Scammer Natalya

31. My birthday is 3 September 1987.
Russia Irkutsk Region
Veselaya Ulitsa dom 10, Moty, Irkutsk Oblast, 666025, Russia.

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Comment #155522
Hello xxx
This is my second letter. I am Natalya.
I want to say again, I am very glad to meet you!
I often think about people - I think that people are different.
Same time, they are alike.
I already told you:
I like to communicate and I get on with people of any age.
I like to find new friends. This is very interesting.
May be that someday I will find my second half.
Because lately I feel lonely...
Therefore, I very glad to receive your letter.
Internet communication is help for me.
Every day more difficult and difficult for me to
communicate with people who live near me.
I don't criticize them...
Now I understand that I should have been born not in Russia.
I don't know, Do you want communication with me or not?
But I'd really like to get answer from you.

Comment #155532
I had this scammer contact. She wrote to me from my email address: as Zoya. The pictures are as fake . She uses different e-mail address and names : Zoya Pototskaya, Elena Pavlova, Anna Nodiya, Snezhana Ibuseyeva, Kseniya Lupalova, Olga. She says she lives with her grandfather. Then she writes that her grandfather died. She wants you to send her € 320 or $ 360 to come she live with you. She asked for money so she could reach me, when I wrote to her that I was coming for her, she simply stopped correspondence. This is a very prolific scammer at the moment. There are several reports on this site for the scammer.
Comment #155533
First she writes that she writes from an Internet cafe, then from the school library where she works as a cook. She uses a name Larisa Topko and Elena Pavlova. In the last e-mail it says that she was robbed at the airport and ash me I send her money urgently and that she slept at the airport.
Comment #155540
This scammer is very prolific, she has written to me for a while now. The pictures get more Porno as they go. She or he is a real pest. I bet there are 10 reports for on there recently.
Comment #156318
Hatte auch das Vergnügen mit dieser Dame , ausgeraubt , Krankenhaus , Flughafen kenne ich alles von ihr :-(
Auf Geldanfragen hin , gebe ich nur an , sei hier und ich erstattet alle unkosten die Du hattest , denn dann seh ich das Du real bist .
Meist kommt dann nix mehr