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Starts here:

Dear Frank,

Congratulations, you have just received an email message from Zemfira!

For best results respond right away, with an email or a free 'show interest' message!

I wrote back and got this:

Hello Frank!
You probably have already understood, that my name
is Zemfira! I have decided to get acquainted
with the man on the Internet and I have chosen
you! I never communicated before on the Internet
and for me this kind of dialogue absolutely new! I
hope, that we can regularly exchange letters and
find out about each other some information. In the
course of dialogue I hope for mutual respect!
I wish to tell you about myself.
I very cheerful woman, try to be adjusted
positively for a life! In a life for me two things
are important is a family and friends! I had the
difficult childhood! I the orphan and I have grown
in a shelter! Whether I never saw the parents and
I do not know there are they in general! I have
not my family! Thus I hope find the man with which
I could to create a healthy and strong family! My
most treasured dream - to have an own family and I
search for the man with whom I could transform the
dream into a reality! I never was married earlier!
I think, that we could develop interesting
conversation and find out about each other very
many! Only I wish to ask you about one favour. I
would like, that in the course of our dialogue you
did not remind me that I do not have parents as me
very painfully to realise it and I I try not to
think of it! I would not wish to speak about it!
I can tell much about myself, but I do not like to
speak the past as at me the difficult childhood
was valid! But when I became full age I have
entered the institute and have left a shelter! I
have started to build an own life! It was heavy,
but I have achieved not small successes! I have a
work, I have very good friends and I appreciate
I live in city Kazan which is on distance of 800
km from Moscow! I rent apartment and itself I pay
for accounts. I have got used to do all as I have
no place to ask the help! I always count only on
myself. I the resolute girl and always achieve a
task in view!
I think, that it is everything, that I wished to
tell to you today!
If I have interested you also you wish to find out
about me more inform me on it! I
I will write to you tomorrow again!
I also hope, that you can write to me about
yourself a little! I send you some photos and I
hope, that you too will send to me some the
Here my electronic address:
I will wait for your letter tomorrow!
Your friend from Russia, Zemfira!
P.S. I wish to congratulate you on a holiday also!
Happy Valentines Day! Have good week-end!

In second !! letter came:

Also I would like to notice in the the letter,
that I have closed the profile because I wish to
communicate only with you. I hope, that you too
will support regularly with me conversation. I
would like to concentrate the attention to you and
consequently I have removed the profile.

To a very complex statement in letter from my side i got a :

I am glad, that you have answered my questions. It
was very important to me to find out answers to
questions which I set in the last letter. I very
much like your reasonings! It is very interesting
to communicate with the person who lives outside
of Russia!

Think must not tell more about "her"