Scammer Gloria Gloria

USA North Carolina City
USA North Carolina City, google images

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Comment #156354
I had this scammer contact me recently. The email address used I have checked with this site. There was nothing recorded against it. They also sent me some picture which I know to be of a well known porn star Eva Lovia.
Comment #158378
I also got the same pictures as above. I forgot which dating site she was on. But gave the typical "I love you.......your the only one BS..............I want to marry you, etc? She claimed she went on some good will tour in various countries visiting orphanages and the like. Then she wound up stuck in some hotel in Africa, Ghana I think?

She claimed she had a hotel bill she couldn't pay....that her CC didn't work in Africa. That she wanted me to send her money to pay off the bill. And her Visa was about to expire. That she would pay me back once she got back to the states..........Lol yeah sure?

She sent me pictures of porn star Eva Lovia to entice me. I didn't know she was Eva Lovia at the time. But I learned my lesson not to send money online no matter the circumstance. Yea she wrote me all these long stories how she loved me so much, etc. I call it the "Love hook". They try to gain your confidence that they truly love you and they do a good job doing that. Just have to be realistic and ask yourself do girls really talk to you in real life or just online? If its just online then "Red Flag" should go up. Ask for a state ID and a video call. 99% of them will tell you their phone camera just broke. Or they need a new phone, then...........will you send me a phone so we can do a video call? Yeah sure honey just send me $150 for the phone and another $50 for shipping and I will get right on it...........okay baby doll? The video call is a scammers Kryptonite. If they give you BS excuses why their camera doesn't know your dealing with a scammer 99% of the time.

If their phone doesn't work then ask her/him to borrow a phone for 2 minutes? If you get more BS excuses............move on to the next douche bag. My experiences with online girls or possibly even guys posing as girls............happen to me once. Gross thinking your talking to a beautiful girl.............only to find out its some creepy looking guy living in a motorhome somewhere..........true facts.

No video call, no money honey, no deal.