Scammer Ekaterina Biletskaya Katy

26, 9/11/1993
Odessa, Kiev Ukraine
Most Ukrainian/ Russians dating sites

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Comment #156164
Ekaterina contacted me on the loveme,com (A foreign Affair) about 21 months ago. We wrote letters to each other through several dating sites. She said she was a Christian and had strict morals and ethics. You cannot send money through the dating sites, but you can send gifts like perfume. She told me she dropped her bottle of perfume and it broke and needed a new one. We talked of marriage and I decided to see her in person in Odessa Ukraine. I had sent her gifts and had received photos of her getting the gift so I knew it was really her. She is a model so her photos are very prevalent on the internet. She is Lady111_1 on Instagram. She has an account on which is like Facebook in America. She won miss teen Ukraine at the age of 19 and was on several reality television programs in the Ukraine. While in the Ukraine her interpreter showed up at the hotel with Ekaterina in the passenger seat. They insisted on going out to eat at a restaurant so they took me to the Roasteria café and bar on Bunina Street. We all ate and the price should not have been more than 2000 hryvnias. The bill was 13,000! when I protested several men showed up blocking my way out. We were seated in the basement cove. Only one way in or out. I did not speak the language and was miles from the hotel and did not want to fight the other men so I had paid the bill plus another hundred in cash for interpreter services. That come to about $640 lost in 2 hours. After I got back at the hotel I found out from the others at the hotel that she had been doing this for about five years. In the summer months she is so busy that she does two men per day at the same restaurant. The Restaurant, the long. black, bushy haired interpreter, and Ekaterina are all equally guilty. I have warned several dating sites and her profile has been removed on some of them. On her latest profile on Charmdate she calls herself Katie (Profile ID: C193503) and list herself as living in Kiev. On the other sites she is in Odessa. I make low wages and it took me 18 months to save up for this trip and the money she took from was my food budget for the entire week I stayed in the Ukraine. I told them this at the restaurant and begged them not to do this to me and they laughed at me. When I left a review on TripAdvisor for the restaurant I found out that many men complain that they had been treated as I have. One guy lost $2,200! She still writes to me wanting a relationship and lots of money! This is my brief story. The email address I put down for her is not real. I do not know her real e-mail address, but had to put something down for the report to go through. I have always communicated with her through the dating sites. I can send you a picture or you can find one for yourself with little effort. On Bride-forever she is Ekaterina (ID: 55067). Thank you
Comment #169756
i confirm that she is a talented pro dater. i have date her from 2019 to may 2021 .she is very talented to steal your money make you think she is engaged with you. invent stories about her life, work with a community manager and her mother to fake her life. As she is really stupid, she forget to sanitize her social network like tik tok about the fact that she is going in vacancies with her ukrainian boyfriend while she pretends to love you.she calls you my love when she needs money. pretends to need money to study english while the school never existed. there is not anything real about her. Probably she needs the money to continue her several plastic surgeries. Never forget that there is never smoke without fire . If everyone says she is a scammer she is for real. I am probably the man who knows her the best. She is a poison. To avoid 100%
Comment #169757
Never forget that she have no interest in you. she likes only money. she was escort in dubai earlier. she was doing porta potties and other dirty practices in that time. On one occasion she got 10000 dollars to get fucked but the guy hit her so hard that he broke her jaw and all her teeth. No needs to tell that she have not even a single sip of love for men. she likes bucks. Her mom doesn't like what she does)))
Comment #169758
she doesn't believe in love guys only in "clever men" that keep paying all her expenses. But she doesn't even want to fuck for the price))). To keep contact and meet you, it's never for free. You need to pay all. As soon as you say no, she fires you and start to find a new prey. this is how she works. there will never be any feelings in her heart. 100% business
Comment #172871
Katerina biletska for her real name, works withTamara Kilinkarova. Whois also a dangerous scammer. She work in team with the infamous ekaterina biletskaya since 2018. I have hired a private investigator in Odessa to have both of them get checked. They are specialized in dating scams with a classical pattern in Ukraine. They bring you to a restaurant they work with, where you will have 2 types of scams. First one you get a fraud on the number of courses on bills. For instance I got a bill scammed by multiplying x10 some items like cocktails. Second type of pattern the menu special foreigners in English only sure. The price are x3 up to x5 to scam in a more subtle way. But at the end the interpreter gets 15% and the girl usually 15% to 20%. They do it for 3 years now as a team. According to the detective they scam about 30 to 150 men à year. You can calculate easily 15% of 600 dollars average bill means minimum 90 dollars per client. X150 =13500 dollars a year and more likely close to 20000 as many guys mistake themselves and go to 2 or 3 dates before really realizing they got scammed. When you know that the average salary is between 2500 and 4500 dollars for 1 year, you will understand why they are not going to stop it...
so guys never accept to go on a random meeting in a restaurant you did not choose. If girl or interpret doesn't accept your terms it's a scam!