Scammer Lyudmila Lyudmila Lyudmila

Lysychansk, Ukraine

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This scammer is using British actress, model and physical trainer Joanna May Parker's photographs. Joanna May Parker's Instagram says she was hacked.


Hello, !

Thank you for answering my letter. I am very happy to find out that
you read my letter and decided to answer me. It will be very
interesting to read about you.

, so, let me tell you about myself more then in my first letter
that was just a beginning:)))

I`m 36 years old. I am veterinarian. I love animals very very much and
I feel great to help our little friends.Do you like animals Santos? Do
you have any pets at home??

As for my language skills, I know English very good,at least I think
so. I finished language courses and speak English and a little bit
German.I think it`s great, because we can communicate without any
problems:)))Also as all the women I like cooking. Santos=)))) what is
your favourite dish? What would you like to taste on my kitchen?

, maybe my life seems perfect but it`s not... I live in the
east of Ukraine, in Lysychansk. I want you to know that it`s not war
zone so when we decide to meet we can do it.

, waiting impatiently to hear more about you in next letter!
Have a good day!

Lyudmila from Ukraine
Hello to you )))!
How are you doing??

,the world is full of bad people and it`s really hard to find
normal one.I`m not giving up. That`s why I`m here. To try to find my
man and maybe create something together...depends how it goes=))))) I
would be glad to read from you about your intentions.

I`m just ordinary woman but with un ordinary soul:) I have the angel`s
face but can be a little imp also:))))))) I`m fond of sport. I like
running most of all, especially in the morning or after hard working
day. It helps me to clear my mind. And what about you?? What hobbies
or interests do you have??

Santos,I don`t know is it important right now to tell you but maybe you
will ask me why I`m lonely....The story of my intimate life was really
long and hard one. I had relations for 11 years but they are over and
thanks God they were. This story is complicated. Someday I will tell
you about it with all the details and also would like to know about
your experience also.

I hope my letter was interesting to you and you will write me back
soon , wait for your answer!
Have a good day
Lyudmila from Ukraine

Hello, dearest !

Thank you very much for your answer. It`s a great pleasure to get it
and read today`s morning. You made me day full of positive emotions
and smile:)))))I hope my letter will make you feel better the whole
day too!:)))))).

Oh I really like mostly all kinds of music but not heavy metal when
people screaming. I love people singing=))I also like Matrix very
much.And Titanic as all the women.I haven`t seen Matrix for long.Would
be great to watch it together once"))))

, you know, in each letter I am talking about my intentions and
what kind of man I want to find. You can get bored reading this list,
haha. But I never asked you what you are really looking
woman. What`s the best type of woman for you? What`s your ideal woman?
How do you imagine the life with your new girlfriend? I
want turn the dates into something more or...??

, have you ever thought about our first meeting?? How would it
be?? I was thinking about it yesterday and even thinking about meeting
you is very exciting! I`m pretty much nervous about it.What do you
think about us together in real life??

Okay,darling, wish you wonderful day and send you my little but
passionate kiss I`m sure you would like it!!!
Your Lyudmila
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ist die gleiche wie sie …