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I am very pleased to write to you in this Wednesday. Today is my birthday, but probably it is the saddest birthday, because you are not around. The only person I would like to see on this day. Regardless of your decision, I am crazy nice read your new mail.
to tell to you in more detail, what is my problem. Actually, it's not simple, but without solving the problem, I simply would not be allowed out of Ukraine. We live in different countries, we are separated by different traditions, different laws, different languages. I plan I can find the right words to explain the essence of the problem. Need to address this issue urgently, because before my departure is a bit of time. With your permission, I will start.
As some citizens in my country - With the mind can not understand Ukraine why, as always warn about everything at the last minute. The whole problem is that I have a utility debts for the apartment - the unpaid bills for gas, electricity, water and so on. People who do not pay debts to a government agency are not allowed to fly abroad Ukraine until such time as not to pay the debt in respect of 100%. My debt is 14040 hryvnia (about 495 euro). I was just 100 euro, which I saved for pocket expenses. I had to pay all ot them to pay the debt. But now, I am still necessary to pay 395 euro, or I just won't be allow out of Ukraine.
Law adopted in our country a while ago because of many citizens went outside the country and left a huge utilities had to wait a long time, until the citizens can not go back.
My ardent Knight, I learned that there is a system WesternUnion. This system is very quick, the easiest, very safe way to transfer money. This is exactly what we need now. In order for you could find your nearest their branch soon soon ( It can be post office or in banks). You can find their official website in google. I hope for your trust and support. I am sure that is not for us a barrier 395 euro and you will be able to help me.
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user photo" of Ukraine nude model Anya Buromski , Irma B ,Irina , the list goes on , the model was a model on the net and her birthdate is August 1988 , this one said her birthdate is 1993 , the models first nude photo shoots were done in the year 2005 ,which would make olha 13years old ( under Age) She is very clever , never really asking , but plays emotional games to get money , claimed to be going to many different countries in an internship as a pediatric surgeon. Needs small amount of money to get her to your country , the small amount of money is not small be any standards , Compulsive liar , I have her true name and address , she writes to many many men using the same photo copied letters
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Also uses email , Olyadainty The photos used are of a fairly famous porn model , Can be found on the net as Irma Buromskih and many other names the main porn site is MPL studios , This person is more than likely a male , not the model in question, as when questioned about the movies and 1000 photos on the net seemed very confused and said her x was a policeman and hired hackers to destroy her . The letter on this page from Simon has the same address ,but the last name is Motrenko not Trembovetska as Simon wrote I am sure there are many names it will use ,but the true name is scammer said she was stuck in Kiev and working at McDonalds there as needed money to free her from the UKraine , I won't go into details here as she wrote to me for quite a few months so there are way to many letters to post here ,
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This woman if she is a woman as say rbby has wrote me a few months ago telling me the same history. Yesterday I received a new contact from her. This time a large letter offering to me a special porn treatment when she come to Spain, I am not sure yet. In any case, this woman (if she is a woman, I don´t know either) is a fraud who wants only asking money from abroad (Ukraine, Rusia...). It´s a scamer sure
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Ah, I forgot. To contact me she uses the mail She seems to be a great student of medicine in Zaporizhia State Medical University who Will come to Spain to perfectionate her knoweledgements. Be care of her