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Comment #156296
Who (you or a scammer) initiated contact? Olga Zinenko
How was this contact initiated and on which website did you meet with the contact? Olga sent her first message to my email. Https://
Within what period of time did you have the correspondence with the scammer? 13 weeks.
While the correspondence did you notice anything strange or suspicious? I didn't notice anything suspicious. Last week, I began to have strong doubts.
In what way was the money request initiated and for what? She had arrived in Moscow and had a visa interview with the embassy but had not obtained a visa because she did not have enough money to live abroad during the trip.
What was the name of the person who received/requested the money transfer? Olga Zinenko. How much money requested? 1500 €. How much money was sent? 1050 €. How many times did the money request occur? Twice she asked.
How was the correspondence finished? She changed her request for money the second time and said that 550 € was enough and she would go to the embassy the next day to get her visa. The second time I sent money was 550 euros. Immediately afterwards, she disappeared immediately and she no longer responds to my emails.
Comment #156324
When are all you guys going to realise that ALL of the women on the dating sites re Scammers, Do not send Money!!!!
Suggest you will visit them, and if they are genuine, they will agree, if they don't it's about getting money from you!!!