Scammer Timofeeva Vera

Novocheboksarsk Russia

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all her previous letters where nice and attentive. She (if it is a she) put a lot of effort into the letters. I will bore you with every detail but I show the last and confirming letter. Before this one I told her that I would take care of the travel arrangements. The banks of Holland do not trade with western union anymore so it is difficult to send money to people without bank accounts. Plus I already knew she was fake from the start. she loved me after 3 letters. Well you know how the story goes. the good news is we have an address. The sad part is the people who will really life there will be old people and have no idea who Vera is. Be careful boys with this one cause she makes you mad!

Hello my gentle, loved, the man of my dream Iwan!!!
I with pleasure read your letter, my loved Iwan.
How has passed your day? Lovely, how your mood?

Today I have bad mood... I even cried a little... But I believe in you
and I hope for you... I hope, that you can understand me... I very
much was to be answered your letter!!!!!!!! Me very much pleases, that
you have told about me to your father. It is very important for me. I
so am glad to hear about your feelings! They do me by the happiest
woman on welt!!!!!!!!! Forgive me please, that I could not be
yesterday in online! I had no time, but I hope, that you will forgive
me! By the way I send you today my address!
Name: Vera
Surname: Timofeeva
The country: Russia
City: Novocheboksarsk
The postal index: 429950
Street: Vinokurova
The house: 45

Iwan, I was a little inconvenient for me also think, that it is the
request of you will confuse. You understand, I not too well understood
all charges on my travel to you... You Understand, I very free person
and do not like to be dependent. Understand me correctly. Now I am
dependent from you because on you depends as quickly we we shall meet!
It is very a shame to me and even it is hurt to speak it to you, but I
do not have not enough money to pay my travel. When I travelled
earlier, for me it costed much less... And the more so now at us in
family financial problems... To me did not give my wages... In Russia
always detain wages... Therefore I now have no big monetary
accumulation to pay for my arrival to you... But I am encouraged with
an idea, that I have such person, as you Iwan. I hope, that you can
help me with my problem. You understand, I simply weak woman for whom
the help is necessary.. .. I feel protected when I feel, that I have
such strong person, as you! I very much would like to be near to you
Iwan to feel like more protected. I have told to my tourist agent a
place of arrival and it has told, that for me it will cost 496 Euro.
Air tickets, medical insurance, the passport for travel abroad, the
visa and some other costs are included in this sum of money for my
arrival. Iwan, the treasure, 496 Euro is for me really very huge
quantity of money... All my hope only on you... Lovely, do not think
of me poorly... I do not have other choice, therefore I ask the help
you... You the person closest to me, therefore I have nobody to ask
the help... My friends too cannot help me such plenty of money... I
was in the big despair... But I do not lose hope as I love you...
Lovely, I love you and I know, that you too very much love me.. ..
Iwan, it is unique difficulty, which to us is necessary for overcoming
to be together!!!! Loved if I shall have the sum 496 Euro I can
legalize all necessary papers for my arrival to you and reserve air
tickets! And then we can be together as we and planned... Iwan, I
really very much love you and I hope for you... Iwan, I hope, that for
you it is not too difficult. I need to pay this sum of travel agency
during 8-9 days. My treasure, I hope, that for you it will not be the
big difficulty... I understand, it unplanned charge, but please can
for you was be not angry with me. Iwan, I very much hope, that you can
soon answer me... I ask you that you were not angry with me... In fact
when we shall be together we shall be very very happy!

My treasure if you want I can write to you in detail separate cost of
all documents and cost of air tickets!!!!

Please answer me it...
I shall wait for your letter with impatience.
I hope, that in it I shall see the positive answer, lovely Iwan.
I love you groesser lives and I send you 100000000 most sweet kisses...
Your long-awaited love Vera.