee for their work. I always help people if they need my help. All the bars and restaurants that I help spin up. They have become very successful in their field of activity. I like my job. I travel very often and have been able to see many countries.
Most of my friends use Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Viber for communication. I like to communicate in reality.
I will try to answer you every day, but as I said, I work a lot.
I also have a phone number. Now there is a lot of work and therefore I can not call you.
I was born in Germany, the city of Berlin. Now my parents live there, which I really miss.
We often see our parents. I often visit my parents in Germany.
My birthday is June 13, 1979. I am 40. My height is 171 centimeters. My weight is 59 kilograms. My parents live in Germany, there are also many relatives there.
I had very good training in Germany. I learned several foreign languages ??(English, German, Italian). Now I live and work in Ireland. It is very beautiful and picturesque.
But as I told you, I am often in Germany. My work often sends me to different countries.
Here in Ireland I have a nice apartment and a decent job.
In the field of marketing, I continue to work for 10 years and this brings me a stable income.
I am not married and have no children. I love children very much and always dreamed of my own family.
Acquaintance with local men, did not bring a positive result. Could not find understanding ...
I use a dating agency. I was asked to answer your profile. I agreed and hope to get your reciprocity.
Why do I need these acquaintances? To begin with, you and I can become friends, I hope you do not mind.
I do not want to make a guess, but I think that we will become much closer than friends.
I really like swimming, sex, golf, racing, traveling.
As they say, time will tell !!!
If we want to meet, then this is not a problem.
I travel often and I have the opportunity to visit various countries, both tourist and work.
Recently I read only magazines :-).
I listen to music and it’s mostly calm, Jazz, Blues.
Sometimes with friends we go to the latest movies at the cinema. Will you keep me company in the future?
I respect any work and can do a lot on my own. I like to dance :-)
I wanted to know more about you and your character. Tell me
about it? I think that you are a sociable and romantic man ... I guessed right? :-)
Now I am finishing and waiting for an answer. I want to continue
our acquaintance. Have a good day.
Regards Viktoriya.
P.S.In the photo my brother, sister, grandfather, mother.

2019 Nov 17
Good afternoon ****! All my friends say I'm a beautiful woman. I'm 40 years old. And I still haven't been able to meet my love. I will be glad to new acquaintances. I often travel and so you can choose a place to meet. I'll send you a photo so you can evaluate my appearance. If you want to continue your acquaintance.
By the way, I learned English, German and other languages. Then I will wait for your answer and your questions.
Yours Viktoriya.