Scammer Veronika Pitt Veronika

Belgorod, Russia
Belgorod, Russia
Unsolicited email. Google images

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I had this scammer contact me via an unsolicited email. I have had this scammer contact me on a couple of previous occasions over the years. I have checked this email address with this site. There was nothing recorded against it. They have also sent me photos which I have seen before. I have googled these pictures. Of course it revealed numerous reports on other scam sites. It also produced the extra emails addresses included here. The pictures belong to a lady named Anna Meleshina.
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Lover, Such a pity...

Lover, I almost don't have money to stay in Moscow. And soon this money will be over too. And I will have no other choice just to go back to my city. I already wrote to you – Such a pity as I will not use my visa. I have spent so much money and forces to get it. And it is so offensive to go back when only one step is left. I told you many times that I needed money just to cross the board That is it! When I come to you, I will immediately give you the money back. You will not loose anything. I need this money just to show at the customs. As soon as you meet me at the airport, I will give you the money back. Please, trust me. I know that you have to pay bills. And you can't afford it to spend extra money but I will give you it back as soon you meet me at the airport. And if you really want me to come, then send me this money. If you don't then I will have to sell my ticket and go back to my city. And everything I did was just a waist of time. Please, think on this if you really want me to see. Everything is in your hands. Marietta.