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Tries to act genuine, flirts then tries to control man by belittling him
I kept responding that hope you have all money to travel here, as she kept saying my client will pay for Real Estate

2019 Aug 21
Hello my dear ****!!! It is very important for me to understand your words and see your feelings and your protection. When I read your letter, I imagine that you speak your words in real life! And you can’t believe it, but I really hear all your words for me. :) My mother always said that I have a wild fantasy. We have known each other for a long time. At this time, you become an important part of my life. And I feel that I too have penetrated your life. :) I hope that this gives only good feelings! I never want to offend you and I never want to have conflicts. It is very difficult. But I will try very hard. But you must also listen to my words and understand all my feelings. If we do everything right, then we can have a perfect understanding, as it is now. I have wisdom for a man.
We are approaching our meeting and it is very important for me to take the next step. Now that we are both ready for our meeting. Then we will have to make every effort and then we will meet.
I have to give you very important information. Typically, customers pay the cost of the ticket. Unfortunately, now the client will not pay for my ticket. Money will be returned to me when I manage to issue a contract. I have to check my finances in order to pay for a ticket. I have a good news. I will be able to go to your country as a contract for the purchase of real estate must be issued in your country. It was very important for me that my client agrees to buy property in your country. Now I have to check finances and then I can buy a ticket. I hope this news will make your day happy.
I see that you talk a lot about love and feelings for me. Of course, I am very pleased. I see that you already have a good experience in life for a woman. I can’t say what love means to a woman! But I am sure that this is a magical feeling that closes the mind and reveals only passion and warm feelings in the soul. I can not explain it. But I am sure that love does not happen at first sight. This feeling that comes to you over time, sometimes quickly or slowly! But this is the most wonderful feeling that a person can experience in life! What do you think about this?
Sorry if I can’t answer that day. There are many household chores that need to be done. You are always in my thoughts. I miss when I can’t answer you faster. I often think to wake up in your arms. This contract is important to me and it will provide an opportunity for a meeting. I really want to meet you.

I do not want to deceive you and you must understand and see my feelings! Listen up! My fingers cannot stop writing you a letter! I hope that today you will have a good day, and your new day will give you only joy!

I'm waiting for your answer. Only your Linda !!!

2019 Aug 19
Hello my sun ****!!! How are you? I'm all good! Now only your letters give me joy and happiness. I can not imagine my life without your letters. You become an important part of my life. Thoughts about you give me energy and a desire to change my life and the life around me.
Today I received a positive response. Therefore, I can start collecting things for the trip. I am so happy that I will be able to meet with you soon. Today I have to contact my client so that he can pay for my trip. What do you say? You can send your phone number (area code and your country). Also, be sure to send your home address, your full name, airport. If you have already sent me this information and I may not have seen it. I hope it will not be difficult for you to send all the information to me again. I still have a lot to do. Now all my thoughts are to meet you soon. Do you feel happy ?? I feel happy!!!

I hope you have a very good day today. But if you are lonely, and you have a bad mood, then close your eyes and imagine that I will give you a massage for your neck. :) I think that this will give you a good mood and relaxation. You know? I can do a good massage. Sometimes I make some money on this. I do massage for young children for good development and for physical education. A few years ago a professional massage therapist came to my girlfriend, and I took free lessons from him. I think you will be pleased to receive a good massage for your back or neck. :) What do you think about this?

I am finishing my letter! I really miss you and I will wait for your answer. Today I plan to take some DVD movie for the evening. Tell me which movies do you like to watch lately? You see that I want to finish my letter, but my fingers cannot stop. My time is running out. Today I am very tired and want to spend evening time on the couch.
I really miss!!!! I'm waiting for your answer!
Only your Linda !!!! kisses for you !!!!!

2019 Aug 16
Hello my dear man ****!!!
I do not have Skype. And now you will not communicate with me? I tell you about my feelings, but it seems you just want sex sex sex. I feel that your thoughts are set to have sex with me. I'm tired of men who want only sex from me. I want sincere love, warm communication and pure trust.
I thank you for your message. You can’t imagine that each of your letters gives me joy and thought that I’m not alone. In my life for a very long time there were no thoughts that I feel now. I am sure that your life will also change with each of my letters. It's true? I feel that you are thinking about me and sometimes I have thoughts that we are thinking about us at the same time. Now I really see that you are my man, and that I am your woman. I understand that I speak very frankly, from the very beginning of our communication I told you that I was frank! I do not want to hide my thoughts! I want you to understand my intentions.
Now I am confidently reading your every letter and I believe that you will never leave me. Now I look at my past life with a smile. It gives me a smile because I have lived a long life, but only now I really feel that I meet a good man. And that give me the internet. I could not think about this a month ago. :) What do you think about this?
I think you know little about my work. I work for myself and therefore I always need to personally look for orders for work. I already told you that I now have a good order. And I can get a good fee for my hard work. Now I have to prepare for this trip. I have several options where I can go. I can choose a plan for my trip and immediately let you know where we can meet. Are you ready for our meeting ?? I YES !!!
I think every man has jealousy. Because it is to give nature to men. But I think this should be the right measure. At my work, a woman works who is constantly experiencing stress from his husband. Every day her husband accompanies his wife to work and meets, because he has jealousy. Sometimes he hits her, but just like that !!! He is jealous of everything and everyone. He is a fool and constantly thinks that his wife is cheating. It's a disease! I think that the right relationship should be based only on trust and understanding. Trust is the most important part in communication between a man and a woman! Do you agree? But it is imperative to have responsibility for trust. For example, if I am faithful to you, then you too must be faithful to you. Hope you understand my thoughts. I hope you understand my thoughts correctly.
I am finishing my letter. Hope you enjoy getting my photos? As you can see, I don’t like to use a lot of makeup. Because I think that cosmetics is needed only for a not beautiful woman. You understand? I love only natural beauty.
I look forward to your reply. I hope that my letter does not burden you. I wish you a good evening and a pleasant stay. A hot kiss is just for you. I am waiting for your letter.
Only your Linda !!!!!

2019 Aug 14
Hello my sun ****!!! My man ****!!!!!

I am very happy that our contact has a good continuation! It is very important for me! You must find out that each of your letters gives me joy and a warm feeling in my mind! I feel that I am not alone !!! I am very pleased to see your interest in my life and for my future. I can write to you long and beautifully what a nice and handsome man you are! But now I want to tell you that I just want a very serious relationship with you! I want to tell you that of course I can try to build love in my country. But I have a very bad experience !!! Most of the male population love only relaxation, vodka and sex. It does not give me joy and good prospects. I met you and this will give me peace and confidence that you will have a different life and that you will have responsibility for me. It is very important for me to see your responsibility for me. I do not want to lose you and constantly think about you and our future. I don’t want to make a decision about our future very quickly, but it’s very important for me to understand that I have very serious intentions for you. I do not like games and do not have experience in playing with a man. And because of this, I take your every letter very seriously. I am very afraid that you do not seriously understand our contact. Now we are very far away, but this is not a problem for me! I really want us to continue to have correspondence and I think that very soon we will have a serious solution for our future. Now I don’t see anything bad in your life. I ask you to tell me only the truth, because I give you only open words and thoughts.
Today I want to tell you the good news. I received an offer from my partner. You already know that I work in real estate. I love my job and it always remains a respectable business. Therefore, if I sign this contract. I have to go to another country for business. Perhaps it will be even France, Germany, America, Portugal, Italy, Latvia, Russia, which I would like to visit soon. I am offered a bargain. Therefore, I can agree or refuse. My contract will help meet. You understand?? Also, this contract is very profitable. Profit will be very large. About 11.000 Euro. This is a very big deal and I do not want to refuse. Your opinion is very important to me. I have to decide faster. And make the right decision !!
I have not had a good deal for a long time. Therefore, I think I must agree to make this money. Also, I need it for a trip to your country. I would really like to make a deal and also meet with you.

I really miss you and am waiting for your answer. I hope that I will not lose your letters and your contact. I really like you and I want our contact to continue.
I'm waiting for your answer. only your Linda !!!!

2019 Aug 11
Hello my sunshine ****.
I am glad that our relationship has made good progress. Before writing a letter for you, I always think for a long time to correctly show you my feelings. I try very hard because you become a very important part of my life. Now I see in you my man. Do not pay attention to my frankness. I always say everything frankly. It is very important for me to build frankness right away. I think that without trust, we cannot have an understanding.
I am a little worried because I want to ask an important question. I hope you are ready to talk about it. I want to meet with you and I'm sure you also want to stand next to me. We should start talking about our meeting. I need to check the schedule at work. I am tired of loneliness and therefore there is a huge desire to meet with you. What do you think of our meeting !?
I see that you have vigor in your affairs and in your soul. You are an optimist and do not deny it! I see it in your letters. And I want to say more precisely! I do not see it! I feel it !!!! I also see that you are romantic, but it’s deep in your soul, because you don’t have a partner who will open it in your soul. I hope that I can cure your loneliness, and that we will be good partners.
I say that we will have a family, because now I really want to talk about it. But the most important thing is that you should find out that I am very, very, very pleased to receive your every letter. And that your every letter gives me joy and light. I feel like I'm not alone.
When I write you a letter, it is always like a little adventure for me. And when I go home from my work, I always think for a very long time about my words that I wrote to you.
I hope you will have a good evening. I wish you only a good mood, and I want your life to give you only good weather.
I really look forward to your reply. I hope that you will not be offended by my frankness.
I just want to talk to you without a mask. Now a lot of people have a mask, and not have frankness.
But I know that frankness and trust is very important !!!!
I'm waiting for your answer. Only your Linda !!!

2019 Aug 9
Hello my joy ****!!! I keep our friendship in my heart and constantly think about you. It is very important for me to receive your letters every day. I feel that I am not alone when I see your letters and your concern.
I see that you really have serious intentions for me, and that you are a reliable and responsible man. Are you ready to change your life?
How do you imagine your future? What are you dreaming about? What goals do you have for your future? Please answer these questions. But
only frankly. I try to speak with you only openly.
I always think that in any person there should be a solid core, goals in life, only then can a person achieve results,
but of course circumstances play a big role. Do you agree? I am very glad that I have good circumstances for our contact!
How do you see your life? You are a grown man and I see that you have a solid life. Do you like it? What do you think about your life ???
Do you think that your life has happiness ????
I think that my life has luck in everything, but I do not have a family and this will give a crisis in my life. I can not be realized as a woman.
I hope you understand. Your letters help me understand that I am a real woman.
Are you a pessimist or an optimist? I feel that you are optimistic if you write me good letters. I want you to always have good
mood for me.
I have a serious intention for my correspondence! and I hope that in the future we will have a real meeting, I seek
the person whom I can give my love and care. I want to create a solid relationship (for me this is not a simple word, it is
have a deep meaning), so that we are happy, so that we can always be there. I hope that I do not offend you with these questions, I
I just want to know your goals, because I really like you and therefore I am so interested !!! I think God created a woman
only for men. A woman should give warmth and love to her man. A man needs caring for a woman, protection and reliability
to give! Then there will be complete mutual understanding in communication!
I do not have many friends because I can not often have contact with them. This is because all my
girlfriends have a family. They cannot give me much time. Because of this, I feel lonely. But now everything is fine, because I
I am writing this letter and I'm not alone !!!
I will be happy to see your answer. I am very happy and waiting for your next message. I hope that you will sincerely understand
my thoughts.
Only your Linda !!!

2019 Aug 8
Hi dear ****!!! I am happy to see your answer. It is very important for me to receive your letters, because it gives me a special feeling that I am not alone! What is your mood? How is the weather in your house? I want to tell you that now I think of you as my man. I hope that this is not a problem for you. I keep thinking about you. We know little, but for a very long time I did not have contact with a man. I hope that you understand and give freedom to my emotions.
I like your photos. I can now look at the photo and imagine how you breathe and speak. I love barbecue. I hope you will cook meat for me when we meet?
What you feel about me? How do you represent me? I am an ordinary woman who wants to find love and understanding. What do you think about our relationship? I am very interested to know this, because I see that you spend your time for me almost every day. I want to tell you that in this short time that we know, you have become a part of my life. I like it very much. :)
Last night I had a long walk, and imagined that you were there. It was very nice. What do you think of me ??? I see that you are a serious man, and that you really have serious intentions for me. What do you like about a woman? What qualities are important to you? What don't you like? I really do not like lies !!! I think this is the worst sin. I want to immediately tell you that if we decide now that we are a couple, then we must speak only the truth in order to build trust and understanding. I think that trust is the most important part in a relationship. Without trust, it does not make sense to build love. It is like the foundation of a house!
I have seen so many people who have no confidence, and in the end it has always collapsed. Jealousy burned love. And what does trust mean to you? I really want to call you "my man" !!! Will you let me say that? I want to call you mine because I keep our friendship in my heart. I'm sorry that I frankly tell you these words. But I am a frank woman and always speak my thoughts directly. I hope that this is not a problem for you. I also want you to tell me all your thoughts. It is important to build understanding and spiritual contact. I want to tell you that in the past, other men try to meet me. But I do not feel their sincerity! I do not feel their serious intentions! And in you I see it from the first letters! And now I am very happy that I choose you. and no mistake! Do you have other contacts on the internet? I do not have jealousy, but I want you to tell me only the truth and have responsibility for your words. I hope that I do not give you a load for your mind. But for me it is very important. Because my life is not a game. I have a soul and I am a living woman who wants to find love and understanding. My age is 37 years old and do not want to have a game.
I was very pleased to write you this letter. I hope that you will seriously understand my thoughts.
I am really looking forward to your next letter, I hope that you like to communicate with me !!!!!

Your Linda!!!

2019 Aug 7
Good day ****!!!!!!!!!
Very nice to see your answer. I begin to feel that I am not alone. Are you pleased to receive my letters ???

Tonight I plan to make a good dinner for my mom. She will come to visit me to visit me. It is always give joy. I'll fry the chicken in the sauce. What kind of food do you like? Do you eat a lot? Do you like meat? I love to cook with my hands because it is a place to be creative. I haven't been to a restaurant for a long time. Because it doesn’t have a special need, because I can make food with my own hands and give me a big interest too.
Please tell me about your hobbies. What sport is developing in your country? Do you like sports? Do you often do sports? What is the place to take sport in your life? I want to say that now I do not do sports very often. But once a week I definitely go to the swimming pool and I always try to go to the eastern gymnastics to keep my figure and flexibility in order.
I hope that I do not give you a lot of questions? I'm not tired of you? I just want to show my life and my character so that you can represent my image in real life.
I dont have a car. But I can drive a car and I have a driver's license. What is your car? Do you like to watch the sunset and sunrise?
I am very pleased to give you questions because I am very interested in your life. Please tell me something about your life and how to pass your usual day. And please do not forget to send your photos. I will be very pleased to receive them.
I am looking forward to your reply. Your Linda !!!

2019 Aug 3
Hi dear ****!!! I am very interested to receive your letters. Please do not stop. It gives new emotions and I like it with each letter more and more. I hope that you will not stop our contact. It is always very interesting to have a new acquaintance, but only if it is to have serious intentions. Especially with you. It is very pleasant and to give a lot of emotions for each of my and your letter. :) I really like to have a dialogue with you! I always wait a moment to have a calm mood to write you a letter. :) What do you think about my letters and about my life ???
Why do you think that I offended you. You yourself seem to like everything to decide for me. I do not like to talk about sex in the letter. Because I think this action is exciting. We are far from each other. And talking about sex is starting to excite me.
What intentions you have now for me. I do not want you to talk about your future, but I want you to understand that I seek only serious intentions for a relationship. I think I'm starting to repeat my words. But I'm very scared if you play with my feelings. What do you think about our friendship? I know little about you, but I want to read your letter every day, because it gives me the feeling that I am not alone. I think that for a start we must have a good friendship in order to study each other well. For me, your life is a mystery and I am very interested to find out everything that happens in your life. I hope you are not tired of my letters. And you are always pleased to read my posts. From the very beginning I want to speak only the truth and sincerely discuss all the issues that will appear in our life. It will be nice to see your answer tomorrow. If you find it difficult to answer any questions, then do not pay attention to these questions. :)
I visited almost all European countries and I liked it everywhere. Everywhere has its charms and interesting places. Every country and every city is beautiful in its own way. I love to watch the fire burning. I like swimming and getting a tan on the beach. I love to cook.
Do you like presents? What is the last gift you received? I was presented with sunglasses for Prada Christmas.
I like to celebrate the holidays in good company and I have a dream to meet you so that our meeting would be a holiday.
I will have more free time next month and therefore I want to meet you.
Do you mind if I invite you for a cup of tea, coffee?
I'm really looking forward to your letter. Have a nice day !!! Your Linda !!!!

2019 Aug 2
ood day ****!!!! Very nice to see your answer. Your letters give me something new for my life !!! I hope your health is normal. I will send you a photo and hope it will give the sun and warmth. :)
I told you that I was not interested in sex at the beginning of our communication. We are so little familiar that I do not even want to say my size. I am not pleased that you have these first questions. You become like all men who want and see only sex. So sorry that I started to make mistakes and it seems to make the wrong choice. Mail was named spontaneously.
By the way, thanks for the photo. I really liked them!
I am very pleased that our dialogue has a good continuation. I think we understand each other very well! In the near future we will definitely try to have a conversation in real life.
What do you think about the internet ??? Does it bring people together ??? What do you think when you write me a letter ??? Before writing you a letter, I think a lot and try to imagine your character and your life. But now it is difficult! I hope that you will get me closer to your life every day.
I have a favorite hobby. I like to ride a bike. If I have free time. I can skate for a few hours. It also helps to keep a good figure. Now I think I can do it not only for myself. But I will keep in shape my figure for you.
By the way I want to tell you the good news. My friends promised to help me with setting up video chat. When there is more free time, I promise to do it.
I do not want to invade your life and I want your dialogue with me to be conscious, and you understand all the responsibility, because I am waiting for your answer. Hope my pics give you joy. I look forward to your reply!
Hope you have a very nice day! Waiting for your answer!!!!! Linda !!!

2019 July 31
Hi ****, how are you? I was delighted when I saw your answer. I think that we need to communicate more often and get to know each other more. Our dialogue will help to become friends.
Now I'm a little lost in my thoughts, because I do not have the experience of writing a letter for a man. I am not such a young woman and it is difficult for me but I try very hard for you to see my thoughts and my world. In Life, I had only business correspondence. :) But I will try. :) Now I have a very good mood to write you this letter. I send you my mood!
I was really looking forward to your answer and thought about you yesterday. I am very pleased. But I want you to always write me a good and great letter. It is very important for me that you openly give me your thoughts. Very interesting to know about your life. If we have common interests, we will not see this distance. Hope you understand my thoughts.

You might be interested in learning about my work. I will tell you so, my job is to give me everything for my life. I work at a real estate agency. I deal with the purchase and sale, lease of commercial and residential real estate through the information of the partners in the transaction and receive a commission. I often have to travel to Europe. I have been working for a long time and I do not have time for personal life. Of course, I meet friends and I can spend my time cheerfully. In my free time I can go to the gym or I can just take a walk on the street. I can go to a cafe or just sit at home in front of the TV.
Tell me in detail about your work, about your interests? Tell me how you usually spend your days off and work day. May I ask? Why are you alone? Why are you looking for an online dating? This is very important, because if you are looking for a game and easy flirting, then we have different roads. I received many letters from men who only want sex and offer it right away. It really hurt me. I think that sex is an important part of life, but it can only be if love comes first. Do you agree? If love prevails, then sex turns out very hot and pleasant. :)

I want to tell you a little about myself! I hope that you will be interested. My family is very small but we are very friendly and support each other! I did not have a dad because he left my family when I was 15 years old. My mother retired 2 years ago and now does not work. My mother and I live separately. I have my own apartment. Sometimes we go to visit each other. If you are interested in something, do not hesitate to ask me questions. I see a lot in this life! I also have a sister who lives in France. And of course I will be glad to see your little story about your family!
I like to go to the cinema, sometimes theater. Sometimes I visit the pool and gym. This is giving vigor to my body and good mood. I think that only a healthy body will have vigor and good mood. Do you agree? I like to read books, but only before bedtime, because I do not have another time for this. :) This is to give me good thoughts before sleeping. :)
I will not tell you much about my life. If you are of particular interest for some moments of my life, then feel free to give me questions. I'm waiting for your answer! Wishing you a nice day.
And please do not forget to send me a photo. Linda!

Tuesday, 30 July 2019, 2:02:33 am AEST, <> wrote:

Hi cute ****!!!
Life has become filled with deceitful people. But you need to communicate with people in order to understand each person. I always say only the truth. Therefore, I want you to trust me. We will not be able to build relationships if there is no trust between us. I must tell you that in all countries there are deceitful people. I consider these people unhappy because they do not know how to make money honestly. These are sick people who need treatment. Do you agree with me???
Thank you for giving me the answer. For me, it does not matter that we have a distance. We are modern people and if we have serious intentions to find the second half for the soul, then distance is not a problem.
I want to immediately tell you that I do not have special plans for the West, because you probably might think that I am looking for a man in another country to change my life or look for a fat wallet. It is not true. I am an ordinary single woman and just want to try to find an adequate and normal man so that he has responsibility for his woman.
Do you understand my thoughts? Now I am a free woman and my soul is ready to start something new. Of course, Riga has a lot of right men, but I have a special age for that. All men at my age have a family.
Or if you do not have a family, then these are men who have wind in their heads and have contact with women only for sex or play. I hope that you understand correctly and you will see intentions and desires. For me, sex is important, but you need to look at things wisely as it can happen when we are more familiar and can meet. My sister, who lives in France, told me that in the west, men always have respect for a woman and have the right behavior for a woman. :)
I want to live for a man, I want to give my warmth and loyalty. Perhaps this is the right way. Loneliness does not give happiness to a woman. A woman without a man begins to dry like a flower without the sun and water. If you are not afraid, then we can try to build a normal contact or maybe a simple friendship. The future will show on the new road and new horizons for happiness. But First we must start writing letters about our life. Feel free to show me your life! I will also try to open you my life. :) I will be very pleased to receive a little story about your life. I am interested in your present time, your thoughts, your dreams and desires. Tell me about your workplace. How do you spend your free time ??? What hobbies do you have? Favorite color? :) what music give inspiration to you? It will be very interesting to see this. Tell me about your parents, about your family.
You can give me any questions. I will definitely try to give you a complete answer. Just do not ask me to send you erotic photos. I can have a conversation about sex. but I think only in real life.
I'm waiting for your answer. The Internet is not a problem for me, because I use the Internet in the workplace. Now I do not keep internet for the house. Internet in the workplace to meet my needs. :)
Really looking forward to your reply. I hope that you will seriously understand my words. I wish you a good evening. Tomorrow I'll really be waiting for your answer all day.
And please do not forget to send me your photos. It is important! Your Linda!

Sunday, 28 July 2019, 9:10:19 pm AEST, <> wrote:

Hello friend! What is your name? Today is a good day. Thank you for answering me so quickly. I hope you will understand my words correctly. I can easily communicate in English, German. If you do not understand me. Then I can always use an electronic translator. Hope this will not be a problem for us. :) We will definitely be able to understand each other.
I could open my heart in this letter. But we are not familiar and I think it's time to start talking about myself. My name is Linda. I like my name and want to know your real name. By the way I'm 37 years old. My height is 170. I weigh 60.
I was born in Riga, Latvia. Write the name of your country. This is a beautiful country. Due to lack of time, I rarely suggest dating men on the street. And so I decided to use a dating agency. I was offered your profile and therefore I responded to your email address. I began to feel very lonely and therefore I need male care.
I often travel to European countries (Germany, England, Italy, Russia, Spain). I like my job. I sell real estate. Therefore, I must often negotiate with my clients. I have already been in many countries of the world. I got the impression that I want to live in a European country. For example Germany. I like this country. I could not find a man for a relationship in my city.
In my life I talked with several men and unfortunately it did not work out to build a strong relationship. I was deceived many times. Broke my heart. My friends betrayed me many times. Are you ready to build a strong relationship with me ???
I want my partner to have good qualities: sincerity, trust, love, care, understanding !!! It becomes difficult to find a man with good vitality. If you are ready for sincere relationships, then I will be happy to answer you again.
Have a nice day. I would be glad if you tell me about yourself and send pictures. With warmth, Linda.

Monday, 22 July 2019, 5:30:34 am AEST, <> wrote:

Have a nice day! I'm tired of being alone and I want to be happy. I like to play sports. And be optimistic. I believe that our communication will continue. Forward to hearing.