Scammer Banahovskaia Liudmila

Chisinau Moldova

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Website on and several on the Russian sites:

We had contact over a long time. First we should meet in St Petersburg, I sent her money for for ticket. She had sent me a scanned copy of a false airline ticket! (Picture attached! This airline with these flights does not exist!)

She never appeared, but later we met on internet. She said that she was very unhappy, she wanted to cheat me, but she had come to really care for me and wanted to meet me.

She sent several letters asking for money, and I sent her money. I went to Chisinau to meet her, then she was not there because she "had had to go to the countryside for her grandmother's funeral". I should visit again, but when i sent her 250 euro one week before I should go, she disappeared.

This girl is extremely clever, she makes you really believe she wants to meet you without exaggerating. She chats in a very nice and friendly way on internet, she uses ICQ. She is very dangerous....

She sends a lot of pictures, includeing some nude and seminaked. It turns out that these pictures are already on websites on internet. Whether she has sent them to different guys who then posted on internet or whether she found the pictures on internet, I do not know. I don't know if she is the girl on the pictures. When speaking with her on the phone i often felt that the voice belonged to a woman older than 22 years..?

Her pictures are at these websites: (here she is the 4. girl when scrolling down)

All together, over 4 months she managed to receive 3000 euro....
Most of it was asked for during chats, here are some letters...


"Hello! I am sorry for yerstoday u had problems with my net i sent you sms and hope you reseved! So Flight at 25.11.2008 at 17.30 and arrive at 19.15 at SPB tickets two way cost 240 euro and i will take some bottles of our good wine and if you canhelp me about 30 eoru for my internet i tired with this one at all if you will send me 300 euro i will be very glad and thankfull to you!!!"
my data for transfer western union :
i sendind you dome my foto and with my best glf and cousin!
Bye kiss you and waiting from you message"!

I sending you a ticket to you be shure that i will come!!! I tald you i am very serios and interested in our meet!I always do all that i promise!
I was in Orange office and that i know that sim card coat 20 usd but for roaming i must have deposit 50 usd and 1 min cost there 2 dollars.And i have one problem i must show at our custom min 300 usd to be entered becouse i must show that i have money to live there and not goinh like prostitute becouse many our girls working there:("

"Hello,my dear!!!!
How are you ? how was your party? i was thinking all night about you!!!
You will kill me i spend yerstosay 160 usd :( and i am so shy and at friday i spend 50 on flowers to my mother birthday.i am so sorry ! Today i will start pack my bagage and i need buy some wine for us! I am realy sorru that its happened but i was so glad that i will come to you after 2 days that i was a little drunk (but i was a good girl).So i think thst you will not be sat at me and help me to come! Last time transfer please and meet me in airport i am so much waiting it!!!
Kiss you!!"

"send me please monday toll 13 o clock 250 euro and all ill be ok!!
Yerstoday i wasnt club staied at home but problems with internet and i havent money anymore to send you sms sorry it was last about money :(
hope tomorrow morning i will have sms with code