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Hi dear Klaus,

Thanks for your frank letter. I was very happy when have read your
letter. Excuse, that I have answered not at once you the letter. But
Internet cafe, whence I write to you did not work yesterday and the
day before yesterday. I hope, that you are not so malicious on me from
for it. Mine dear Klaus as to the address. Certainly it is good, that
you had an idea relative to send me the small book for survey of
sights. But in it there is no necessity. As I not so trust in mail at
us here in Russia. When my father was live, to it the book from other
end of Russia should come. He very long waited. And when to it have
informed that the book is sent, but it did not receive the book, it
has gone to learn in mail. Why its book has not come till now. To it
have told, that it was wasted during transportation. Also there were
more many bad cases. And after that I do not trust our Russian mail.
Certainly I understand, that you will send through good mail. But all
the same probability of there is not enough that I will receive your
book. And even if I will receive that still it is not known, in what
condition it will be. I understand, that you wish to make to me this
surprise. I understand, that you ïîñòfðàëñÿ. But Klaus, understand me
correctly I appreciate your gift but I do not want that your gift
simply so was in vain lost it is not known where. To me it will be
heavy if such will occur. Understand me please. I understand as you.
But give we will leave it. And YOU will show a city and all sights to
me!!! Give we will not spend for this time. Simply as soon as possible
I will arrive to you and then you already will show me the city, ok?
Only please do not take offence and understand me. So Klaus, I went to
tour agency and learnt all relative my arrival to you. I will require
the visa (the Tourist visa) it is very good visa. It is valid in a
current of 3 months. But in it there is nothing terrible as I can
increase visa period of validity then. The visa costs 300 euro. And
still I will require the medical insurance, the passport for travel
abroad and a number of some simple documents. The passport for travel
abroad costs 50 euro. And still I have learnt the relative ticket. I
have learnt, that the cheapest ticket from Kazan to Frankfurt costs
330 euro (it econom a class). And in general that I will arrive to you
to require the sum 680 euro. And when in tour agency to me eyes have
told this sum at me simply "have got out on a forehead". I did not
think to carry out the dream, to arrive to the unique man so much
money will be necessary. I was in a shock when has heard such sum. For
me it is very huge money. I wished to occupy money from my
acquaintance. But did not become, as it does not have husband and it
one brings up 2 small children. And I did not begin to borrow at it
money. As it and without me it is heavy to have. AS I wished to borrow
money for work but to me them have not given. I have asked to tell
why. But they have told, that simply will not give money. And now I am
in deadlock. I do not know that to me to do. I simply am in such bad
position and mood. As I very much wish to arrive and meet you and I
did not think, that all will be so difficult. I do not know that to me
to do. I do not have any mood. I do not want that my dream to meet
with you, have burst as a soap bubble. I Klaus, very much does not
suffice me your support. And I ask you. You can help me with this
sum??? Understand that you do it not for me and not for yourself. You
do for the sake of our general future. You all for me and I do not
wish to lose you. We have reached together this step and we should not
go back. We should move forward. We should make the following step to
our happiness. So, I wait for your answer. I very much require you
Klaus. I kiss and I embrace you.

Yours Alfiya.

Hi my beloved Klaus,

Thanks for yours as always sensitive, fine and delightful letters. After all your letters very much warm my soul.
It was very pleasant to me to see such quantity of letters. As I am glad, that you understand and listen to my opinion, it is very important for me-know your opinion.
Yes I understand all that you speak to me. My dear Klaus, we should finish all it and already meet. Yes I know, that there were many obstacles but what now to do. Without difficulties and happiness will not be, and it will be boring to live. My love Klaus, yes I understand, all about what we spoke. I needed to show 500 euro and I will arrive to you!!!! You remember it??? There have already passed 2 months as I should show all sum. Me does not suffice 500 euro to show 1500 euro at customs, to show the sum of money and to arrive to you. Everything, it is not so necessary to think out and search for other ways and decisions of our meeting. You understand it??? Especially, you after all know, when I will arrive to you, I will simply give you all this sum. My love Klaus, we are already familiar practically 8 months and we already on 100 metre straight lines, from finish!!!! It is necessary to make small, but much important jerk and we will be together.
I will go to bed now.
Kiss you.

Forever yours Alfiya.


Hi my dear Klaus,

I hope, that you there is nothing I you so I name. Thanks for your letter.
Each your letter to become very important for me. And each time when I receive your new letter, I read it with huge interest and attention.
Seriously. Thanks for your words concerning my grandmother. You have supported me!!! Your support is now very necessary for me. As you the unique close person for me!!!! Thanks for warm and kind words. I will transfer all your warm words of my grandmother. When last time last week I was at the grandmother on a visit. I often happen at her place. And here last week I have come to it. She has seen my smile and happiness in my opinion, and that fine at me fine and cheerful mood. And she has asked me at once why I such cheerful. I to it have told, that I have met you Klaus. Also that you such kind, remarkable, cheerful and sympathetic. The grandmother was very glad for me. She has told, that else never saw me such cheerful and that it is glad, that I am happy with you.
Mine dear Klaus, now I understand, why you suddenly have sharply changed.
I now sit in Internet cafe and I have found some information on those people which you spoke me "scammerin" in the Internet. Now I have read a lot of information on them. They are simply awful people!!!! I cannot simply understand why they so arrive with people!!!. It is wrong!!! It is impossible to gain money for feelings of the person and on love!!!! But I think, that if these "scammerin" so arrive, all the same the God all sees and will punish them!!!! All world is based on love!!! Where do not look everywhere there is a love. Without love there will be no future, there will be no children, there will be no mankind. Even when the person is enamoured, it does all better!!! The person is created only for love. And if the person in a life never loved strongly other person it it is simple so has lived the life!!!
And as to these bad people. Malicious always comes back harm!!! This saying the father when we were plundered by that guy has told to me.
And me it is bad that you do not trust me. From for these bad people, the simple girl as I will be never happy. And I so would like to be with you Klaus. And as to your age. Mine Klaus, for me the age has no value. You can and not believe to me. But I had bad relations in the past and you know about it. I had the men, which very young!!! And after all situations I have understood, that young men do not understand never women. The woman who wishes only love to create a family is not interesting to them. They do not wish to marry these women. To young men, it would be desirable to walk and have fun only. Only after 40 years they start all to understand and search for the love and to create a family. And the wisest men, it is those men which more than 40 years!!!! Simply to me did men many a pain and now I have laid down for myself the aim in a life to find the man who will appreciate, love and respect me. And I have found this man. This man you Klaus! !!! Only you listen, understand, support and do me happy!!! You have passed in a life much and you can always give a good advice!!! You the ideal man!!! In you there are all those qualities of the man which I searched so a long time. It is valid so Klaus!!! You all for me. Only you are capable to understand me!!!! Only you can make me happy!!! I also am now happy, that have found you Klaus.
I never tested similar feelings which I test to you. We have together passed through some problems and complexities. And our union from it only became stronger!!!
Here that I think of all it.
Those people who spoke you about me bad things, already suited the life. And your life still ahead and I understand, you, that you wish to create a family. After all to those people all the same, whether you will be happy, whether at you that will recollect. In 54 years, a life yet does not come to an end!!! And you not "old man"!!! The person live how many it will want. Some people find the happiness in 15 years some in 20 years. But many of them do not hurry up with it or it leave the favourite person from for the friends or acquaintances who do not wish to see the friend at the same time the person. But some people do not find the happiness never. And they sit already in 80 years in the house where there is nobody, they sit in full loneliness!!!! I do not want the such!! Understand each person builds the life itself. And I wish to construct the life with you. To me will be all the same, that about us will speak others. To me all the same, if your friends against ours with you of the union. The main thing, that we think the friend about the friend!!! Instead of that think of us!!!!
So Klaus, I will go this night to the grandmother. I will write to you tomorrow afternoon or in the evening.
I wait for your answer.
Gentle kiss and warm embraces for you wash Angela.