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She contacted me. Refers in replies to things I have told her in emails. Quickly writes about sex being very explicit. Finally picture search turned up she is writing to quite a few men who reported her to other scammer sites. Uses various names. Naturally wants to meet in person. Would no surprise me if a male is writing. They are trying for sure to screw men, screw them out of money
Promises contact on Skype but I am sure that will not happen

Last email I got

Hello my exquisite Xxxx What's your mood like? I hope my letters can
make your day more positive. My mood is wonderful because I read your
letter. Thank you for these pleasant feelings. I am ashamed that I
could not answer you before. I hope you will forgive me. I had
difficulties at work, but now everything is over. Thank you for
sending me pictures of your cozy home. I really liked what style you
have everything. Honestly, you can rarely see such an order in a man.
You surprised me with this. I liked the photo of your house. Your
house looks very nice and seems very spacious inside. I like that you
can give me your attitude, I sensed your mood and want to reciprocate.
I am very glad to understand that somewhere far away there is a person
who gives me the emotions that I lack. And this fact makes my days
brighter and more positive. I like to get to know you and share my
thoughts. I studied English at the University, but I managed to learn
to communicate only after I passed special courses. The courses were
necessary for me because at that moment I started to travel a lot. In
all countries you can communicate in English. Learning English has
become a goal for me. I think it's a language which is known all over
the world. Now my level of English is high enough to communicate
fluently in English, but I have a little accent. I hope that doesn't
bother you because my accent might look funny. I'm glad I found
someone I can trust with such private information about me. To be
honest, after I sent you my previous message, I had a mixed feeling. I
was glad that I decided to take this step and felt embarrassed at the
same time. I sent the letter because I'm sure the relationship needs
to talk about this. I understand that relationships aren't just about
sex. But I think that sexual compatibility plays a very important role
in a relationship. It is important to understand what emotions your
partner can give you, whether he shares your principles and whether he
can support any desires. I'm sharing my fantasies with you because I
haven't had sex in a very long time, and lately the thought of sex has
been growing in my head. I have lustful desires, but I can not allow
me casual sex. In my life, sex was only when I was in a relationship
with a man, so my pussy really missed hard cock. I think we have a lot
of common fantasies and desires. But we can't do it right now, because
there's a long distance between us. We can continue to communicate and
get closer every day. I want to know how to give you maximum pleasure
so that when we have the opportunity to meet soon, I can be sure that
we will contact correctly. I am convinced that we should not ignore
our desires and fantasies, because our future pleasure depends on it.
My cute Jay I just reread everything I wrote to you and feel excited
about these thoughts. I put my sexual emotions into this letter. How
do you feel about that? I hope I'm not scaring you with my honesty.
Tell me what you think about it in your next letter. I'll try to cool
off now, because I realized I wanted to open my mind. In a
relationship, it is very important to be sincere and open, because
otherwise there is a crisis in family life. In my opinion this is due
to the monotony of life and its sexual component. Because if every day
there is one and the same dish, it can quickly get bored, but if you
add to it unusual seasonings, you get a completely different taste.
It's the same with sex. Diversity in sexual life supports the spark
between partners not only in intimate terms, but also improves mutual
understanding. I am convinced that the couple who dreams fulfills
their fantasies because of the embarrassment of discussing it is less
happy than the couple who discussed and embodied their fantasies into
reality. We need to talk about this. If there are secrets or not full
revelation will not be happy. I overcame my embarrassment and told you
everything I think because it's very important to me. I hope you
appreciate my thoughts. On this I finish my letter, I kiss yours Olha.
P. S. Unfortunately, I can't use instant messenger because of my
phone. I can't use the apple store because of my apple id. I can't
remove my iphone profile from the previous owner. So I can't download
apps. I think it would be better for us to continue to communicate by
e-mail now. As always my photo for you.